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Beal City put on lockdown after mother vows to ‘level’ it

A Farwell mother, 37, has been arrested for threatening Beal City School personnel, forcing the school into a lockdown.

Beal City High School, 3117 Elias Road, went into lockdown around 9:10 a.m. Friday when the mother of a former student made threats to school personnel saying she was going to “level the building.”

“She was upset at the school,” Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski said. “Evidently, she was trying to get her daughter back there. The mother became irate.”

The woman was arrested and is currently being held at the Isabella County Jail. She will be arraigned Saturday or Monday, depending on the court’s decision, Mioduszewski said.

Mioduszewski said this type of threat is rare, especially in Isabella County.

“It’s uncommon when serious threats happen against schools,” he said.

The case remains under investigation by the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department.

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  1. anonymous_tms says:

    could someone explain to me just how a “lockdown” is supposed to protect the kids, teachers, and other staff? It seems to me that in this (and 99.9 percent of other cases [a]) making everyone huddle together in a classroom simply sets them up as targets. Triply so if there’s an armed attacker (or a truck bomb).
    [a] If you’ve got a tornado alert then sure, going to the designated stronger parts of the building makes sense..

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