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Two students among four men arrested, charged with larceny for stealing from Menna’s Joint delivery person

Four men, including two Central Michigan University students, have been arrested and charged following a January larceny from a Menna’s Joint delivery person.

The Isabella County Sheriff’s Department said shortly after 2 a.m. on Jan. 12, the individuals ordered eight sandwiches from Menna’s, 1418 S. Mission St., without having the money to pay for them. They planned to take the food from the delivery person and take off running.

Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewki said police were able to track down the five men through the cell phone number they used to place the sandwich order.

They had the sandwiches delivered to an apartment at Deerfield Village, 3400 E. Deerfield Road, even though they did not live there. The individuals waited outside an apartment, and when the delivery person arrived, they robbed him of the food and ran.

The delivery person began chasing the individual who had the food and tackled him. He held the suspect on the ground, but the suspect’s friends returned to help, knocking the delivery person off the suspect.

The individuals then grabbed the food and ran away. The delivery person was not injured during the incident.

Northville sophomore Daniel John Abrahamson, 20, Farmington Hills freshman Joseph Augustin Petrovich, 19, Dustin Edward Cochran, 17, of Indian River, and Kyle Elsen Weckesser, 22, of East Lansing, were each charged with one count of larceny from a person, a 10-year felony, and one count of conspiracy to commit larceny from a person, a 10-year felony and $10,000 fine.

All four men were bonded out of Isabella County Jail posting $10,000/10 percent cash-surety.

Police said there is still a fifth man who has not yet been arrested.

Elija Scott Burr, 19, of Panama City, Fla. has an outstanding warrant for charges of one count of larceny from a person, a 10-year felony, and one count of conspiracy to commit larceny from a person, a 10-year felony and a $10,000 fine.

Abrahamson and Petrovich are CMU students, while Cochran, Weckesser and Burr are not, police said.

Abrahamson, Cochran and Weckesser are scheduled to be arraigned March 11, while Petrovich was arraigned Friday and has a preliminary examination scheduled for Thursday.

Mioduszewski said, fortunately, this type of incident is not very common.

“We get maybe several calls a year about people trying to rip off a delivery person, but this is not real usual,” he said. “It’s kind of out of the ordinary.”

The case remains under investigation.


  1. Larceny of property worth less than $200 (8 dubs certainly fall into this range) the crime is only a misdemeanor and is only punishable with up to 93 days in prison and/or a $500 fine or three times the value of the property taken, whichever is higher.

  2. snake fawiz says:

    Lookey here, if you want 8 Blazer dubs for the price of tap water you gotta wise up:

    Step 1, place call for a normal delivery to a random address, preferably to an apartment or dorm. Step 2, place 2nd order (your order, so don’t hold back) to nearby address that is FURTHER from restaurant. The driver will take both orders; lie in waiting near the first and when he runs inside to deliver, STRIKE. most likely your 8 gargatuans will be sitting on the passenger seat of the unlucked ’93 Corolla.


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