EDITORIAL: Don’t forget the homeless

One of the most underpublicized issues facing the nation today is the growing rate of homelessness – and it’s one that hits close to home.

According to data released earlier this year by the Central Michigan University sociology, anthropology and social work department, there are 151 known homeless people in Isabella County.

In fact, the poverty rate in Isabella County, 33.8 percent, is the highest in Michigan.

Those in power, including those in the media, typically don’t provide a lot of coverage on this issue, and ultimately, this leads to a lack of awareness and the continuation of stereotypes that these people are “bums, drug addicts or lazy.”

It’s this stigma that hinders a resolution. By recognizing that anyone is susceptible to poverty in an increasingly competitive economy, mindsets toward the homeless can change.

In fact, many, if not most, of these people are hardworking people who are just unable to catch a break in the midst of growing poverty rates and a competitive job market.

And to everyday citizens, including politicians, this population is largely ignored.

In Mount Pleasant, for instance, there are no homeless shelters. Efforts last year to create one ultimately failed from a lack of financial support. The nearest shelters are in Weidman and Alma – more than 10 miles from downtown.

One of the few resources available in town is the Isabella Community Soup Kitchen, which began from a CMU class project in the early ‘90s. While every effort helps, soup alone doesn’t provide subsistence.

There is a growing population of people who need awareness, and above all, support – whether through charity or governmental assistance.

While homelessness doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with drug abuse, it can sometimes be a factor. It’s important to regulate state and federal assistance, so those who need it can receive it and those who abuse the system can be cut off.

It’s also important not to use those few who do abuse the system asva reason to destroy our social safety net. Federal programs including unemployment insurance and food stamps keep our neediest above water and even provide some stimulus for the economy. It’s the least the wealthiest nation on Earth could do for its neediest citizens. Those who wish to cut deep into the safety net should remember that.

In a world that’s stuck in a gloomy economic state, the issue of homelessness isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, this issue hits home even harder.

So be aware and take action – homelessness can happen to anyone, and a lending hand can go a long way.


  1. michmediaperson says:

    Before I give the solution to the Homelessness problem in Isabella County, let’s review the editorial.

    1.”Growing rate of homelessness” That’s because of the five years of failed economic policies by Barack Hussein Obama. Obama said in 2008–Hope and Change. He would cure homelessness. Because of his socialist policies, there are more homeless people today. CM LIFE got it right but failed to point out who is at fault—Barack Hussein Obama.

    2. Poverty rate is at 33.8 percent. These people have no one to blame but themselves. They voted for Obama. They got what they voted for.

    3. Those in the media. Hey, the mainstream media is about 95 percent liberal including this newspaper this semester. Don’t blame Limbaugh or Fox, blame yourselves CM LIFE—the liberal mainstream media. You, the Free-Press and the Booth newspapers/mlive.com liberals. Plus, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS.

    3. “A competitive job market.” So, if it’s a competitive job market, why does Obama, Levin, Stabenow, Peters, CM LIFE want to give amnesty to 20 million illegal immigrants who are stealing jobs from the homeless and creating more homeless. If you round up the illegals just in Michigan alone, then all the homeless could have jobs.

    4. No homeless shelters in Mt. Pleasant. I’ve got the solution below but don’t peek.

    5. Thanksgiving and Christmas coming. My hats off to CM LIFE for even mentioning Thanksgiving since Liberals and Multiculturalists don’t like that holiday because of what the Pilgrims did. And, Christmas. I can see the memo coming from Warriner Hall to CM LIFE that you never mention the word Christmas. It’s Winter Break, not Christmas. You’re being insensitive to those who don’t celebrate Christ’s birthday.


    I read in your fine paper that you have empty dorm rooms because of the declining enrollment. So, let’s put half the homeless in I think it’s Robinson Hall with the empty floor and distribute the other 75 or so into other dorms throughout the campus. This way they will have a warm room for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the entire winter.
    Surely, students wouldn’t mind new neighbors and the homeless wouldn’t be homeless anymore.

    Next, I think I read in your fine paper, the amount of wasted food on campus. The homeless could eat in their respective food commons breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Next, you have faculty, the Multicultural Department and those 50 people from Cardboard City who could spend the time all winter counseling and helping them out.

    The empty dorm rooms and extra food could get every homeless person off the streets of Isabella County.

    Plus, the students could help counsel the homeless who are using an empty room in their dorm. Perhaps, CMU could forego the guest room revenues for the winter and even use every guest room in the dorms for these folks.

    The homeless could get in from the cold winter, not go hungry and get some mentoring from everyone on campus.

    CMU could do this until the 2016 elections when we hopefully get Cruz, Christie or Paul into the White House and get the economy roaring creating jobs.

    Pretty simple solution.

    • First, your “solution” is very intriguing, I highly doubt it’ll happen, but that would be impressive.

      As for failed economic policies I think corporate US would disagree. Most are experiencing record profits. Why aren’t those record profits turning into jobs? Because of corporate greed. Why hire more people when you’re experiencing record profits. When republicans get the corporations to sign a contract guaranteeing new jobs in exchange for tax break and other government based incentives I’ll be all for it. Example, GM asked the city of flint for a tax break in exchange for them building a plant there and creating jobs. No contract guaranteeing new jobs was signed, the city gave them the tax break. GM said thanks and didn’t build a factory, didn’t create jobs, just enjoyed millions in tax breaks. This year GM came back and asked for tax breaks again for the same reason. Corporate greed will trump the public good every time. Assuming that increasing their profits will mean more jobs seems a bit naive at this point.

  2. michmediaperson says:

    To: It’s Me

    Did an anti-business liberal like you read the Free-Press. Their best reporter, David Jesse, (not sure how he keeps his job since he’s not a PR person for higher education. He’s a real newspaper reporter) disclosed information liberals and anti-business socialist don’t want you to know. Perhaps, CM LIFE could piggyback David Jesse’s Free-Press and Free-Press.com article.

    3 Profitable Entities:

    ExxonMobil 44.9 billion

    Apple 41.7 billion

    Obama’s Student Loan Program 41.3 billion dollars profit

    College students including CMU students are broke and in debt AND BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is making HUGE profits!!!!

    You can rant about how evil corporations are but what about Barack Hussein Obama’s Big Federal Government making a 41.3 billion dollar profit off college students.

    Perhaps, CM LIFE would like to write an editorial how unethical Barack Hussein Obama is.

    • My example was how a GM got a huge tax break by promising new jobs and didn’t follow through on that promise despite having increased profits. How many new jobs did ExxonMobil create with their profits and government kick backs? You can blame the government all you want, but in the end it’s the corporations that have to step up and risk some of their record profits by investing in jobs. They don’t seem willing to do that.

  3. michmediaperson says:

    To It’s Me:

    The oil companies, along with most corporations would love to hire more people and grow their businesses if Barack Hussein Obama and his anti-business bureaucrats would get out of the way with all their regulations.

    Get rid of the EPA.

    Let’s get started with the Keystone Oil Pipeline which Obama and the Democrats oppose. It would create thousands of new jobs. Frack, drill, build refineries.

    The oil companies would hire tens of thousands of unemployment Americans.

    But, Obama and his socialists won’t allow it. They hate the oil companies.

  4. michmediaperson says:

    To: It’s Me

    Private industry doesn’t work like the public sector, unions and Government where you hire 5 people to do the job of 1 person.

    If the oil companies were to hire more people, then what would they do?????????????????

    They have sufficient people for the amount of work the oil company has to do.

    They’re NOT going to hire thousands of people to sit around and do nothing like the public sector.

    They don’t have the layers of bureaucracy like you’d see in universities and other public sector jobs.

    Now, if you socialists would allow the Keystone pipeline to be built, more refineries and fracking and drilling in all 50 states, yes, the oil companies could take the record profits and hire tens of thousands of unemployed Americans. Barack Hussein Obama won’t do this because he wants his muslim brothers in the middle east to make a lot of $$$$$ and he will make the environmentalist wacko crowd happy.

    If CMU and other public entities operated like the oil companies, Apple Computer, they could make more money and lower tuition.

  5. To summarize my point. We give them tax breaks and subsidies to help them be profitable. In return they should have to promise to create new jobs.

    Your replies have basically said that the government interferes too much. Leave the companies alone and they’ll make new jobs with their profits.

    My reply; they have record profits so where are the jobs.

    Your reply; they don’t need to make new jobs because they have enough people.

    So, why do we need to continue to increase their profits if they do nothing with that increase. We tried. We’ll continue picking on Big Oil. Drilling and fracking is allowed at the federal level, talk to the individual states if you want more. We didn’t cut off their subsidies. We still don’t have the jobs that making them profitable was supposed to create.

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