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CMU student charged with poisoning her roommate — over incident involving dirty dishes

A Central Michigan University sophomore has been charged with trying to poison her roommate over an incident involving dirty dishes.

Kayla BonkowskiA Central Michigan University student has been charged with trying to poison her roommate over an argument over dirty dishes.

Kayla Ashlyn Bonkowski, 19, of Sterling Heights was arraigned in Isabella County Trial Court Tuesday for felony poisoning food/drink/medicine/water supply.

Bonkowski allegedly put bleach in her 20-year-old roommate’s iced tea on Nov. 7 at their Jamestown apartment complex in Union Township following an argument over dirty dishes, according to court documents.

Poisoning is a 15-year felony, and because of the severity, Bonkowski could not waive her arraignment. Bonkowski’s roommate declined comment to Central Michigan Life Wednesday.

After consuming the iced tea, Bonkowski’s roommate was taken to the hospital for treatment and later reported the incident to authorities.

On Nov. 7, the victim, a Clinton Township native, filed a petition for a personal protection order against Bonkowski, which was authorized Nov. 30 by Isabella County Prosecutor Risa Scully and issued Dec. 3. The victim’s personal protection order will extend through Nov. 7, 2014.

Court records show Bonkowski has yet to enter a plea.

Bonkowski admitted she knew spraying bleach was a serious thing, but did it because her roommate was “mean,” police said.

Bonkowski told the Associated Press via email she needed to consult with a lawyer before commenting on the charge. She is listed as a sophomore from Sterling Heights in the CMU directory and a member of Alpha Gamma Delta.

Court records state Bonkowski is allowed to be on campus only to finish the fall semester. Todd Levitt is listed as her defense attorney.

She posted $2,000 bond Monday, which was continued Tuesday by Isabella County Magistrate Sandra Straus.

Bonkowski is due back in court Dec. 13 for a preliminary examination before Judge William Rush.

United Apartments declined to comment on the incident.

A Freedom of Information Act Request has been filed by CM Life to obtain a copy of the Michigan State Police incident report.


  1. There is so much animosity and pent up anger here in Michigan, no doubt spilling over from the deteriorating economy and culture here. My daughter refuses to cross the Indiana-Michigan border and I have my house for sale and hope to join her soon. It is very difficult to maintain friendships with those who would prefer to live in Michigan. I am not a native Michigander and have lived in other states for most of my life and will join the brain drain as soon as I sell my house here. The road rage and impatients of drivers here as well as ridiculous property taxes have fueled by exodus as well.

    • this has nothing to do with the economy, this is the deterioration of moral fiber, and goodness within people. it makes me sad to know that there are people like this so close to me. I hope that she may see whats wrong with having so much hate in her life, and can learn to work things out better in the future. the worst part is that stuff like this happens all the time, everyday. Its like glass in my ears. Its so hard living right side up in an upside down world, and i have the up-most respect for everyone that does.

    • Yeah, a brain drain is definitely something to support. It’s totally the best way to make Michigan a better place.

    • Counter to your point, Carey, I came to Central from out of state because I love Michigan. Every place on earth has good and bad, there’s no reason to complain about this place in particular, when it has so much to celebrate.

  2. Carey – there are also 20,000+ other students at CMU most of which are probably struggling with the economy who didn’t poison their roommates. A student at a university in Maryland ate his roommates face last year and their economy is much better than MI so not sure how those are correlated. There are crazy people everywhere.

  3. They could have just purchased paper plates and plastic siverware. I mean, just saying…

  4. I have two doctorates and am very happy to have moved back to CA where I meet kindred spirits with much more education and less masochism

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