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CMU track & field in disarray? Five athletes leave, assistant coach fired, others say program in ‘downward spiral’

Five members of the Central Michigan men’s track and field team have left, an assistant coach has been fired, and now some current athletes are unhappy with program director Willie Randolph, according to a week-long investigation by Central Michigan Life.

Following the indoor Mid-American Conference championships last month, senior Greg Knaus and juniors Ross Parsons, Cory Noeker and Ryan Brooks quit the team within two weeks of each other. Redshirt freshman Derek Thornton left two weeks prior.

Knaus, a former captain, said Randolph has shown a lack of respect for his athletes, implemented poor training with a lack of results and believes more athletes will soon follow suit in leaving.

“Things are going so poorly at the top that I believe we won’t be the only ones to leave the team,” Knaus said. “I think more people will leave at the end of the season.”

Parsons, another former captain, said he signed his letter of intent on Sunday to transfer to Michigan State to continue his track and field career. Brooks has been offered a preferred walk-on spot at MSU and says he has committed to run track there.

“While I have enjoyed competing for Central (Michigan) and cherish the great friendships I have developed, for personal reasons, it is time to take my passion for the sport elsewhere,” Parsons said Tuesday.

Parsons will be eligible in the fall and will have two years of outdoor eligibility and one year of indoor eligibility remaining.

All five former CMU athletes were members of the sprints and hurdles group — one of the largest on the track and field team, with 32 total members — before their leave.

“In the sprints and hurdles group, things have been going downhill for a while now, but we’ve stuck together as a group,” Knaus said. “This year, it’s cultivated into something really bad. We tried sorting out problems with Willie Randolph, but things have spiraled out of control.”

A current member of the track and field team, who asked to remain anonymous, said both the team’s results and individual results have been embarrassing. The men’s team finished last at the indoor MAC championships in February, while the women’s team finished ninth.

“I know I ran faster times in high school, and I’m at every practice doing the work,” she said. “It’s not just me; freshman year we ran our fastest times out of high school, and we’re getting worse. I don’t trust any of the workouts we’re doing anymore.”

Knaus said there are concerns about injuries as a result of what he says is poor training.

“Since the beginning of the year, there have been seven or eight hamstring injuries,” he said. “I, myself, have been hurt all year and had to redshirt indoors this year because my Achilles (tendon) got hurt.”

Knaus said he reached out to different doctors and coaches about his injury, and many told him his training on hard and soft surfaces without transition periods might be a factor.

Brooks has suffered hamstring pulls in both legs and injuries to his knees, which kept him from competing throughout his sophomore year.

“I saw a doctor outside of CMU athletics, and he told me I pulled a hammy and it would take a while, but when I talked to coach, he said it would take two weeks,” he said. “Once we transitioned to outdoor, I re-pulled my hamstring in the first meet and took it easy throughout the year.”

The departing athletes said at least eight other track and field athletes, men and women, suffered hamstring or leg-related injuries.

Randolph, when contacted Wednesday, said, laughingly: “We’re really just focused on moving forward,” and joked about the poor weather the teams have recently had to deal with recently.

Two other former members of the team, who asked to remain anonymous, said a sign was posted in the Indoor Athletic Complex with photos of the four former athletes.

“Attention Desk Staff: Effective on Wednesday, March 20, at 1 p.m., the individuals below are no longer CMU athletes and are not allowed in the facility,” the sign allegedly read.

Randolph said he had no knowledge of the posting and said he could not comment.

Divvying of power

Randolph’s staff consists of three assistant coaches, an associate head coach and a volunteer coach.

Despite having multiple staff members for the men’s and women’s track and field teams, Knaus said Randolph doesn’t allow those coaches to work closely with athletes.

“We have sprints and hurdles coaches on staff, and they’re literally there for moral support; they’re not allowed to coach us at all,” Knaus said. “That’s a mess … and that’s been a huge issue for four years that we’ve tried to work through.”

Brooks said he would try to talk to assistant coach Glen Smith during his freshman year and Randolph would get defensive and approach him about it.

“We would go to ask advice from coaches he had hired – we’re asking these coaches for tips because they were, at one point, terrific athletes,” Brooks said. “When I did that, coach Willie told me, ‘You don’t need to worry about that; you need to worry about what I tell you.’”

Assistant coach Aaron Seminski was fired from the program at the end of February.

Randolph confirmed Seminski’s dismissal but wouldn’t comment on the reason he was fired, though multiple current and former members of the team said they did not agree with the decision.

“A lot of times, Coach doesn’t like us talking to other coaches; he was very controlling, and when coach Aaron was around, I would be talking to him after a race and coach Randolph would come up and make a point to keep Aaron away from the athletes,” said a female member of the team who asked to remain anonymous.

Seminski was fired after Brooks made his decision to leave, while Parsons, Knaus and Noeker came after.

“Our group respected him and loved him a lot, and to see him let go for basically no reason was hard on some people and not something we were happy about,” Knaus said. “He didn’t have anything to do with us quitting or transferring; things have just been a downward spiral since the beginning of the year.”

Knaus said he asked Randolph about Seminski’s dismissal, but he wouldn’t talk about it.

Volunteer coach Johnie Drake has stepped in to assist the coaching staff since Seminski’s firing.

The female member of the team said more athletes will leave from the men’s side, but no one from the women’s team is brave enough to quit.

“I know our passion for track is pretty much gone, and we don’t care enough to transfer to another school,” she said. “We’re fine with getting our scholarships and just pushing through.”

First to leave

Derek Thornton was the first player this semester to depart the program in early February.

After missing a morning practice due to illness, Thornton received a text message from Randolph telling him he had to run a certain time to remain on the team.

“He told me I had to run between a 49.5 and a 51-second 400 meter in order to stay on the team,” he said. “I was a short sprinter who moved to a 400, and he asked me to run a time his 400-meter runners were barely running. I found that unfair.”

A 60-meter and 200-meter runner, Thornton, a redshirt freshman, was moved to different events after he didn’t place highly in the first meet he competed in unattached.

Thornton said a few seniors talked him into staying. The next day, he talked to Randolph, who told him he would know if he could stay on the team the following Monday.

“I got no answer on Monday, so I came Tuesday and asked for my release,” he said. “I was sent to Benjy Wilbur, and he sent me to Randolph’s boss and me and him talked, but nothing got resolved.”

Current and former student-athletes said they had meetings with Associate Athletics Director for Business Operations Brad Wachler but haven’t seen any changes.

“We haven’t gotten a direct meeting with the athletic director (Dave Heeke), but we’ve talked to Brad,” said a second athlete still on the team who asked to remain anonymous. “A few athletes have set up meetings and voiced our concerns that he’s not the right man for the job.”

Wachler said Thursday night he has had conversations with the departing athletes but declined to comment on the nature of the conversation. He said athletics administration fully backs Randolph.

“First and foremost, we 100-percent support our coaching staff,” he said. “We’re moving forward as a program, and we support (Randolph’s) direction. We all need to improve in some areas, and we will continue to assess the program as we do every program moving forward. But we fully support the program.”

When asked Wednesday if he was the right man for the job, Randolph responded, laughingly: “We’re just moving forward. We have a young team, graduated a large number, and we’re just focused on moving forward. That’s where the team and the program are at.”

Randolph, a 1998 CMU graduate and letter-winning hurdler, took the job as director of the men’s and women’s track and field and cross country teams in 2009.


  1. Sad this is happening. Hopefully administration wakes up.

  2. I was a track runner when Coach Randolph was first hired. After our first year under his direction I decided to leave the team. I noticed he had a lack of interest and respect towards the athletes who were not sprinters or hurdles. As a result, the team became for segregated. I value the friendships I made with other runners, but I could not run for a coach who didn’t even know the first names of the distance runners.

  3. Sounds like he is the right coach for the job if all of his athletes are leaving….

  4. One female has quit the team.

  5. Bernie Brooks says:

    Ryan, sorry to here about this, and sorry for the other team members that had to deal with what appears to be a very insecure track director! and great luck at MSU! hopfully, Mister EGO track director will seek the help he needs to over come his hidden fears!!! Peace Uncle Bernie

  6. I know somebody on the track team at CMU, we were teammates in high school. I hope they still have their passion for competition because they have so much talent and a great work ethic.

    It’s a shame when athletes with scholarships are forced to see their sport as a job because the team environment is toxic.

  7. Track program needs a new director. Period.

  8. I was a member of the track team when Randolph was hired and left the team after he showed much disrespect to the athletes. If athletes got hurt or sick he would put stipulations on their scholarships or threaten to kick them off of the team. If you were not the best sprinter or hurdler he would not even know you existed. There are so many things wrong with his coaching style. I am surprised it took this long for it to become public and for people to start transferring. I personally know Seminski and know he is a fantastic coach/athlete and would have been a great asset to the team if he was “allowed”. It is about time athletes started doing what is right for themselves.

  9. Women's Team Alumni says:

    As an alumni, and an athlete coached under (not by) Randolph, I have to say I am so sad to see where the program has gone – but, we all knew it was heading there under his leadership (or lack thereof). I hung on at CMU for all of my eligibility because I felt I owed it to my teammates and the coach I worked with and deeply respected (not Randolph) but I left with such a horrible feeling about the whole University my senior year because of him. Yes, his entrance into the program carried with it a lot of enthusiasm and we performed well for one year… but we all quickly learned that much of what he said either didn’t make sense or was hollow. His leadership was all about HIM. Every meeting was about HIM. When will CMU Athletics step up and make the change that was needed two years ago? When will they replace Randolph with a leader who sets a vision but also holds student-athlete success above their own personal goals? Most importantly, when will CMU Track and Field athletes FINALLY step up as a group and say, enough? I wish all the transfers well – wish you were valued enough to stay a chippewa.

  10. It’s sad that students who have a passion for this sport are forced to go elsewhere because the university is holding on to this coach. Time to wake up, CMU.

  11. Concerned Parent & Fan says:

    As a parent of a current CMU freshman Track Athlete what I have read here sure raises a major red flag. It sounds like there is a major leadership problem that needs further investigation. When I asked my usually talkative freshmen about this issue he/she did not want to talk about it; another red flag for me. Hopefully administration is taking this situation seriously and following up and acts quickly because I do see team moral fading fast.

  12. Nothing will change because he is under contract. Track does nothing but cost the u money and with out boosters ticket holders like other sports it will stay the same. The only real out cry is from disgruntled athletes.

    • To say “the only real out cry is from disgruntled athletes” is true but unfortunately the disgruntled population isn’t a small group of individuals. I would bet my life that if you polled any former athlete from last year or the previous year about Coach Randolph over the overwhelming majority would say the same thing… it’s time for him to go. I was a team captain but really had zero pull on the team because Randolph wouldn’t let us change anything. We had to hold separate meetings without him there because he never listened to what we said.

  13. Administration needs to understand Randolph is NOT fit for the job. I’m not even a member of the team nor have I ever really been but hearing from numerous track athletes which I am friends with am I the ONLY person that sees that it’s obvious that he needs to be fired? If ALL of the sprint crew feels the same about the coach and the only person that doesn’t see this is the director and after 4 STAR track athletes that have been there and are VETERANS as well as a freshman have left, then it’s beyond CLEAR that he is NOT the man for the job. Someone stop the madness! Especially with all the drama that have been goin on with college coaches in general(i.e. Rutgers basketball coach) this should truly be a wake up call to CMU’s athletic administration. It’s sad to see such a good program spiral to the ground. Whenever asked a question Randolph never even really answered the question, he laughed smh. Hopefully someone opens their eyes and puts an end to this.

  14. Word is out says:

    It is one thing to do a bad job as a coach, but to call around and bad mouth your former athletes to other coaches is unforgiveable. We should all pray for coach Randolph for he has lost his way. Success as a coach is through the talent and success of your athletes, be humble and let the athletes carry the torch. Clearly he has forgotten how he was treated as an athlete himself.

  15. As a former member of the team, I can say that it is not all of the track groups in disarray. The throws and distance groups are lead by outstanding coaches and show unsurpassed levels of chemistry. But I did witness Willie boy first hand and can tell you that he made 2 years of college a depressing and stressful mess for me. I was a walk on and the guy called me the wrong name every single day and made me feel like the biggest the piece of shit. Any one of the assistants would be 100 times a better coach than Willy boy.

  16. Unless his contract has been extended that it is up after this season. Here is an article that says his contract is done after the season.

    If you care about your team and the athletes and think this is an accurate reflexion of the program contact administration.

  17. being on the track team as a freshmen I am very disappointed in how this program has turned and even in the beginning of the year I was pretty scared of Randolph and didn’t like to approach him because I never knew what was on his mind so I always went to seminski and when I found out everyone was quitting and getting fired I was really discouraged and I also agree that if you aren’t the best Randolph has no interest in you because he has done it to me and the group I am in I like to get talked about to make me better but he only talks to the older better people in the group and it really discourages me so I really talk to the other people in my group so that I can get advice from them since they know more about him but I would quit the team but I love to run and im not getting any scholarships or anything I just love being on the team and I really hope that there is a change in administration

  18. Robyn Eley Thompson says:

    CM life, your reporting seems a bit harsh and one sided. I know it is your job to get the
    Students point of view. As a former CMU track and field athlete, I am very familiar with coach Willie Randolph and give him 100 percent backing. So five athletes are leaving good riddance . That says a lot about the character of the athletes. Toxic!!!! CM life, as an alumni I am very disappointed in your reporting. Did it ever cross your mind that the athletes that are leaving are upset about the fact that a coach is being fired. The very same coach that undermined the program and coach Willie Randolph. ( Reason he was fired) Whom by the way, made close connections to the athletes that are leaving. This coach that was fired was very
    bitter and upset upon relief of his duty. Sounds like A bad case of a coach getting fired and trying to take everyone down around him. Sorry no respect for him:( Love coach Randolph!!!!

    • You're Kidding.... says:

      Um, there’s this thing called freedom of speech AND freedom of the press. If you think this is an isolated incident, you’re crazy.

      Randolph had EVERY opportunity to state his case but didn’t Wanna know why? HE HAS NONE. Instead it’s the constant blame game. Young team…and the weather. Give me a freaking break. Best programs in the country make no excuses, are held accountable and make SOUND decisions. There is zero structure there. I am a former scholarship athlete and LIVED THIS DAILY.

    • Edward Lassulo says:

      Read through the comments… It’s not just 5 athletes. I am seeing numerous current and former athletes speaking out against Willy. Myself and numerous former donors have already stated over the last couple years that we will not contribute to the program Willy us running.

  19. CMU track alum says:

    Very sad to see the program in this condition. Was a member of the team pre-Randolph. Am shocked to be reading this. I knew the team wasnt performing well, but am disappointed to see this.

  20. Sounds like an assistant coach undermining a head coach, getting let go for his actions, trying to minimize those actions by pointing finger at head coach. Looks like he got a writer to write his side. Story is very short sided, (not just one sided). Even the title eludes to several different groups of people criticizing program (…”others say program in downward spiral”), yet the “others” is all the same group, (the athletes leaving, abandoning their team mates). Then writer does predictable questioning of head coach and rest of administration eliciting appropriate responses. Except the appropriate responses are even more predictably, made to look defensive and without merit. Have to support the coach on this one. Trying to grow a program, and grow children into men and women is never easy. Then you have an assistant coach and a few athletes attempt to control the coach because they think that they know more , (tail wagging the dog). Rarely are they thinking about anybody but themselves and what serves their agenda. Head coaches agenda is always about the program and the athletes.

    • Chip Alumnus says:

      I see no quotes from any coaches. You’re assuming athletes don’t have the grounds to state their feelings? Care to elaborate? I see quotes from a Greg Knaus, Derek Thornton and a Brooks athlete.

      Right, athletes are brainwashed…….


    • You clearly don’t know the type of person he is. You can’t grow people by lying to everyone!

      • Well said, you can’t go around constantly using, abusing and LYING to people all around you and not expect it to catch up.

        Wake up people.

    • This coach is not at all about the athletes but only about HIMSELF and how you can make HIM look good.

  21. Not Mike Rice says:

    It sounds like a bad situation, but Willie might keep his job unless there is something more serious. Coaching a team with 80-100 athletes and have 5-6 leave is not grounds to fire the coach. There might have to be something unethical or more serious to see change in coaching leadership. Alumni or coaches seeing the A.D. would help the process of removing the coach.

  22. I hear and see “we’re moving forward” all the time. Really it’s the opposite, the program is stagnant. The saddest part is that administration can see, and have known about, all of these issues and choose to let it go uninterrupted. At this point administration doesn’t owe it to the University and it’s reputation or supporters, they owe it to the athletes who have dealt with the issues for almost 4 years. If the program was REALLY moving forward, this man (Randolph) would have been gone long ago.

  23. I have ran track with coach Randolph, been roommates with him at CMU and there would be no one I would trust more with my child as a mentor or coach. He as worked at several schools and has proven his knowledge of the sport in training and conditioning athletes. Keep up the great work coach.

    • FREE WILLY says:

      There is no way I would let my child be coached by Willy. He treats his athletes, coaches and the alumni with contempt. I ran for CMU and can tell you that the alumni I am in contact with do not support Willy. He lack of leadership has been apparent to me since day one. He doesn’t understand track and field or cross country. Durning the cross country season he doesn’t allow the coach that actually coaches those kids to talk yo the media. Fuller was in the same situation with Knap with the exception being Knap allowed his staff to coach and did not make everything about him. Willy is not fit to coach a middle school team. Hell he had two triple jump coaches, who has two triple jump coaches. He has no idea what is a good time for events over 200 meters. He expects high school kids to have better PR’s then the guys he has coached for years. Name one athlete that Willy has coached that has significately improved? You can’t. FIRE WILLY! Or better yeah FREE WILLY

  24. CMU Track Alum says:

    As a member of the CMU track team when it was in its prime, I am truly disgusted by where this program has headed. I knew the first time that I met Randolph that the program was in trouble. His arrogance, his ridiculous recruiting tactics, his ignorance to alumni from the program… it was an absolute recipe for disaster. I have heard countless stories from former teammates that Willie would dismiss their suggestions of athletes to recruit because they weren’t “good enough”, only for those athletes to have very successful careers at other colleges. If that is any indication of how he runs his program on a daily basis, no wonder there are so many unhappy athletes. He has no idea how to be a COACH! It’s sad to see the program that we worked so hard to build up be in the place that it is now.

  25. Alum,Donor&Concerned Parent says:

    My 2 cents:

    Commenting on this article by claiming you “know” Randolph and claim him to be a “genuine” person doesn’t give you any credence to your argument…none, whatsoever. So leave that at the door please. Anyone can say that. I have been involved long enough to know, this didn’t just all of a sudden spur from this year. I give Greg Knaus and the other student-athletes great kudos for speaking your feelings and standing up to the status-quo. It’s not easy to go against the power vacuum that is Athletic Administration and a head coach. Psychological abuse is a real thing, and I know for a fact he has used that tactic with respects to scholarship manipulation. How is a 19 year old girl going to stand up to a 40 year old man? Oh but I forgot…he’s a “good” man. He goes to church….riiiiiiiight.

    Randolph has been a individual who has made POOR managerial decisions from DAY ONE. Whoever eluded to the coaches being there for “moral support” is exactly right. My child was recruited claiming to be working with this former Olympian, instead it was totally the opposite. Accountability is huge here folks, we’re all adults…..well, maybe. There is just enough on the surface to observe that something isn’t right here.

    We haven’t even begun to speak about the actual raw performance. I’m no track and field expert but 4 points out of your entire sprint and hurdle group from Indoor MAC is atrocious. It’s not like he’s being altruistic by giving other coaches scholarships either. I’ve had this confirmed as well.

    The majority of dissenting opinions is staggering. Having five whole years to just not SCREW up is more than enough tenure. Instead it’s gone to complete rubbish. This is what happens when you manipulate, mismanage, miscoach, and quite frankly lie.

    If a change is not made – my money is NO longer going to this joke of a program and school, quite frankly.

    • Alum and Donor #2 says:

      I do feel that personal knowledge with Willie as a human carries some credence.

      However, I think that he is a man that is in much over his head. He was not ready for a job of this caliber at a D1 school and it clearly shows.

      I do not believe he is a ‘bad man’, but I do believe his lack of experience and leadership skills is leading to poor decisions and poor results. When he should be reaching out for help/support, he is instead internalizing and acting defensively.

  26. Sad State of Affairs says:

    I feel bad when people are put in this position of authority that should not have ever been in the first place.

    This is what happens.

    CMU Track and Field has been on the decline since 2008 time frame.

    These kids are brave to be coming out and publicly stating what has been going on. Do you know how hard that is? Of course the kids still on the team are going to be quoted anonymously but that should be quite an impact that they’re even giving their opinion.

    Nothing is going to come of this I think, but we will see. How about we asses people by their ethics and job performance? What a crazy concept! Corrupt much?

    • It seems to me that a lot of people are quick to judge Mr. Randolph from just what theyve heard from the students. I wasn’t there so I’m not going to comment on that, but what I do know is that Mr. Randolph puts 100% into his job and the students involved and would never disrespect them. Could it be that they’re confusing discipline with disrespect? And what are we teaching our kids if we are ok with them quitting when things get hard or don’t go their way? In ending I know for a fact Mr. Randolph has great character and integrity and people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. None of us are perfect and to say someone should get fired is wrong when you don’t know the entire story and only hearing from one side!

      • You have NO understanding of this issue at hand. This is not “rejecting authority” have you seen any of the comments from athletes, alumni, and parents ? Are you still in your hole believing Randolphs insiders? This is a MORAL and ETHICAL issue at hand. There are MANY things he has done such as breaking confidentially on VERY personal matters and taking scholarships away from athletes

      • Jim Rabunts says:


        Is lying one of those things we should be teaching out kids? Care to elaborate how he puts 100 percent into his job?

        I can tell you it’s more than five athletes. Nice try though.

        Oh and by the way, if you’re literate, the first quotes came from a former Captain. Other student athletes that left carry a lofty GPA. Such crazy kids I tell ya!

        “In Ending” ….are you writing a thesis paper? Like someone stated earlier, “Mr. Randolph” has had EVERY chance to state “his side” but refused to because he knows he hasn’t one shred of legitimacy.

  27. Alum and Donor #2 says:

    My biggest gripe is the alienation of alumni (and donors) and the very odd (failing) recruiting tactics. I am at the verge of stopping donations and participating in fundraising events.

    I can’t speak to the team dynamics as I am not close enough to that situation. However, as an alumni I felt much more a part of the program when Coach Knapp and Fuller were in charge.

    Lastly, to be fair, I do feel that this article is very one-sided.

  28. My daughter ran track under Randolph and the AD is VERY AWARE of his disrespect and maltreatment of his athletes. CMU simply does not care. My husband is a high school track coach and would never support one of his athletes going to CMU.

    Do not get me wrong, I understand how college athletics works. I have had two children that have participated in sports at the collegiate level. The way Randolph runs his team is NOT the way it is supposed to work – AT ALL! His insecurities drive everything – once you understand that, you can make some sort of sense of his otherwise unexplainable behavior.

    Randolph’s antics – both damaging and erratic – have been documented and meetings have been held. NO ONE CARES! He is more concerned about his power, than he is about the team.

    He told upperclassmen that he was going to give HIS recruits (not the “athletes [he] was stuck with”) “every chance to prove themselves” and put them in races over upperclassmen that had better times. He berates, belittles, and has run practices meant to punish rather than condition or improve – because he can.

    I have personal knowledge that he discussed with an athlete that he would “let [him/her] know if [he/she] was still on the team” by a given date and never called — leaving this person to have to wonder what to do next.

    His early successes were from the athletes he was “stuck with” (his words) that had been recruited from previous coaches. The longer he has been in the program, the farther down the team has gone. It will take YEARS and YEARS to rebuild the program at this point.

    He is punitive, vindictive and only cares about his current “athlete of the moment.” He makes decisions and comments based on his anger and lack of control, not what is best for the athlete – or even the team. He takes all the power and authority away from the assistant coaches. The throws and distance squads were somewhat isolated as he didn’t seem to meddle in their practices as much. The sprints, hurdles, mid-distance and (to a lesser extent) jumps have been desecrated by his “poisonous “coaching style.

    I was at every track meet my daughter ran (except one – which is the one where he taunted and tormented my daughter the entire weekend) and can give more examples than time and space allow. Again, this is not news to ANYONE in the AD’s department which is why CMU track will never see a one dollar of donation from me. I would rather give it to WMU or burn it!

  29. Until you live it please refrain from commenting on how “big of a deal” you perceive it to be. To the majority of the kids on that team, it’s a huge deal. To those members who might say they don’t care, they have NO idea how much they are missing by having this man in charge.
    It is true that good leaders and coaches don’t win over everyone. However, if you think this is an isolated set of kids “complaining” you demonstrate that you’re an outsider to the program. Once you live it for a few years, you know that Willie Randolph’s leadership is the determining factor that holds back the growth of the program.
    Really, the people who quit are just a fraction of the team that has the luxury to. They have the time left, the talent, and the resources to leave. Many are not as lucky, and as an alumni I’m more concerned with them. Instead of glorifying the people speaking out in this article as “brave”… let’s call them what they are– angry (rightfully so). They can speak their mind because they are on their way out. Many there do not have the luxury to do this.
    Many athletes currently there talk of solutions like petitions, going to admin, quitting, and speaking out at banquets. What a mess! Athletes should not have to feel like they need to start a revolution – that’s out of their job description. Their job is to work as hard as they can for the good of the team, be a positive force on the team, and to represent the university to the best of their ability. It is not their job to solve this problem. Usually, it’s the coach’s job to solve problems like a divisive team. But, considering the leadership, this now falls solely on the Administration.
    What is good is that I really do believe the administration will do the right thing. Despite people knocking on them, I know that there are some who really do care about the athletes as people. They are, and have been, aware of the problem for some time now. Hoping to see the program restored – Fire up Chips!

  30. Track Parent says:

    I am the parents of a student-athlete on the track team and I personally have talked to more than just my child and numerous athletes have said the same thing. Especially as far as the fact that,”He doesn’t even know my name and I’ve been on the team this entire season.”

    I also have heard that he tries to take all the credit for the cross country and distance team, but they never even see him on a regular day basis, nor knows alot of their names.

    Being someone who used to run track in college myself, I’m disgusted to even hear that this is happening, after my child was recruiting and was told they were goin to be working with “Former Olympic Athlete”, Coach Dionne Henley, whom from what I see everyone loves her. So quite frankly, there is some type of difference between Willie and her for example.

    I have never stepped in to this because my child is an adult and should handle this themself, but personally if I was in this situation of disrespect I would’ve done the same thing the five athletes who quit did. From the comments I’m reading it seems as though people are looking at it as the five athletes left before the assistant coach did. He had nothing to do with it and 4/5 of them were vets so why would they leave after they have already been here and an assistant coach has left?

    Something needs to change because my child got numerous offers from other schools with wonderful track programs with national titles and still has room to transfer if need be, I just want my child to handle this the adult way. I just don’t know what in the hell was I thinking allowing my child chose a program that’s in such a disarray.

  31. I am a parent of a current track athlete at CMU. Athletes have said that in Willie’s first year he appeared to be an exciting outspoken leader that preached the importance of support and being a family. Quickly into the 2nd season my child vented about him being an untrusting control freak who doesn’t allow any of his assistant coaches to really coach. They are merely support figures on the team for the runners. None of them are in an environment where they are free to discuss training strategies or ideas. Its his way or the high way. He likes to think of himself as a motivator but in reality he has lost all credibility with his team by his actions. The many comments written about him appear to be dead on from the feedback I get from my child. His priority and interest is in the sprinting team. He does have anger management issues as well. If the administration would have been aware of his many escapades he has either said or did to his players including threats, he would have been fired by now. Many men and women veteran runners are performing worse now then they did when they were freshman while many others are getting hurt more due to their training regiment. Quite honesty, the guy has ruined any respect he once had. This continues off the field with his inconsistent method of scholarship money allocation. “He loves the idea that he holds the power.” While forcing the athletes to argue their case for deserving money with a constant “no” response unless you threaten to leave the team. These kids that have left are not lazy or troubled athletes. Two of the five were our captains our leaders with good GPA’s to boot. They were our support staff. Most parents have been aware of the situation for awhile. Our family was disappointed that the AD wasn’t even concerned enough to grant an open door policy with the athletes for an open discussion unless they were quitting. The schools quick response that they back Willie 100% tells me a couple of things. Most important is that they don’t really care enough about their track program. Schools continue to drop their track programs each year because it isn’t a revenue based program. It’s all about money. The 2nd reason is that the school doesn’t want to look bad by firing another coach. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know Willie will only be done when his contract has ended. The athletes can now read Willie like a book. He will come back from his road trip as if nothing ever happened and that this article had never been written. He will be back to his usual self. That is the saddest part of this whole thing. Any other coach would sit down with his team in an open forum of discussion in an effort to get past this. Not Willie, you wait and see. He will never acknowledge that he has done any wrongs. Being a Student Athlete is supposed to be a privilege. College are memories and friendships that last a life time. What do you think these athletes will remember?

    • I hate place All the blame on Willie…he hired Bobby Wilson who does the very same thing to his athletes. He is disrespectful, threatening, demeaning, depreciating, profane, and a poor excuse for a role model and coach. Willie hired a guy who is his mirror image!

      • Birds of a feather flock together.

        His hire. His problem. They are both mirror images of each other.

      • I will disagree with the comment on Wilson. At least the man understands his athletes and makes an attempt to meet them on common grounds. He might not be the right coach for the job, but I only say that because he is under the all seeing eye of Randolph.
        Bobby Wilson was hired on short notice, and came into a program that was slowly falling apart from its center (Willy Randolph). Wilson deserves some compassion with being put in a position he was not entirely suited for. He has a team attitude, which is only over-shadowed by the “one band man” attitude Randolph exhibits.

  32. Wayne Treffle says:

    The guy lives in a constant state of paranoia and has major emotional problems. There is no way he should be at the helm of a Division 1 program – Director of both Men’s and Women’s XC AND Track and Field.

    • It’s understandable when people are constantly bashing him about his job. If a number of people were on your back all of the time you too would feel a bit emotional.

      • Constantly bashing….you’re talking about Willie Randolph right?

        A man who cries at the drop of a hat is not suited for such a job. It’s an overused tactic and witnessed it a few times myself from afar. Nothing wrong with crying, but every damn week? The reputable stories I’ve heard from sources close to the team sum it up for me. Oh but then again those kids are ALL crazy, right? It’s one big Conspiracy I tell ya! Give me a break….

        These kids are NOT his psychological outlets for all his emotional problems.

        He is their coach, and he has this weird fetish of using them as his relief of burdening his PERSONAL problems on them.

        I always had trouble with spelling “Dysfunctional” in grade school in the early 80s….but I don’t now!

        • Oh I didn’t know that not crying was a credential for being a coach. Ok so he is an emotional guy, does that mean that he is incapable of coaching a team?, not in the slightest way! You sir are an idiot.

          • Wayne Treffle says:

            Your legitimacy to your opinions has just sunk drastically because you’ve resorted to the same tactics of a 3 year old by name calling. Ok, great. When you don’t have a point…call someone an idiot. I’m a grown man and can take that.

            There’s a difference between showing emotion and USING kids as your emotional outlet. They’re there for you to coach. Not for your shrink sessions.

            It’s the constant victimization that is ridiculous. Coach Willie Randolph is NOT a victim. For a guy that has ALL the control and has had ALL the opportunity to change and instill success, he has done a horrible job. He has a very comfortable salary and every opportunity to do well. So when things go wrong – he’ doesn’t take accountability.

            No victim. Own up.

        • Interested says:

          Tell me about this crying thing, sounds interesting. Does he cry at team meetings? Meets? Banquet? Or when he meets with the admin? This not only sounds odd, but hilarious!

  33. But….I don’t get it, I’m confused?

    I hear this guy constantly say “We’re moving in the right direction.” At least 600 thousand times a day……

    I guess he should try a new tactic, mix the verbiage up a bit “[ ] in the right direction”

  34. Although both team’s results were not good the year before Willie arrived (knowing none of their coaches were not going to return), he was left with a lot of talent-all American Greg Pilling especially. These athletes were met with and had to defend their current scholarships and were faced with cuts. Greg was told he would have his money cut, but was ballsy enough to ask for even more for his MAC record season. That’s how he treated the athletes he was “stuck” with. The throws were ready to be strong the next year anyway with Imbrock hitting 51 meters as a sophomore, Calvert going from 44′ at Ferris to 51 his first year at CMU, King and Flanner poised to score, and Sunderman already a 60′ weight thrower they were set for success. Teams go in cycles and CMU would have done well Willie’s first year no matter who was coaching. He has proven to be only an egomaniac in the fashion of his idol Kathleen Sparrey and can’t develop his own team

    • Greg Pilling was not only threatened with a cut, but the only reason he wasn’t cut with a scholarship after receiving the MAC record, and becoming an All American was because he proposed to cut too late. NCAA rules did not permit. Also Pilling’s senior year, they stripped him of his Discus Coach, and brought in a shot put coach.

      • Another Parent says:

        And now, the rest of the story. Greg’s little sister was being recruited to the team when his coach was let go. Mr. Randolf, despite being contacted numerously by her siblings who were all scholarship athletes at CMU, refused to contact her until just before school started, and then offered her a scholarship of “books”. She refused and attended another institution for the year. The same coach that was released then recruited her to his new school, where she became an All-American in her red-shirt freshman year in hammer, thowing distances comparable to the CMU star seniors that year; broke their school record in her sophomore year, and shattered both it and the school weight throw record in her Junior year (still underway). Her family is very grateful Mr. Randolf is who he is.

  35. Fire up Chips says:

    Administration used to have a policy where all athletes completing their eligiblity could have their say in order to get feedback on the program. In recent years, the graduating track team members have not been given the opportunity to speak to the Athletic Director who oversees the track and field program, Marcy Weston. Maybe it’s because she chose not to meet them, I don’t know. Marcy is a brilliant individual and I like to think that she will do what’s best for CMU and the poor athletes who have to put up with such horrible treatment and disrespect. I’m sure she knows what is happening and I don’t know what has been holding her back, maybe factors that she has no control over. I hope they are not trying to ignore and hope it will go away or that Willie will mature as a leader. He hasn’t demonstrated that he can get past his paranoia and insecurities to improve. CMU deserves better.

  36. I love how he continues to lie to make it seem like everything is going FANTASTICALLY GREAT with the program right now.

    For example…most recent press release talks about how they did in the south this weekend, saying his hurdler PR’d in his event.

    Everyone who follows track knows that’s a lie. Having +3.2 is ungodly wind aided and cannot be counted as any sort of record performance in any way. Just another attempt to create this lie but thank god everyone or at least good size of the public knows the deal now

  37. Let’s see…….The administration is supporting a program that is losing, losing athletes, and is in a conference with, what, 4(5) mens programs. Could this be how administration axes a program and can point the finger at poor performance, lack of numbers, and the conference trend to keep from being pu to the fire??

  38. Sounds like 1 athlete is scared of hard work and likes too quit when things get tough. Then decides to influence and bring others down with him and blame it on the coach. Guess what, in life you don’t deserve anything. You get what you EARN!

    • Another comment from somebody that doesn’t have clue. Three of the guys that left were academic all conference and they were all point contributors. Two captains! All hardworking athletes that trained over the summer and did everything they could only to be disrespected! There is some serious moral and legal issues going on. Some day you figure out whats important in life!

      • They were no captains! All they obviously cared about was themselves. I’m sure they were hard workers and wanted to succeed, but not for the team only for themselves. Real captains stick with their teammates through thick and thin, they help the team stay together. The team is better off without them. I wish the team the best of luck. Fire up chips!!

        • If you were being abused would you stay?

        • Sharon Watters says:

          Can you please stop saying you’re a “Parent”.

          Good grief. You’re obviously not a parent.

          Yes, they were captains “Parent”. In both title AND character.

          Get off here and stop trolling, because it’s very apparent what you’re doing. You keep making these accusations – please…please back them up. You say you’re “sure” about a lot but don’t elaborate.

          And the team is not better off without them. Academically or conference wise in competition.

          Nice try. But an Epic Fail. …I heard a kid say that the other day – I think this is the right context to finally use that! :)

    • Scott Bresnek says:

      Right, I’m sure you’re an “Alum”

      You’ve obviously proven yourself to be an outsider. If you knew the gravity of the problem you’d know it spans more than 1 athlete and well more than 1 year.

      Coaches are to be leaders. Not instigators of drama and quite frankly dishonest manipulators…..hmm I guess can I say it….liars? Yeah that’s pretty simple way to put it.

      But hey, good attempt!

    • Cory Noeker says:

      I am sorry Alum. But unless you know your facts, please do not call out an athlete you know nothing about. And unless you are at practices every day with us, please don’t act like you know what it is like. Arguing on a forum isn’t going to get us anywhere. But it’s nice to have the truth be revealed to the public… Finally.

  39. I’m surprised nobody has pulled the race card yet… if you’re a sprinter, you get preferential treatment on the rules. and if you’re an african american sprinter? the rules do not apply to you… it’s the way it works under willie. Truly a shame.

    • Couldn’t agree more! The rules don’t apply to HIS kids…..he is loose and inconsistent with university policies put in place to protect the athlete. Such a shame that we tolerate such a poor excuse for a role model for our athletes and the CMU community as well.

  40. Andy Kruskamp says:

    I heard about this nonsense through a friend of a friend. i’m just so glad to be here on campus…so many beautiful women. and you can’t beat cmu’s landscaping or state-of-the-art statues. bump

  41. Former Athlete says:

    This is just such a lack of respect towards Coach Randolph. People need stop pointing the finger. I have personnaly experienced Willie and his coaching methods. He is one of the most motivational and passionate coaches in Mount Pleasant. Only time I’ve seen him upset is when he hears about his athletes not doing the right things outside of athletics. #SaveWillieRandolph

    • Scott Bresnek says:

      Again, it’s VERY evident when people post on here to reveal themselves to be outsiders to the program and the real issue at hand. You’re making claims that aren’t substantiated… all.

      Have we REALLY convinced ourselves that if there is an issue we are to stay NOTHING and keep quiet? I call BS. Of course the only people that are going to voice concern are athletes. Being a former athlete is easy, but current ones? THAT my “friend” is brave. Good on them. There is nothing vile about their claims. They are specific and legitimate in nature.

      It’s like the sam pendulum with politics. THOU SHALL NOT CRITICIZE A PUBLIC OFFICIAL. ….um says who? Nazi Germany?

      He is the current Director of Track and Field since 2008. He is not a King. He is subject to criticism on all fronts – performance wise, ethically, morally AND legally.

      If you’re going to add your two cents add some substance or otherwise, keep quiet. Thanks

    • Wayne Treffle says:

      You were a former athlete…as in Collegiate athlete?

      Hard to believe. Why? Well for one, you can’t spell “personally” correctly, nor do you understand the gravity of the situation.

      You’re an outsider plain and simple. This isn’t a dictatorship and everyone is free to state their minds. Coaches are gonna say crap because they don’t want to commit jeopardize their career, even though they know the program is in shambles. It’s a darn shame

      • Obviously you’ve never been exposed to board members, cao, ceos, and such. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling is widely horrible amongst them. Lawyers are known for it too….hence why their secs do the dictation and proof read.
        Trying to act superior by correcting grammar like you invented it shows nothing more than your pettiness.

        When your boss makes a grammatical error, make sure you point it out. I’m totally sure you won’t blow it off since you obviously know so much more than he/she. Don’t forget to question their education also. My bet is you’re too yellow belly to do it hypocrit

        • Yellow belly says:

          Not to start anything………but everyone on here is a yellow belly. Everyone is anonymous.

          • Really??? Would you risk losing your scholarship by putting your name? And people have put their names out there (both in the article) and speaking with Willie and the administration….look where that’s gone!

          • What should be done is if you are still on the team. you keep your opinion to yourself or you move on.

          • Including you “Yellow belly”!

          • Yellow belly says:

            What should be done is if you are on the team. It means you have made the decision that what you are or have gone through is not bad enough that would make you quit or leave. So if this is the case then keep your opinions to yourself or put your name to it.

        • Wayne Treffle says:

          It’s spelled “hypocrite”

          You get an A for effort though! Thanks for the civics lesson too.

  42. CMU’s HS meets are almost always the biggest piles of crap in the state, and he didn’t even recruit the best distance kid in the state who lived down the road.

    • not so fast says:

      For your information. that kid was recruited and he turned his nose to CMU. #notknowingwhatyourtalkingabout

      • Scholarshit says:

        Probably because Willie Randolph snubs his nose at any scholarships to the distance coach.

        let’s ask him how many scholly spots he gives to him, how many he has, and then furthermore…..what the breakdown in Conference scorers are?

  43. jack creed says:

    Looks like CMU needs a new head coach

  44. former athlete says:

    As a former athlete I can personally vouge for all these guys that left the team. All stand up guys that put in hours and hours of work and great students that represented the program with class. These weren’t just average athletes that disliked a coach cause he was tough. They were the TOP performers in their event group and guys who tried to keep the team together despite Willys faults and disrespect.It’s hard to fathom how these guys aren’t competiting at nationals, but people don’t understand sprint training and how important a coach properly teaching them can be. He was not teaching them right and his training was so bad that even with their hard work ethics their results were suffering. To me they stood up for what they believed in rather then struggling along and making people think everything was great and dandy when in reality the team is doing poorly and most of it is because the sprints and hurdles aren’t meeting expectations because of the poor leadership of their coach. The distance and throws have been spectacular and have great event coaches that don’t receive enough credit (mostly because Willy never gives them any). If administration ignores all this I fear that the program is destined for last place finishes and further destruction. I love that these athletes stood for what is right cause the reality is things aren’t good in this program but people would never know that had no one said anything.

  45. Free Boosie!!!!

  46. Cassidy Ray Wright says:

    Being a former member of the CMU Track Team I am truly sad and heart broken to witness the program in total disarray at this time! I hope and pray that a speedy solution can found! Let’s Go Fire Up Chips!

  47. Andy Kruskamp, John Calvert says:

    Just to clear up any confusion: cmu’s landscaping owns. It’s to die for. The scenery and the green grass is unprecedented, you could graze a herd of a million cows on this sacred land

  48. I have a child on the team and have heard some disturbing news regarding Coach Randolph, unfortunately universities have become business and could care less about the well being of their students. So Sad.

  49. Ryan McCullough says:

    i agree with John and Andy…the effort spent to maintain such quality landscaping deserves more attention than has been given. It’s truly a remarkable feat and the lawn crew and those responsible deserve acknowledgement.

  50. Former athlete says:

    Last Facebook post from Mr. Randolph below. It does not look like he is taking this seriously with any concrete actions. While I am also a spiritual person, this mess requires much more than praying to correct

    “Coach Randolph: Headed back to Louisville for Lenny lyles meet tomorrow. Looking forward to smiling through the pain, and praising God for HIS peace and JOY that HE gives! Thank you for continuous prayers,support and love that KNOW me and the truth, and our real team. If growth requires such pain, I WILL and MUST STAND!! Trusting in The Lord with all my Heart and soul, leaning not to my own understanding. The path HE directs NO man or Woman can detour what God has for any of us. Growing higher for HIM. Not perfect, but I trust and LOVE GOD and nobody will adjust that in my heart. Grateful and pushing for HIS glory. Know your purpose in life and focus on it! Pray for those who don’t.”

    • Trina Goebbles says:

      Ridiculous. So any sort of legitimate criticism isn’t warranted.

      Again, folks WAKE THE CRAP UP. WIllie Randolph is not a victim. Perfect distraction. Make himself look like the victim and say arbitrary things like “know me and the truth”

      Sucks when you get caught being dishonest. Sucks even more when you don’t have the character to own up to that dishonesty. The perpetual mismanagement and lying will not stop. It will take much more than a religiously themed Facebook status to have Mr. Randolph redeem himself.

      “Know your purpose in life and focus on it! Pray for those who don’t”

      I think I smell a little narcissism? I think you do need to know your purpose, and Mr. Randolph’s purpose may be in track and field in some capacity but in NO WAY as a Director of both men’s and women’s track and field AND cross country at a D1 university.

      Can’t sweep you BS under the rug. Maybe God is giving you a sign to either: change and change FAST or stop being so darn pompous and trying to dictate everything the exact way you want to.

      Selfless vs. Selfish. Wake Up People.

      Can I post something from the Bible and feel vindicated? Probably. Can I take it out of context? Most Definitely. People do that alllll the time. Look no further than Mr. Randolph.

    • former athlete says:

      As someone who used to be on the team and is also spiritual I wish people could see the hypocrisy of his status in his everyday life. I believe people can change and I hope that for Willy because his actions do not support that status one bit. Actions speak louder than words and a status. I’m curious to see how this whole thing plays out. Time will tell.

    • Former Chip says:

      This is the usual nonsensical phrases he usually says. I don’t know who is fooled by this or how he managed to get hired for this job…in over his head

  51. Dangit. So Willie Randolph is superior because he knows God and is CERTAIN of his will…..

    I knew it. Everyone that has a differing opinion and sees him failing in his duties as a man and as a leader aren’t Godly. We’re just screwed heathen pretty much!

    Pray for these kids of all people. The exodus has already begun with 5 athletes departing. The Israelites will be free from Pharaoh’s grasp soon.

    The ME ME ME in this culture is sickening then brandishing it under GOD is even more so.

  52. The truth hurts says:

    I was a former track and field athlete who competed for cmu during Mr Randolph’s first 2 years of coaching the team. I have to say the passion I had for my event quickly died. Running for this program felt more like a chore and the excitement was no longer there. Team members have been leaving the program ever since Willie got there. I am almost positive that almost 2 dozen athletes have quit the team. And the results of the team have only gone downhill except for a select few. he is not a player friendly coach he is a dictator. And no matter how you perform he never congratulates his athletes. You really have to be around him on a everyday basis to experience his wrath. I do not recommend any track and field athlete to run for cmu under this coach. Go somewhere else if you want to succeed and not regret your college choice.

  53. Change for the Track and Field program is unlikely to happen since T and F is not a money sport like football. If the football team was having this kind of problem it would have already been dealt with. To be honest the athletic department could really care less about half the sports at cmu since they dont bring in as much money as football, basketball, and baseball. The amount of tuition paid by the team members who arent on full rides pays for most of operational cost of each program. It the same at every school not just a cmu, money is the basis of all the decisions that are made in the world. But many of the muggels that have never been apart of college athletics would never realize how misguided college athletics really are. College athletics is an example of modern day slavery if you take time to really investigate and not go by what you see on TV. You have to look be hide the curtain to see how the strings are really being pulled.

  54. What Willie Randolph doesn’t realize is that HE is the problem. It’s not your staff, it’s not your current or former athletes.

    The denial of the problem will only make it worse. Delusional I think is a very good way to describe him.

    Then he has the cockiness to hold an all team meeting and say “I’m not perfect and neither are you.” ….soooo that’s the problem? People holding you to standards of perfection? No, that’s not the issue. It’s that you’ve been so afar in your duties as a leader and responsible Director. And then having the balls to flip it back on us like we did something wrong? For being a horrible communicator and speaker, he does a marvelous job of flipping the rhetorical tactics on the scared and vulnerable athletes to make them either scared, or admit to something they never did or were guilty of in the first place.

    Oh and then making us athletes see a psychiatrist, and then him not being present for the shrink meeting NOR the team meeting.

    Someone needs to buy him a mirror for Christmas so he can carry it with him to hold him accountable.

    • Supporter of the Athletes says:

      Nice to hear from a team member. What’s the next step? Is there any way the administration to let him go after his contract this year? They would never admit the mistake they made in hiring him. He has never been anywhere for a long enough time to prove he can develop his own athletes. At nationally ranked Louisville he only had one or two athletes at the regional meet his last year there, and no one made finals. Similar results in his last conference meet there. Not enough research done by CMU’s AD.

      • Supporter of Sanity says:

        It’s nice to see Willie using the other coaches and now athletes on his weekly Insiders videos to do his bidding for him and be a scapegoat.

        Great job!

        Funny, every excuse made week after week won’t be able to happen after MACS.

        How about give direct support and praise to your other coaches? Using “We’re” is disingenuous” Kaczor is training and leading those girls and guys, not you. So it’s he, not you or we.

  55. Interested says:

    Just scored out the MAC meet from the entries. Steeple is good for the men with est. 23 points, discus for the women with 13. Other than that, the women are around 46 points for 9th or 10th, the men are at 83 points for last again. I know you don’t compete on paper, but it’ll take a ton of point shifts to move up a place or two on the women’s side and no hope for the men. Someone post on how the crying goes on this one.

  56. Track Watcher says:

    With a dismal showing at the MAC meet, you always want to be able to say we have some athletes that can compete at the national level. Their highest ranking athlete was 7th. Still didn’t work out. As Willie says in the following write up on the website: using it for growth and moving forward.

    Scott, the 2013 MAC Champion in the 400m hurdles, finished seventh in his heat and 38th overall with a time of 53.32. Smith recorded a jump of 6.56 meters in his first effort and fouled in his next two attempts to place 47th. Walderzak placed sixth in his flight and 35th overall with a top throw of 48.32 meters.

    Walworth and Brown finished 35th and 43rd, respectively, in the discus. Walworth threw for a distance of 44.76 meters while Brown recorded a throw of 41.74 meters.

    “it wasn’t the day we wanted but for three freshmen and a junior who have never been to a championship of this caliber, it was a day we will use for growth moving forward,” said CMU Director of Track and Field Willie Randolph.

    Four athletes not ranked too high compete today.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Brown’s final throw was a 55m foul. Pretty amazing for a true freshman. That is also about 20 feet farther than the previous school record. They also have a 59m men’s discus thrower redshirting. They definitely have some national caliber talent. They also had three all americans in the previous season.

  58. Supporter of the Athletes says:

    Without regard, still not a good showing. Programs are always judged by what they do, not what they could do. They had a 5th ranked kid and 50m made finals, well within her capabilities since she was a 54m thrower in high school. These coaches have to be responsible for their team’s performances, other coaches are. By the way, they have changed the all-American qualifications in 2010, making anyone who competed either 1st team, second team, or honorable mention. Plenty of other CMU athletes prior to that would’ve claimed all-American status under these conditions. How’d the other MAC teams do?

  59. Anonymous says:

    She was a 46m thrower in high school. Definitely an amazing year for Brown. She improved 8m over her high school pr and was Penn Relays champion. Also all conference. Unfortunately not a great showing for the other mac teams.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Last time I checked having only one MAC champion on both the mens and womens isn’t a “championship culture.” The MAC is a bellow average conference especially on the womans side.

  61. Only 6 teams on the mens side makes for a pretty cheesy conference too. 15 national qualifiers from the MAC. Kent has 4 women & 2 men and Akron has 3 women and 2 men. Some MAC teams can do it.

  62. Sniffles McGee says:

    Is Willie gone yet? I can’t bear another season of listening nor reading about this fool and his constant one liners he cans out.

    He should be an actor/actress somewhere. Coaching isn’t working out for him.

  63. Setter of Goals says:

    Willie on Jan 10th of this year:

    “I’m one of the coaches who takes it one meet at a time but in reality, our goals should be at always shooting to win a conference championship,” he said. “There’s a lot of things that need to fall into place for us to do that, so I’m looking at finishing in the top half of the conference on both the men’s and women’s side. On the women’s side, that’s going to be a great accomplishment, along with some of the individuals winning the conference and going to regionals and nationals. We’re stronger outdoors then we are indoors. On the indoor side, we’re still fairly young,” Randolph said. “We still have some holes that need to be filled but I still think we can be in the top half on both sides and with the women, in the top three our four is definitely a goal.”

    Ha!…I mean…shoot he’s not even meeting HIS STANDARDS! Wow. Time to go…..

  64. This just in from the Morning Sun Twitter: Randolph’s contract will NOT be renewed!

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