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Staff Predictions: Week 5, CMU heads south to NC State

Seth Newman Staff reporter (4-0): North Carolina State is a hard team to get a read on.

They previously beat Louisiana Tech by 26 points, but narrowly defeated Richmond by two points at home. Against No. 3 Clemson, they played decently and only lost by 12. Central Michigan has a strong secondary, which will match up well against a team that has only thrown one touchdown pass in three games. If N.C. State held the powerful offense of Clemson to 26 points, I have a hard time seeing CMU putting points on the board, especially with their offensive issues.

CMU will finally put together two halves that look alike. Unfortunately, they will be two ugly halves.

N.C. State 38, CMU 10

Aaron McMann Senior reporter (3-1): I’m just going to be blunt: CMU has no chance of winning this game.

With all the injuries and quarterback Cooper Rush still trying to find a rhythm, the Chippewas will struggle mightily on Saturday in Raleigh, N.C. North Carolina State possesses an effective, balanced offense, as we saw last week against No. 3 Clemson, that will wear the CMU defense down.

Throw in head coach Dave Doeren’s knowledge of what Dan Enos likes to do and his past against him while at Northern Illinois (CMU was his only conference loss in his two seasons at NIU), the Wolfpack will be ready. Expect them to score early and often on Saturday.

N.C. State 38, CMU 7

Jeff Papworth Staff reporter (3-1):  North Carolina State has been known to play to the level of its competition for ages, and its new head coach Dave Doeren has not led to a change in the trend in his first season.

The Wolfpack gave No. 3 Clemson all it could handle in defeat. But, like CMU, they needed a last-minute field goal to beat a FCS school.
So, true to form this season, look for Central Michigan to keep it close until halftime and eventually lose by the same score the 3-9 Chippewas team from 2011 lost to NC State.
N.C. State 38, CMU 24
Kris Lodes Sports Editor (3-1): North Carolina State’s defense looked pretty good against No. 3 Clemson last Thursday in a 26-14 loss.
Imagine what the Wolfpack will do with Cooper Rush and the CMU offense. I don’t see many points coming from the Chippewas, while N.C. State’s balanced offense will methodically move down the field on the CMU defense.
The defense will create a turnover or two – the strongest point of this team is being able to create turnovers – but an inconsistent offense keeps the team from taking advantage. Another bright spot will remain true for the Chippewas as well, as redshirt freshman kicker Ron Coluzzi keeps putting the ball through the uprights.
N.C. State 42, CMU 13


  1. These are first quarter scores, right?

  2. You guys are crazy…..

    NC State will be up 49 – 0 by half time.

  3. Wasn’t it more than predictable with the stale losing system in Mt. Pleasant? NC State, Toledo, WMU, etc. Does it matter who any longer? Any team that is remotely capable of winning is licking their chops with the Chips coming up on the schedule. This is now worse than the DeBord era, and nobody seems willing to take away the keys from the people responsible for the destruction of a once-proud football program. Fans can’t even stay interested until halftime now. It’s past time. Pull the plug.

    • Totally agree. I think Heenke or whatever his name is, must be besides himself for giving Enos a contract extension. When you only beat a FCS team and barely at that, you are in trouble. Clear the decks, the Enos Titanic is hitting an iceberg this football season!

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