COLUMN: It’s OK to stay home for spring break

Spring break is just around the corner.

Many college students plan on heading home and maybe spending the week hanging out with family and friends.

Many people around the country assume that college kids will be hopping on planes and flying off to Panama City or Cancun for spring break. Either those people have been watching too many movies or haven’t realized the people dancing to Lil’ Wayne and 2 Chainz outside on the beach have saved up a ton of cash over a long period of time, come from a wealthy family or know somebody.

In reality, college students might be dancing and singing along to an artist putting on a show in front of thousands, but it will be inside their home in front of a television screen.

Most college students already have a hard enough time trying to pay for classes and overpriced books they’ll read only for a short period of time before they try to sell them back to the bookstore. Where on Earth are they supposed to get $1,000 to fly across the country to party?

For students, it’s already easy to feel as if they’re just a “poor college kid.” They’ll be working part-time at or doing whatever they can to earn some extra money.

It is hard to believe that students will spend that hard-earned cash on a three-day or five-day trip to Florida or Mexico just to stand outside in the blazing sun, soaking in sweat and sipping on overpriced drinks. Sure, they’ll get to see famous artists, but did they forget the same artists have tours and visit different cities when they’re out on the road?

Besides, if students did have big plans for spring break, traveling to one of the biggest tourist spots of the season takes serious planning, from figuring out how to get to the destination, paying for the expensive hotels or having spare money saved to shop and eat.

This journey to paradise sounds more like a long, coordinated vacation than a break. Plus, students are out of class over the break, so there’s still plenty of things they can do for fun.

Maybe over the summer students can take a road trip or travel somewhere and blow off some steam and cash. Going all out for spring break seems fun, but is it really worth the cost?

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  1. You have what I like to call how-do-they-do-that syndrome and It seems you’re trying to rationalize the fact that you don’t have any savings.

    You also seem to think that there are only two options for college kids during spring break:

    1) Go to Cancun or Panama City and get drunk on dad’s money.

    2) Stay at home and watch TV.

    Saving up $1000 isn’t as hard as you think. If you were to have started saving $2.75 per day since last year’s spring break, you’d have $1000 to take on a trip.

    When I was in college, I went to Barcelona for my 21st birthday, which was in the middle of spring break. Got the ticket for $409 on Lufthansa, stayed in hostels, and met some of the coolest people I could have ever imagined meeting. I didn’t go in debt over it, but I can guarantee you, the experience would have been worth it even if it meant going into debt.

    Other people are going to do what they’re going to do. Personally, I will never go to Cancun or Panama or any other spring break destination, but I’ve got nothing against the people who do.

    The point is, don’t start the pattern of asking, “how do they do it?” because you’ll start doing it on everything. How do they get that awesome job? How’d he land that awesome wife? Etc. You’ll ask it, and then say to yourself, “well, I wasn’t born wealthy and I don’t know anyone famous. Might as well stay home.”

    You’re in college, for whatever reason, and you already have the mindset that to have money, you need to have, “saved up a “ton” of cash over a “long” period of time, come from a wealthy family or know somebody.” With that mentality, how will you EVER come out “successful” from whatever it is you want to do?

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