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CMU shuts down Delta Chi until 2017

Central Michigan University’s chapter of the Delta Chi fraternity received a four-year suspension by the Office of Student Conduct this weekend, effectively halting all of the fraternity’s activities for the next four academic years.

The suspension was the result of several university code of conduct violations that occurred at a party held by the fraternity on April 19.

According to Tony Voisin, assistant vice president of Student Affairs, the fraternity was suspended for violating section 3.2.13, which prohibits illegal alcoholic possession, consumption or distribution, among other violations.

“There was a code of conduct investigation done over the summer, and it was determined that the fraternity violated the code,” Voisin said. “The university code of conduct is very clear on what is expected of students and RSOs.”

Delta Chi was charged earlier this year for the code of conduct violations that occurred in April but wasn’t suspended until after losing its appeal.

According the fraternity’s adviser and lawyer, Todd Levitt, the suspension is not due to any criminal activity or legal violations.

“The office ‘creeps’ on all of the frats and sororities, like they are their own investigative police force,” Levitt said. “Nothing they are being suspended for went through any legitimate legal authority.”

Levitt denounced the suspension, saying it is an insult to the integrity of the university and education, and that if a student gets called in to talk and defend themselves on code of conduct violation, they have little to no rights.

According to the student hearing procedures for charged violation of student conduct regulations, section states that cases must be made by the student. An adviser may be present, but the student must be the one who makes the case.

“If the (Office of Student Activities) wants you gone, you’re gone,” Levitt said. “We will not let this be swept under the rug. We will have our day in court and expose how rotten the system is.”

Levitt said Delta Chi national is supporting the campus chapter’s fight against the university.

“I’m unaware of any legal challenges being filed by the fraternity,” Voisin said. “The code of conduct is very clear, and the university will enforce it.”


  1. Hecklers Veto says:

    Was I the only one who thought of that great scene from Animal House while reading the fraternity lawyer’s response?

    Otter: Point of parliamentary procedure!

    Hoover: Don’t screw around, they’re serious this time!

    Otter: Take it easy, I’m pre-law.

    Boon: I thought you were pre-med.

    Otter: What’s the difference?

    [Addressing the room]

    Otter: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be brief. The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with our female party guests – we did.

    [winks at Dean Wormer]

    Otter: But you can’t hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few, sick twisted individuals. For if you do, then shouldn’t we blame the whole fraternity system? And if the whole fraternity system is guilty, then isn’t this an indictment of our educational institutions in general? I put it to you, Greg – isn’t this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do whatever you want to us, but we’re not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America. Gentlemen!

    [Leads the Deltas out of the hearing, all humming the Star-Spangled Banner]

  2. That is the best thing I have ever heard! I didn’t attend Central Michigan, but everyone knows that binge drinking is encouraged through Fraternities and Sororities. College is about learning how to be an adult and getting an education that gives you a direction in life. Fraternities are meant to help encourage these sorts of things, but that is often not the goal of their members.

    • Why do you care what other people want to make of their college experience? Believe it or not, my fraternal experience helped me greatly in my chosen field, especially the partying. I also learned to be an adult, graduated with honors, earned my MBA, my CPA, and CFE.

      Whether in a fraternity or not, people will choose their path in life. It is easy to throw blame at others instead of taking personal accountability for your actions. Sadly, that’s what everything is turning into. I have to be responsible for you and every other idiot out there.

    • Binge drinking is encouraged by the majority of students at the university. Just walk around the dorms, apartments, tailgate, ect. Greeks make up only about 5 percent of nearly 20, 000 students at CMU . How idiotic that you shine spotlights at greeks for alcohal consumption (4 year punishment)-Students get busted for an M.I.P. (As a fellow follower of the “Student Code of Conduct”) and recieve a slap on the wrist. Time to start focussing on all students who violate 3.2.13. Then all students can get some of your direction in life.

      • An M.I.P. is a whole different ball park, and there is no way that you can mention that in your argument. Greeks have a strict set of rules due to what happened in the past here with them. All students are dealt with in a certain manner by the University, and I will agree that Greek Life has a more watchful eye than others. However, keep in mind that you sign the papers to become a chartered society and if you don’t follow that charter, then you are breaking the bond. Greek Life is owned by the University, and the rules may be strict, but to become official, you have to follow those. Regular students don’t have to go through the same regulations just to be admitted – it’s a whole different scenario.

    • You are such an ignorant person who obviously hasn’t been a part of such a great thing as Greek life. If you have you would know the benefits of representing something much bigger than yourself and how it changes you as a person because of the amazing leadership and social skills it presents to you. Yes, Greeks party hard and drink, but so does every other person in college. It’s sickening how people who decide to associate themselves with Greek life get ridiculed for living it up on the weekends when we study harder during the week in order to keep up our house GPA in order to make a better name for our respective houses and ourselves. Please do your research before thinking that all Greeks do is party and get drunk because there are numerous people who have made a huge impact on society who have been in fraternities and sororities. You have to experience it before you understand it

    • It sounds like you don’t know a lot about Greek life.

    • “I didn’t attend Central Michigan”

      That’s the part where people stopped reading your post and no longer gave a crap what you had to say

  3. Typical of CMU’s Greek Life “leadership” clearly acting unprofessional. What a shame.

  4. Tom Idema is not running a good Greek life system. Time for new blood and I bet things would change. Look deeper than the students.

  5. Matthew Racalla says:

    Binge drinking is encouraged by the majority of students at the university. Just walk around the dorms, apartments, tailgate, ect. Greeks make up only about 5 percent of nearly 20, 000 students at CMU . How idiotic that you shine spotlights at greeks for alcohal consumption (4 year punishment)-Students get busted for an M.I.P. (As a fellow follower of the “Student Code of Conduct”) and recieve a slap on the wrist. Time to start focussing on all students who violate 3.2.13. Then all students can get some of your direction in life that appatently got you lost.

  6. Don’t blame the fraternities and sororities, blame the parents of these young adults who never allowed their kids to make decisions for themselves. Blame the individual who in turn, doesn’t know how to say no or enough is enough.

    I went to CMU, was in a sorority, hung out with fraternities and partied like you wouldn’t believe, with and without my fellow Greeks. Between keg stands and bar hopping, I did well in class and am now a manager at a well-known magazine in New York.

    College is about diversifying your experiences and learning how to handle yourself in all situations. It’s about finding balance. Work hard, party hard applies in college and well into your career if you’ve managed to figure out how to balance life.

    When thinking back on my best times at CMU, I would never think about my classes or hanging out on campus, I immediately recall the great time I had as a member of the Greek community.

    It’s a real shame that they’ve kicked so many groups off in the past several years.

  7. Grandma With A Spoon says:

    Where are the facts? Where is the evidence? What were the violations other than this, this and “among other violations”? What other violations? An administration can dock a fraternity for four years without a roll out of all violations and/or evidence? They ONLY ALLOW the ‘student’ to defend their case? Well before you do that, why don’t you give him four years in Law school, pay for it and have him come back and defend his ‘case’ then. What kind of judicial system are they running? Response to this is (insert ^this guy doesn’t know the facts below) because I guarantee the only people that do are the ones that were there. No citations from Law Enforcement? So where is the evidence? Is the Central Michigan University’s administration sending ‘rogue agents’ to spy on other fraternities and make cases with here say? The thing CMU should get through it’s head is that 5% of Greeks on campus do more good for the Nation in the long run than the actual university itself. Only 2 out of America’s Presidents were NOT Greek members. How much has Central Michigan University donated to Philanthropic causes in comparison to Greek life in the state of Michigan? I love it when these guys with power that never had a brotherly experience or much more took a classy sorority member out to a party and experienced LIFE. You think alcohol and binge drinking stops after you send that wicked diploma out to be framed to any of your students? Hell no. I have respect for rules and regulations but not when there isn’t even Law Enforcement involved. If they did violate the LAW of the state of Michigan then why were the police not involved? Rival fraternity conspiracy plot? Maybe. Abuse of power of position? Sounds warmer. Warning shot to Greek life at CMU? Definitely.
    I know it’d never happen but what if the Greek community went on strike, covertly operated behind closed doors with recruitment, philanthropies and all other inclusive events. Just stealth mode the entire campus. Who would administration target then? Who would they rely on to actually make college an experience and not another 4 years of high school? Greeks raise the bar and we raise our glasses but definitely not to CMU on this one. Bad form, really bad form.

  8. Some institutions do not even recognize Greek organizations on their campuses. Truly if Delta Chi wanted to, they could get a house next year, party all they wanted, follow absolutely zero Greek regulations and the administration could do nothing because they are not school affiliated. Good thinking CMU, now there is a group of students who have no standards to live up to and still have a large following on campus. Also other RSO’s are not held to the same standard as Greek organizations. The rugby team throws keggars in their front yard with underage kids and Delta Chi supposedly served minors in the confines of their own home. Seems one sided.

    • yeah cause there’s never been a group on campus (Theta Chi, Delta Sigma Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Pi) that did everything you just said and didn’t die out.

      Also Rugby team doesn’t have to follow IFC rules

  9. Drinking happens outside of the Greek community in bars and other places as soon as college students attend CMU and more students than you know experienced it sometime before they left high school. Exact reason why if your an 18 year old and can die for your country, smoke at 18{cigarettes}, and vote for our leaders who sometimes act like they don’t have a brain to compromise with fellow Americans than the legal age should be 18.No I do not have children, but if I had a child and he or she wanted to join our armed forces and they have all the other rights I would sign a petition to roll back the age. You can bet every politician in the state and the federal government would fear losing those votes if we bumped the age required to vote and smoke back up to 21 with the drinking age. I do think even at the age of 18 you don’t always think maturely, and I would worry for any kids if I ever had any[I believe in fairness so I would also sign petition to raise the age to vote to 21 along with smoking].

  10. The trend on college campuses are the eliminate the Greek system. When a few incidents happen the group is toss off campus. Students drop out and change colleges – not a win-win for anyone. Deal with the exact issue – don’t punish the masses. Look over just the past few years on the fraternities or organizations that are gone. Lambda Chi Alpha and Hockey team to give just some examples.

    Members of those organizations that were kicked off campus but decided to “Carry On and Graduate” do you think as alumni they’ll ever contribute to CMU or be an active graduate or recommend to others that Central is a great school to go to?

    I think not.

  11. There have been some insightful posts on here for the most part. It’s a shame that CMU feels it necessary to punish a group of individuals for drinking a few beers or something totally minor with no police involvement. Greek organizations do more positive things for the community and school itself then the general student population. Sadly this is overlooked by the same number of incidents.

  12. Central Michigan University works as a body that is not put together well. The head doesn’t know what the arm and leg are doing. Yes, Greeks are set to a higher standard than the non-Greek population. That’s how it should be when Greeks do this for this nation. ( The role of the Office of Student Life (or whatever the new name is) is not to monitor Twitter and Facebook trolling for allegations. Part of its job is to guide and grow Greek life, not set it back. This has been happening for the last 20 years at CMU. There needs to be new blood. From what it sounds like, Tom Idema clearly has a vendetta, an unstable person to be in that kind of position. THEE worst part from what I heard is that Delta Chi cannot organize whatsoever as well as the “rule” X amount of sorority women cannot socialize with Delta Chi or they will be subject to judicial hearings from the campus. Right to assembly? Right to organize? Freedom of speech? The university can’t place those limitations on U.S. citizens. I hope they somehow appeal it and/or go to court. The last thing the university needs is a lawsuit and that kind of attention, especially being in debt. Go Diamondbacks. Dodgers suck.

  13. Delta Chi dodged the bullet back in the day when they were on probation and weren’t allowed to rush new members but did secretly. Proof was found but a brother fraternity did them a solid and refused to snitch on one of their own (even though 2 new members of DX broke into that brother fraternities house and got a few paintballs shot at them.) sad that even with those 2 incidents which could have had them kicked off back in the 04′s that they’ve again taken risk to squander their place on campus.

    • They have had several issues which have been “taken care of”. It is a shame that some people in their fraternity (and several others) have to ruin it for the rest of them. What is worse is that these people are held unaccountable for their actions, causing even more damage to the Greek community’s reputation.

  14. Delta Chi was always a train wreck while I was at CMU, and by train wreck – I mean had huge parties with tons of underage drinking and God knows what else went on in that house. That being said, they are certainly not the only ones doing this, so I’m not sure why they are the only ones receiving the suspension.

    Also, I don’t mean anything negative toward the Greek life, but anytime you have a house with that many college-aged people in it, it’s bound to turn into what it has…

  15. Greeks should stop getting so butthurt at CM Life articles.

  16. Young Gucci Boy Saucy Jr. says:

    Delta Chi- You all seem like pretty chill bro’s and stuff since I was a freshmen, but when I hear you guys doing this kind of stuff, breaks my heart. As John F Kennedy said, “Treat others how you want to be treated.”
    Damn. Damn. Damn. What I would recommend doing is appealing it to the board, maybe ya’ll could get a lesser suspension? I don’t know. I like you D-Chi I really do, I mean it, I just wish you guys wouldn’t do this kind of stuff.

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