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Receivers Titus Davis, Courtney Williams among three players suspended for Little Caesars Pizza Bowl

Sophomore wide receivers Titus Davis, Courtney Williams and Defarrel Davis have been suspended by Central Michigan University for a violation of team policy.

It was announced late Sunday night that the trio would not be playing in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl in Detroit against Western Kentucky on Wednesday.

“Our student-athletes operate in accordance with an established code of conduct,” athletics director Dave Heeke said in a statement. “They are held accountable for upholding those standards.”

Titus Davis and Williams are No. 2 and No. 3 on the Chippewas receptions list. Davis earned 860 yards on 43 catches and eight touchdowns this season while Williams brought in 24 receptions for 260 yards and two touchdowns.

Defarrel Davis has not seen playing time this season.

CMU will be playing in its fifth bowl game in seven seasons at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday against the Hilltoppers, who will be playing in their program’s first bowl game.

“We are looking forward to a great bowl experience for our program and fans and a great game against Western Kentucky,” Heeke said.


  1. I’m glad this explains why..

  2. Seriously….these athletes do not appreciate how good they have it….Twitter me this Titus….Goodbye and good riddance…You had it and you did not know how to use it….

  3. EMU > WMU >>>>>>> CMU

  4. Could they tell us why they were suspended? I feel like we have the right to know…

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