COLUMN: Call me a fool

I ran my cocky mouth last week, predicting the rest of CMU’s football season after previously picking every game correctly. Just like athletes need to be held accountable for their poor performance, I, too, should be held accountable.

But at least I have a good attitude about it.

CMU was not supposed to compete with Ohio, win a dogfight on the road, upset the homecoming crowd and beat the Mid-American Conference East Division favorite.

But it did, and CMU did it without its arguably best player, wide receiver Titus Davis.

With Davis out, CMU turned to sophomore running back Saylor Lavallii, who had another career game with 184 yards rushing. Besides Lavallii, youth was at the forefront of victory.

Redshirt freshmen played big roles in the final minutes. CMU wouldn’t have been in position to win without Joe Bacci, who recovered the muffed punt. Cooper Rush then fired a pass into the end zone with 22 seconds left to junior Courtney Williams for the win.

All game, the general thought was that as soon as Ohio could score a touchdown, the floodgates would open.

Ohio didn’t score its first touchdown until the third quarter. Credit CMU’s coaching staff for locking the high-powered Bobcat offense up for much of the game.

So, what does this victory even mean?

The team could be getting an invitation to a bowl game for the second-straight year.

The Chippewas needed to upset Ohio, Northern Illinois or Ball State during this three-game stretch to have a shot. They got the upset out of the way on their first try.

Their last three games are played against the weakest teams in the MAC, and CMU should be the favorite in each game.

The biggest winner from this game?

Head coach Dan Enos.

Just when you think he is down and out, he pulls out a signature victory.

A lot of fans grumble about Enos. If CMU can win its last three games, then it could be going to back-to-back bowl games.

That’s something to build on.

Football programs such as Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas and Utah can’t say the same thing.

We shouldn’t be surprised with the signature Enos upset. He has one every year.

Two years ago, the Chippewas upset Northern Illinois, last year they shocked Iowa, and a big win against Western Michigan came in his first season.

He has two more chances this year to add on to that list.


  1. Fool! If not for the muffed punt, we would have been toast.
    There’s a reason why Nebraska let Solich go. If we beat NIU, I’ll retract the “Fool!”

  2. It sounds that you are upset they won Charles!

  3. Frank Solich was 58-19 at Nebraska and played in a national championship game, and won coach of the year 3 times. HE was fired by a new AD after the team went 10-3. The only fool is the AD, Nebraska did not fare well after they fired him.

  4. This was a nice win for Enos and the Chippewas. You have to give them credit for getting it.

    However, I think we can erase the notion of making a bowl game as being significant feather in anyone’s cap. There are so many bowl games that even 6-6 MAC teams can pretty much assure themselves of going to a game. A 6-6 MAC team, sorry to say, is a team that deserves to be in the lower third of 1A college football. And with the conferences these bowls are usually aligned with, the MAC team finds themselves facing a similar opponent – an average (at best) team in a lower-run 1A conference. Winning these bowl games really aren’t program-defining victories. It’s fun to watch them. Heck, if it ends up being the game in Detroit, it’s fun to attend the game. And it’s fun to watch the Chippewas win if they win the contest. However, looking at such invitations (how many invites does the MAC get now?) and looking at such bowl wins as clear positive defining moments about the season is kind of silly, and stuck in an era when there were only about 16 bowl games, and making one really was a reward for your season.

    Look at it this way – last year’s CMU squad went to a bowl game with a 6-6 mark. I remember the Chips having a 6-1-4 record when I went to CMU. There were some other CMU squads that went 7-4 and stuff like that before I went to school that never had a chance in the world to make it to a bowl game, unless they won the MAC title. They could’ve gone 9-2, not win the MAC title and more than likely they were not going bowling. It just wasn’t going to happen. It’s fair to say those types of teams were way better squads (certainly in their era) than last year’s CMU team was at 6-6. Yet, many want to say (particularly those who it satisfies an interest of theirs) that making a bowl game can help define a season? Not really. Maybe if you make a BCS bowl or the MAC team is so good someone outside the MAC bowl agreements wants the team, then argue it. But the “we made a bowl game, it was a successful season” self-serving comment is outdated and just not accurate any more.

  5. Charles W. Murphy says:

    Way to own it Seth. Unlike others on here with Fake handles.

    Fake names. Fake fans. Fake Chippewas.

    Only in the MP.

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