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MMCC student found dead at Bluegrass apartment

A Mid Michigan Community College student was found dead in his apartment Tuesday morning at The Village at Bluegrass, 4300 Collegiate Way.

Matt Vandercook, a 21-year-old Monroe native, was found in his bed by roommates around 9 a.m. Michigan State Police and Mobile Medical Response arrived on the scene at 9:10 a.m., where Vandercook was pronounced dead.

One of his roommates, CMU Monroe junior Brandon Sampson, said his roommate was in bed all day Monday. Sampson said after a Sunday night of eating a spaghetti dinner and watching the Detroit Tigers game on TV, Vandercook went to bed early and was not seen all day Monday.

“He was just in his room all day,” Sampson said. “That’s what he usually does when he’s sick, so we didn’t think anything of it at first.”

When roommates checked on Vandercook on Tuesday morning, they found him unresponsive and immediately called the police. Sampson said his roommate’s skin was discolored on his sides.

When asked, roommates said they recalled no sounds coming from the room or any other reason for alarm before finding Vandercook unresponsive.

“When we went in, as the light was shining you could see he was purple,” Sampson said. “It’s messed up. We don’t really know what happened.”

According to Sampson, Vandercook had dropped his classes at MMCC just a few months before the incident.

MMCC spokesperson Matt Miller said Vandercook started classes in fall 2012, until leaving after the following winter semester.

“(Vandercook) actually started the enrollment process this fall, but didn’t complete it,” Miller said.

Michigan State Police confirmed the Vandercook family has been notified of Matt’s death. A news release from MSP said a postmortem examination to find the cause of death is pending.

The case remains under dual investigation by the Michigan State Police Mount Pleasant Post and the Isabella County Medical Examiner’s Office.

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  1. Josie Sulfaro says:

    My son lives at that apartment and I don’t appreciate you posting there address! I thought is was disrespectful enough to show up and ask question just hours after they found there friend but this is just rediculous!!! How would you feel if someone did this to you when you are grieving?

    • People have a right to know where this was at, as there have been many deaths of cmu students/alumni around the area.

      Also, grammar. Learn some.

      • Agreed Dean. The address is public information. Google Village at Bluegrass, it pops up. People deserve to know what happened and where. Josie you must not watch the news, that’s what reporters do. When something happens they’re on the scene asking questions and getting answers. You dont wait a week for people to grieve then ask.
        I’m so sorry about your loss and this unfortunate event but you’re the one being ridiculous. CM Life is just reporting information to their students. Most of whom by the way, found out about a friend passing away through this article.

  2. Why must you put personal information about the fact that he didnt complete school, or dropped out. We are all grieving the loss of a friend, son and family member and that is the most direspectful thing along with much much more disrespectful things that took place. I am very upset with this and really think you all should think more than like someone who is heartless.

  3. I agree with Josie regarding the posting of identifiable information such as the apartment number as inappropriate and disrespectful. It is unnecessary information and should be removed from the article due to the safety and privacy of the residents, as well as out of respect.

  4. Anon Student says:

    It’s called good reporting, and to be honest, it’s nice to see that CM Life is actually partaking in it once in a while.
    As far as “inappropriate” goes, Freedom of Information Act…. It is their right and their duty to report all aspects of a story. CM Life said nothing negative about his academic history, just reported (with about the most unbiased approach I have seen from them in recent past)
    Kudos CML

  5. Josie Sulfaro says:

    To Dean as far as where it took place I believe the apartment complex was enough info. They did not need to post there apartment #. As far as your grammar comment well you have about as much respect as the person that wrote the article.

    • Cry a river. So what if they put the adress or if the boy graduated. You watch the news everyday. I’m sure you’ve read about shootings or deaths an you ALWAYS get told.exactly where it is. So grow the fuck uo and let your son off your tit.
      Its life, people put what they want in the story. They have a job to do, and if they don’t do it right they lose. I’m sorry about the boys death but when the moral.of.the story is someone crying about the address that’s just selfishness.

      • A person is DEAD here hello people. Where’s the humanity?? All everyone’s worried about is how well CM Life wrote the article. You people are sick

  6. CM Life should be ashamed.
    No need to publish his apartment number. That should be undisclosed, his name and the apartment complex name were enough. Report the story but have some compassion for the roommates and family and friends of the deceased.

  7. heres what gets me… i went to school with matt and im online reading about his death etc…..

    and instead of being there for eachother…

    we turn our backs on eachother ANDDD start pointing fingers at one another….. So sad. I truely hope his family doesnt come across things like this …

  8. Whether or not u agree with Josie about the amount of information that was disclosed in this article,she deserves only the upmost respect, not only because she’s a human being, but because she and her son have suffered a terrible loss. I am discusted that anyone would speak to her like that. Her grammar is irrelevant and completely beside the point. Although I understand reporting the news is what it is, however inconvenient, a respectful and thorough reply as to why u found it necessary to disclose all of these things, was all that was necessary. Also finding out about a friends death from an article is absolutely terrible. That was a horrible point of debate. Josie if u are still reading these responses I’m praying for you, your son, and everyone who is close to this unfortunate and untimely passing. I am so sorry for your loss and on behalf of cmu students(who are actually generally very friendly and respectful), I apologize for the unnecessary rude response.

  9. 4300 Collegiate Way is the apartment complex’s address, not the apartment number.

  10. Josie Sulfaro says:

    Thank you for deleting there apartment #! Even the editor himself said they where not supposed to post that. We appreciate that!

  11. We live in the building where he died. Around 4pm, we watched a reporter set up his camera right in front of our building, filming for a good amount of time. It took me everything in me to not go outside, and start screaming at him. I understand that people have a job to do, but it wasn’t even 24 hours since he was found, and we all watched his body being carried out of there. Do your job, but he respectful towards Matt, and his friends. Seriously.

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