A-Senate chair on delaying calendar vote: ‘We wanted to give departments time to think’

Central Michigan University’s Academic Senate postponed voting on the proposed academic calendar change until Jan. 29 at Tuesday’s meeting.

“We didn’t take any action on it because we wanted to give departments time to think about what they wanted to do,” A-Senate Chairman Jim McDonald said.

If A-Senate turns down the proposed calendar changes, the academic calendar will either remain the same or the proposed changes will be reformed, McDonald said.

“It was an A-Senate committee that proposed (the changes),” McDonald said. “The Senate has the ability to take back their proposal. If the A-Senate turns down the changes, the administration will still have to talk about it because it’s a bargaining issue.”

Matt Serra, executive director of faculty and personnel services, believes A-Senate has the ability to vote down the proposed changes.

“If A-Senate supports the proposed calendar, then CMU and (the) CMU Faculty Association will continue to discuss it as required by Letter of Agreement No. 9,” Serra said via email. “If A-Senate does not support the proposed calendar, then it is my understanding that the matter ends there.”

Student Government Association President and Macomb junior Justin Gawronski has been at the forefront of the SGA’s opposition to the new calendar.

“A lot of the resistance came from a lack of knowledge about the impacts of this change,” Gawronski said via email. “That is why, instead of outright withdrawing support of the change, the A-Senate motion that was presented was to collect that data that everyone deserved to hear. Now that we have that information, the overwhelming opposition to the change speaks for itself. I feel that if it isn’t broken, why are we trying to fix it?”

Gawronski said he doesn’t see how A-Senate can approve the proposed changes.

“Financially and academically, this change is irresponsible,” he said.

Gawronski said the conversation should end if A-Senate turns down the proposed changes.

“The need for a fall break was mentioned multiple times in the Provost’s report, and I think that proposal is something I would like to have a conversation about,” Gawronski said.


  1. How did CMU students not get an alert until 1230 this morning on this?? The man was on the loose for how long without campus being alerted. No lockdown or anything?? What if he would of came back to campus? Campus security is a joke

    • I also think the whole campus should have been notified sooner, even if all the details aren’t incredibly clear yet. We knew a man had a firearm on our campus and abducted and sexually assaulted a student when she called 911 right after 10pm. That’s right when notification of an armed, violent crime on a campus of over 30,000 students and staff should have been released and a lockdown of campus should be seriously considered.

    • From the narrative above, I’m not entirely sure that she was able to call police immediately – it seems like she was with the suspect for some time.

    • Ignore my earlier comment – I didn’t see that the other story had the timestamp of the 9-1-1 call. After this incident, and the weather incident in the spring, campus police definitely need to look into making the Central Alert system better.

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