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Delta Chi suspension still under review by CMU

Central Michigan University’s Office of Academic Affairs is still in the process of reviewing Delta Chi’s recent suspension in the fraternity’s last appeal to the university.

Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services Steven Johnson is going over the case and will determine whether or not to uphold, shorten, increase or throw out the fraternity’s suspension.

“No decision has been made yet. Steven is being very meticulous about this case and reviewing every document,” said Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Tony Voisin.

Delta Chi was handed a four-year suspension by the Office of Student Conduct in early September after losing its appeal in fighting a code of conduct violation that occurred at an April party.

The fraternity was cited for an alcohol violation and for violating Registered Student Organization policy.

The exact nature of the alcohol violation is still unknown as a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Central Michigan Life was rejected on the grounds that the case is still open.

“We’re exhausting our last avenue of appeal. It’s up to Steven Johnson now to make the final decision,” Delta Chi adviser Todd Levitt said.

The hearing process for a code of conduct violation starts with an investigation period followed by a hearing panel consisting of one faculty or staff member and two students pulled from the student body.

The appeal hearing consists of one faculty member, one staff member and one student, each of whom were not part of the original hearing panel.

A final appeal can be made to the Office of Enrollment and Student Services to be reviewed and decided upon.

There is no set timetable for Johnson to render a decision, but it is likely that one will be made within the next few weeks, Voisin said.

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  1. The “exact nature” of the incident being called an alcohol related violation is a RAPE and the university is covering it up. No one should get away with sexual assault, but somehow greek life’s reputation is more important than sexual assault survivors.

    • completely false, how do you assume something like that? have you looked at the case? the exact charges are known to the public. if it was a rape law enforcement would be involved.. and the university would most definitely not cover up a rape, you sound ignorant

      • If you look back at an earlier article the exact charges were stated…not having a guest list, and providing alcohol. Do not talk about something you know nothing about. Grow up

        • It wasn’t rape, you were ignorant, have fun making false assumptions. The University already hates greek life, if it was rape they would have no problem reporting it. It was alcohol violations.

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