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CMU’s Dan Enos: Firing long-time friend Don Treadwell ‘terrible’ for Miami

Central Michigan head coach Dan Enos picked up where Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio left off on Sunday, criticizing Miami (Ohio) for firing head football coach Don Treadwell.

“It’s terrible, for the coaches and the players,” Enos said. “To make a decision like that this early. I don’t think they had any idea what they had there. The guy is an outstanding man, a great coach. He’s a man of integrity and character, and an outstanding leader. It’s very sad.”

Miami athletic director David Sayler fired Treadwell and RedHawks offensive coordinator John Klacik on Sunday morning, less than 24 hours after losing 21-9 to CMU, their ninth consecutive loss dating back to last season. Miami is 0-5 and Treadwell is 8-21 dating back to 2011.

Quarterback and receivers coach Mike Bath was introduced as interim head coach on Monday.

“As you can imagine, it was a long, crazy 26-27 hours here,” Bath said on the Mid-American Conference coaches’ teleconference. “It’s tough because you’re talking about a staff that is potentially done here in the next eight weeks. Coach Treadwell was an unbelievably humble, great person and a guy I am forever thankful for.”

Treadwell (offensive coordinator) coached with Enos at Michigan State from 2007-09 under Dantonio, who criticized the school’s decision on Sunday, telling reporters it only “weakens” the program. The two have publicly discussed their friendship and the relationship that their families have with one another.

All last week, prior to Saturday’s game, Enos even remarked how hard it was to coach against a good friend.

“The sad part about it sometimes is that people make decisions that maybe haven’t been in your shoes or don’t know what you’re going through,” Enos said.

Sayler was named athletic director at Miami in December.

As far as Treadwell’s future? While Enos said he doesn’t want to speak for him, he isn’t sure if Treadwell would want to be a head coach again. Even so, Enos said he did a “tremendous” job filling in as MSU interim head coach when Dantonio suffered a heart attack in 2010 and missed two games.

“I hope that if he does someone would allow him to do that,” Enos said. “He’s a proven commodity, in my opinion.

“And this is the last thing I’m going to say on it: It’s very said. He’s a Miami grad, he’s a great person and I feel bad for him; the coaches and I feel bad for their student athletes on campus.”

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  1. Dj Karpy K says:

    Your next!

  2. Enos shouldn’t be so critical, CMU should be doing the same thing Miami did and starting the search for a new coach.

  3. It is a sad situation when anyone loses a job in any profession. However, these men all chose a profession that they love but they all understand it is a bottom line job. At the end of the day it is all about wins and losses. Period. It may be terrible for all involved but maybe Enos sees the writing on the wall. He is lucky that CMU has an AD that won’t fire him until this football program is the worst in the MAC. Thank goodness for WMU, EMU, and UMASS, and MIAMI. We still have a ways to go.

  4. Disgruntled Alum says:

    Miami did the right thing. Now, CMU should follow suit, both with the coach and the AD.

  5. Look how far Hideous Hire(s) Heeke let the basketball program fall off the cliff before making a change! Ross, should be dumping both Heeke and Enos!

  6. Don is a great man. He may be a great coach, but he is a terrible head coach. He and Klacik drove that program into the ground. Based on the players reaction, I’d say it was the right move. He team plays without passion, his offensive schemes this year have been puzzling, he showed no visible passion himself. It is hard to feel bad for him as Miami still owes him his contracted salary the next 2.5 years (about $1 Million) minus whatever he makes at his next job for the contracted time period. As I Miami fan, I am very pleased.

  7. Rule number one: never fight for a cause already lost. CMU football has been set back to the DeBord era. Appealing to the president to intercede is time-wasted. There are a plethora of reasons why he should join Heeke and Enos on the freeway ramp,

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