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N.C. State 48, CMU 14: Early mistakes break game open

RALEIGH, N.C. — Football dug its grave with a pick-six and nailed the coffin after a special teams touchdown in the first half of a 48-14 loss at North Carolina State on Saturday.

“When you play a really good team and give away a touchdown like that, it’s tough to win,” said head coach Dan Enos. “We miss a field goal. Take 14 points off, add three for us. But that’s a very good football team we just played.”

Redshirt freshman quarterback Cooper Rush threw a pick-six to linebacker D.J. Green, giving the Wolfpack a 7-0 lead. It was one of three interceptions he had in the game. He also threw a touchdown pass and completed 16-of-37 passes for 165 yards.

Enos was less concerned about an interception he called a “50-50 ball” to junior receiver Titus Davis in the fourth quarter than the other two.

“The first one, the backer buzzed underneath the outside slant and he should have pulled it into the inside slant and the second one we had a guy open and he just said the ball got away from him,” Enos said. “So yeah, there’s some growing pains there, but he’s a tough young man.”

Rashard Smith extended N.C. State’s lead to 28-0 with 6:54 left in the second quarter on a 67-yard punt return for a touchdown, one of four scored in the second.

When the Wolfpack were not scoring non-offensive touchdowns, they were running it in, without a passing game to rely on since its quarterback Pete Thomas threw four interceptions entering the game.

Running back Shadrach Thornton cut right through the middle and took it 29 yards for a touchdown run, and Matt Dayes added another on a 42 yard rush, making it 21-0 with 8:53 left in the first half.

The Chippewas could not duplicate the Wolfpack’s performance in the run game.

The holes Saylor Lavallii found against Toledo on his way to 144 rushing yards were closed. He had nine yards on 10 carries in the first half and 27 yards for the game.

“I thought their team was really good, especially on defense,” Enos said. “Their defensive line was dominant. As we watched them this week that was one of our big concerns coming into the game because how good they were.”

CMU had its two best chances at a score in the first quarter on two drives in which a touchdown would have tied the game.

Junior receiver Courtney Williams had a 54-yard kick return, putting the ball at the Wolfpack’s 39-yard line. But CMU got pushed back three yards before punting.

Redshirt freshman kicker Ron Coluzzi missed a 38-yard field goal for the first time this season after the Chippewas moved the ball 59 yards on 10 plays.

“We just stayed positive and came out each series ready to work and tried to get in the end zone as much as we can,” receiver Titus Davis said. “But, at the end of the day, we got to score and our offense has got to keep moving.”


  1. Are we entertained with “building it the right way” yet?

    Oh the humanity…

  2. Gary Aalbregtse says:

    Maybe next season we can schedule the little Sisters of the Poor.

  3. Gary Aalbregtse says:

    Maybe next season we can schedule the Little Sisters of the Poor

  4. NC State almost lost to a FCS school….come to think of it, so did we. For all the hype about quality recruiting classes, blah…blah….blah…it is obvious. Coach cannot prepare his guys properly and his pipe-dream pro style offense won’t work in the MAC. Sorry, reality!!!!

  5. Ode To Enos:

    If you want change,
    Stay away from the games,
    Or you’ll get more of the same.

  6. Unimpressed Chip says:

    “Take 14 points off, add three for us”? Great, then we only lose by 17.

    We are 71st in passing yards, 109th in rushing yards, 114th in points for, and 118th in points against. Out of 123 FBS schools, that is pathetic by any measure.

    We need to restore the “Championship Culture”, not continue to reward failure or accept excuses. Will another 3-9 season (or worse) be enough to make a change?

  7. I am sure we surprised NC State with the brilliant offensive sets that we have!

    Same offense that MSU has! Great stuff!

    Next home game – attendance will hit an all-time low! We will see how many alumni show-up for Homecoming! Anything less than 20K should be a tell tale sign for the administration.

    • Totally agree. I am a 1985 alum and have had season tickets. I wrote our AD and told him I am done with season tickets. They must be blind to Enos. Remember Mike DeBord? This is just another Big Ten assistant want to be coach. Hey may be a good recruiter but he is a bad coach. What showed me that is the Kentucky game last year when he went for it on 4th down on our end of the field….totally changed the momentum.

      He goes or the program is toast for another 5 years!

  8. Once again it was a very good team we lost too. Are we a very bad team? A not very good team? A good team with poor coaching? What excuse will he make when they lose to a winless Miami of Ohio?

  9. You forgot to add Maurice Shoemaker-Gilmore touchdown! I would think you would want to put as much positive as you can…

  10. The sad thing about yesterday was the Chippewas’ rout by NC State coupled with Northern Illinois total domination of Purdue. Northern Illinois kept doing what had been successful for them. Dan Enos came to CMU with his pro set offense and total lack of defense ensuring CMU’s demise as a mid-major power.

    But, Dan says we’re on the edge of turning it around.

    • You make a great point. NIU has had to go thru two different coaching changes as well – continuous program results – Same offense, same ideals, and consistency! Kelly started the process, B Jones kept it going, and now….. change in total offense, defense – has pushed us to the bottom. Great point again. Really sad. The lack of attendance will start rearing its ugly head ….soon!

  11. 3 things I hate about Dan Enos (the short list)

    1. How he always says the other team is good especially, after the other team dominates him in every phase of the game and he’s still the coach!

    2. How he refers to his team as “you can’t” and never here “I need to” like a punk!

    3. How he says that stats are for losers as he stands at 1-3 and he’s right on this one they are for losers like his whole staff and the last big ten loser

  12. The drumbeat is surging. Either Enos is gone or CMU Football is.

    How about it Mister President? Are you in command or window dressing?

    • Ross, has been window dressing from the beginning, and so are the members of BOT! Pathetic! Hideous, absolutely hideous! I would be remiss if I left out Heeke, as well!

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