COLUMN: Football needs Kater

Cody Kater, the football team needs you back.

It needs you back badly, with an all-or-nothing scenario ahead of Central Michigan, which has to win to become bowl eligible.

Starting quarterback Cooper Rush has thrown 11 interceptions this season, including one at Ball State on Wednesday.

The worst part is he should have many more.

It was evident even in his best drive of the first half when he compiled 45 passing yards and completed three-of-seven passes, including one to convert a fourth down.

The Chippewas were at Ball State’s 13 on second down and he lofted a pass to Titus Davis, only to have the ball nose dive well short of Davis, who had to swat it away from a defender.

When Rush has more skills to back up his confidence, teams should watch out. Until then, his confidence is his weakness.

On the next play, he was obviously unfazed by his near-interception and tossed the ball, again to Davis, who was blanketed by not one, or even two or three, but four defenders.

Luckily for him, it was yet another dangerous pass that was not added to his already high interception total, and CMU was able to kick a field goal for its only points of the first half.

On the other side stood Ball State’s Keith Wenning, who showed what a good quarterback can do for a team, leading the Cardinals to 31 points in the first half.

In a conference that includes Jordan Lynch, Wenning does not bring much flash, or exiting plays for that matter. He gets the job done, throwing four touchdown passes and completing 20-of-29 passes for 299 yards in the game.

No one is saying Kater is comparable to Wenning. He might not be half as good as one of the best players in the Mid-American Conference. But he’s better than what CMU is presented with now.

Look, Rush is not all to blame. He was third on the depth chart for a reason, which was his inexperience.

He continues to show glimpses of how good he could be, with a 26-yard run for a touchdown and a 22-yard passing touchdown after the game was decided against the Cardinals.

A change needs to be made after CMU is notified that Kater is healthy and will not risk further injury.

Enough with the swing passes to the running backs, the costly interceptions and also the lousy pocket presence.

Kater should be a finished product in terms of his acumen at quarterback and knowledge of defensive attacks after going through hoops in his college career.

So, give Kater a chance to finish what he barely started.

CMU has to if it wants to maximize its shot at another bowl bid.

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  1. Football NEEDS a new AD and coaching staff!

  2. i bet they are hoping to medical redshirt or who knows what he is thinking.

  3. CMU will not be considered for a bowl game. Firstly, who thinks they’re gonna win out? Secondly, even if we did finish 6-6, there won’t be 7 bowls available for the MAC. As it stands now, unless Fresno State loses, NI won’t get an at large bid. So, N. Illinois, Ball St, Toledo, Bowling Green, Ohio and Buffalo would be it max. The fact that we have to talk again about “being bowl eligible” is a testament to the rotten expectation level the leadership is willing to accept.

  4. Even if we beat the 3 worst teams in D-1 to finish a dismal 6-6, no bowl game is going to find us attractive enough for an invite, and to be blunt, we don’t deserve an invite to any bowl. I also don’t think Enos has any desire to replace Rush, he’s literally let him throw/fumble games away this year (see 2nd half against UNLV, Toledo, NIU,) while playing very poorly in a win against Miami. If I were Alex Niznak, I’d be getting the hell out of dodge, because it’s obvious Enos see’s no future for him here. Enos gave Alex 1 half of 1 game before he got pulled, while Rush is allowed to fumble and throw games away on a consistent basis all year.

    • Florence Schneider says:

      Dan Enos has screwed over Niznak BIG TIME.

      The kid deserves better.

      Enos deserves to be fired.

      Any wonder why the stands are soooo empty at Kelly-Shorts, Mr. Heeke?

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