Graduate Student Union reaches possible bargaining agreement

Central Michigan University and the Graduate Student Union announced a tentative agreement on Friday that would establish a contract through June 30, 2016. The collective bargaining agreement would be effective upon ratification.

“They’ve come to a contract that they both like, that is mutually beneficial,” said Director of Public Relations Steve Smith.

Smith said the GSU and university have been negotiating the contract for the past few of months. Further details will be released by the university once the contract is ratified by a vote. A date for the vote has not been set.

“They are going to set a ratification date,” Smith said. “That would be the next step. Both sides have agreed not to discuss the contract until it is ratified.”

 Representing 475 graduate student assistants, the GSU’s previous contract was ratified in 2010, and extended until this year.

“Three-year contracts are generally the norm,” Smith said.

According to the GSU Facebook page, the union advocates for the rights of graduate students as employees by interceding at the department, college, university and state levels. The organization cites the goal of ensuring graduate students are secure and satisfied financially and professionally so that they can contribute the full scope of their ability to the pursuit of academic achievement.

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