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Student says he was almost hit, finds officer playing Solitaire

A Central Michigan University student found a CMU police officer focused on a game of Solitaire Monday night after he said a car sped through a stop sign on campus and nearly hit him.

Flushing freshman Austin Boulter, the student alleging the incident, decided to take photographs of the officer taking a break and posted them on Facebook, where the photo was shared more than 650 times.

“I’m glad something is happening about it; I only expected a few likes or funny comments,” Boulter said. “If it went somewhere, I was OK with it, but I wasn’t expecting (that many) shares of it.”

Boulter says the near-incident happened at around 7:45 or 8 p.m. Monday in Lot 16 on Hopkins Street, near the Robinson residential hall, Boulter said.

“I was walking across the street, and the car’s wheels were squealing, and it blew through the stop sign,” Boulter recalled. “I saw a cop across the street and wondered if it was empty or made to look like there was a cop.”

Boulter said when he walked up to the car, the officer was playing the game on a computer, which appeared to be connected to the vehicle.

CMU Police Chief Bill Yeagley said he first heard about the incident through an e-mail Tuesday morning.

“We are trying to verify what car it was, when and who was in it, as well as to interview that officer,” Yeagley said. “The bottom line is as soon as we were aware of that, we began to check into it to see what information we could find out.”

CMU police contacted Boulter about the incident after it was discovered, Yeagley said. The pictures Boulter took weren’t great quality and said to be too difficult to identify the officer.

“I’m very confident that we will be able to identify what officer was involved,” Yeagley said. “The student was one of the first people we contacted and interviewed on what happened and what they had observed.”

Boulter said he was surprised by how fast the police responded after he had posted the image and the post that described the night. Lt. Larry Klaus visited his residence hall and told him there would be definite repercussions for the officer involved, he said.

“Actually, they responded pretty fast. A lieutenant came to my dorm at noon asking about it,” Boulter said. “The officer said he was not happy to see this kind of thing or how he found out this way, but that he was glad it was brought to his attention.”

Yeagley would not confirm what the possible actions would entail.

When Boulter was walking back from class nearly five hours later, he said he noticed a cop car sitting in the same spot with an officer still on the computer; however, he was not sure if it was the same officer.

“There have been different debates on CMU safety, and seeing this, I thought maybe some people should know about it,” Boulter said. “I’m glad the awareness was spread about it.”


  1. If the first incident happened at 8:00 PM and he was walking back from class 5 hours later, that puts him in class until 1:00 AM. Not sure if there’s a typo, or a fact check error?

  2. okay let’s roll out the usual scapegoats for cops when they exhibit crap behavior

    “They have a hard job”
    ‘They’re out protectors”
    “They’re constantly facing danger”
    “Don’t question authority. For all the good they do they’re allowed a few passes”

    • yea X-Man, being a cmu police office is super difficult and demanding (sarcasm). It requires a GED and erectile dysfunction.

  3. white boy with a black name says:


  4. Ill bet the cop denies it and it all get brushed under the table……cops cover for each other

  5. BlackBrotha says:

    Who is to say this kid wasn’t almost hit, and just made that portion of the story up because he saw a police officer playing a PC game? People do it all the time. I see it.

  6. I call Boulter’s statement bluff. First of all, as the first anonymous person said, Boulter’s stated the incident happened at 7:45-8pm, and that 5 HOURS LATER when he was WALKING BACK FROM CLASS (1am) he noticed the officer still sitting there. Hmmm, who has class til 1am?

    ALSO, if anyone takes a good look at the picture, the cop is in the energy building parking lot off Preston st. This is not anywhere in sight of where Boulter said he was almost hit.

    Boulter stated that he lives in the Towers, and if you put his story together he shouldn’t have been near that part of campus if he was walking to class FROM the Towers direction.

    It doesn’t take a Detective to see the Boulter is just an asshole trying to get attention and causing campus police to look bad when everyone of them does a phenomenal job at what they do.

    • Josh Smith says:

      If you’re going to comment on something and call someone out you should probably have the balls to put your name on it.

    • Austin Boulter says:

      If you read the other comments you would see me reply that it was a typo. Why would I have a class at 1 am lol. Read up on the others. and yes, it was right across the street. I live in calkins. I came from Calkins TO the towers. you have very falsified information, sir

  7. Austin Boulter says:

    To clear up some of the information: This happened on West Preston Street, not Hopkins.

  8. yea X-Man, being a cmu police office is super difficult and demanding (sarcasm). It requires a GED and erectile dysfunction.

    • You are clearly ignorant as to the education you need to be a police officer. Please educate yourself before you speak next time,

      • cmu police requirements are not the same as a true police officer educate yourself

        • The CMU Police Department employs over 20 police officers commissioned by the Michigan Commission Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES). Police authority is through provisions of Public Act 120 of 1990 and deputization of police officers by the Isabella County Sheriff.
          This makes them REAL cops!!!

  9. Wow Aaron Boulter, sounds likes the police mixed up a lot of your information! Are you sure you aren’t just changing it now??? Too bad it’s already written in the police report. Lol

    • Austin Boulter says:

      The information has always been the same, people like to twist words to change facts towards their bias opinion.

      • Their bias opinion?!?!?! We only know the information that is printed in the paper!!! Either they have it all wrong or you have changed your story! How on earth is that twisting “words to change facts towards their bias opinion” ?

  10. I saw the cop sitting in that spot (of off West Preston) for a long time, I left out of the parking lot around 7 and pulled back into the parking lot about 11 and the officer was still there, he didn’t even move an inch.

  11. Seriously guys, if Austin is telling the truth than the facts will back him up and the cop will be punished. Its not that difficult. Also, cops tend to be good people, but they are people and make mistakes as well. This cop will just have to face the repercussions of his actions just like anyone else.

  12. I for one would like to thank the CMU police department for protecting our campus. I for one have a job and if I got wrote up of every time I took a moment to check my Facebook or answer a propanol text I would get wrote up almost everyday. Sometimes we need to “walk away” from what we are working on and come back to it. I think this makes for more productive employees.

  13. So you’re perfect?? The cop made a mistake,you DIDN’T GET HIT SHUT UP AND MOVE ON!!

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