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CMU gives football coach Dan Enos new 4-year contract, pay raise

Head football coach Dan Enos introduced twenty-five new players during his signing day press conference Wednesday afternoon in the McGuirk Arena. (Brooke Mayle/Staff Photographer)

Head football coach Dan Enos introduced twenty-five new players during his signing day press conference Wednesday afternoon in the McGuirk Arena. (Brooke Mayle/Staff Photographer)

Central Michigan football coach Dan Enos received a new four-year contract Thursday that will keep him through December 2016.

The deal, which equates to a 1-year contract extension, includes a new base salary of $285,000 and list of potential bonuses, according to CMU athletics.

His previous deal, which was extended through 2015 in February, had a base salary of $250,000 plus an annual media bonus of $75,000 for working with radio and TV, totaling $325,000 annually.

“I am very excited about the next chapter of CMU football,” Enos said in the release. “Leading this team and maintaining the great traditions and legacy of Chippewa football is a great responsibility and privilege. I’m honored to have the opportunity to work with such an excellent group of young men and to strive together for continued success in the classroom and on the football field.”

Enos is coming off a 7-6 finish to his third season as head coach at CMU after back-to-back 3-9 seasons.

Highlights from his third season include a 24-21 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl win over Western Kentucky on Dec. 26 and a 32-21 upset on the road against Iowa on Sept. 22.

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  1. Why the hell did we give a 13-24 coach a contract extension and a pay raise?


  3. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA” – The rest of the MAC

  4. This just proves to myself and all alumni that Heeke is an absolute joke as an AD. Enos has one winning season (defeating the weakest of the weak) and he gets a raise and an extension? 13-24 lifetime head coaching record? Just proves how CMU rewards mediocrity. Maybe Heeke should have waited to see where the program was in year 4 of the Enos experiment. Two seasons of 3-9 and one season of 7-6 do not a success make. If next season the football record and program are back in the cellar, then we are stuck with them both! The football program has seen my last of my $$.

  5. If the extension was worked to the program’s benefit then the buyout was not increased or extended. The extension plays favorable with recruits while Central can still demand improvement in the product on the field. Nothing changes in that regard while recruits are assured if the program continues to improve then their coach will stay in place.

    • LoyalCMUalum says:

      It is VERY clear! Heeke and Enos MUST both go now. President Ross are you paying attention? This is a slap in the face to alumni, fans and ticket holders.
      Sad day for CMU football! 13-14 rates a 4 year extension…..since when! We used to have standards….guess those are out the window now.

    • LoyalCMUalum says:

      Athletics needs some serious house cleaning!

  6. Coach Enos and AD Heeke: With this 4-year extension please also try and improve our football players’ graduation rate of 47% – currently the cellar-dwellers of the NCAA FBS. This is an absolute embarrassment for me and fellow alums!!

  7. Awful decision. After Brian Kelly and Butch Jones, Enos was not a great decision to begin with. Then extending his contract?! What a joke.

  8. Jeff Solomon says:

    At least Radcliff is finally gone. That QB sucked.

  9. This is insulting to the CMU community, and the pay raise is only adding salt to the wounds.

  10. I absolutely agree with my fellow alumnus on this forum. To give Enos an extension after a surprise mediocre season is absurd. I hope for the fan’s sake Enos’ contract extension has wording in it allowing the university to fire him if he put up another 3 win season.

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