Construction projects, president’s evaluation top trustee meeting agenda

Several on-campus construction projects will be considered by the Board of Trustees at Thursday’s meeting, along with the appointment of a new treasurer.

University President George Ross also will receive an evaluation, related to his compensation.

“It’s one of the board’s requirements to conduct an annual performance review for the president,” said Director of Public Relations Steve Smith.

Trustees will also vote on the budget and capital requests to be made to the state. The request, Smith said, is for the expansion of the College of Healthcare Professions to add the Center for Integrative Studies.

The meeting begins with 8:30 a.m. public comments and a report from Ross. The academic affairs committee will give a report on research and sponsored programs, and on prospective graduates for December 2013.

The Finance and Facilities Committee will present a motion to execute a ground lease, authorizing the construction of a hotel to be built and funded entirely by local hotel company, Mount Pleasant Hospitality commonly known as Lodge Co., in the athletics complex.

The proposed will place the hotel adjacent to Kelly/Shorts Stadium. Lodge Co. would pay an average annual rental fee of $175,000 for 30 years, with payments between $150,000 and $200,000 a year. Payments will total $5.25 million over 30 years. After that period, the annual fee will increase to $200,000.

“They have to go to the board and get more information to make a recommendation,” Smith said.

The university’s only involvement in the hotel project is the leasing of the land, Smith said. He was unsure what hotel franchise, specifically, would be built on the property.

Other items from facilities being put to a vote include an improvement project for residence halls in the South Quad, installing a new fire suppression system in residence halls and replacing existing fire alarms.

The board will also seek an authorization from the president to allow the Isabella County Road Commission to complete its reconstruction of the Deerfield Roadway.

Immediately following the formal session on Thursday, trustees will meet as the CMU Foundation Board to elect the new treasurer.

The board will meet Wednesday for committee conferences, culminating in the official meeting at 8:30 a.m. Thursday in the President’s Conference Room of the Bovee University Center.

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