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Zombie run a blood filled, brain-eating good time for participants

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Hordes of zombies swarmed Mount Pleasant on Friday at the Zombie Run, an event geared to bring Central Michigan University students downtown.

“We were trying to come up with an event to tell students downtown isn’t that far away,” said Kathy Hill, director of Art Reach and an organizer of the event. “It’s been a real learning process.”

Hill said they planned on 300 runners, as well as about 100 zombies making the course difficult for the survivors. Christine Donaldson, Miranda Madden and Austin Thomas were a part of the horde and had a blast chasing the survivors along Main Street.

“If I was a runner, I would have legitimately been scared of Austin,” said Madden, a junior from Brighton. “It was a lot of fun. I really liked being dead. It was a new experience for me. I’d definitely be a zombie again.”

The race started on the corner of Bellows and Main streets and continued to the new mosaic at the corner of Broadway and Main. If the survivors made it to the mosaic with at least one tag left, they were still alive. If they lost all their tags, they joined the undead.

“All along for the seven blocks, there were zombies,” Hill said. “It was a great run.”

The city of Mount Pleasant assisted by blocking off the area for the course and keeping survivors safe from cars. Hill said they were fortunate to have the city so involved in the process.

“I think it’s huge of the city to sponsor this,” Hill said. “I like living in a community that supports events like this.”

Donaldson, a junior from Birmingham, said she enjoyed herself, despite falling at points because of getting too into her character.

“I really liked seeing all the zombies in position,” Donaldson said. “It was kind of terrifying to see them all just waiting.”

Thomas, a sophomore from Plymouth, was the most into the event, with fake blood and guts dripping off his face. He said he was going for the look of a “28 Days Later” zombie, one that sprints after the survivors and is terrifying.

“I’m out of breath,” Thomas said. “I sprinted at people. It was great.”

The group of three managed to get many of the tags from survivors as they ran by. The group was at the beginning of the danger zone, where survivors could be “attacked.”

Madden was also a participant in the brain eating contest. She said it was difficult but delicious.

“That was very hard. The gummy worms got in the way,” Madden said. “It’s a great feeling to win.”

The group planned on returning to their apartment and watching zombie movies, then going to an undead themed party at a friend’s house. Thomas was planning to DJ the party and was excited he was already in costume.

Makeup was donated by multiple Mount Pleasant businesses, including Target and Black Tie Tuxedo Shop. Many volunteers showed up to help put make-up and fake blood on the zombies, aid in doing hair of the zombies and to help tear up their clothes for a more realistic effect.

Hill says she hopes this will become an annual event, bringing out even more people next year.

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