SGA President Reimers advocates gender equality, sustainable practices

For Student Government Association President Marie Reimers, the best part of the job is seeing how she and her colleagues make a difference on campus.

As president, Reimers, who said she is planning on running for re-election, acts as the student representative to university administration by advocating for changes on behalf of students.

“The days are long and it can be stressful,” Reimers said. “But I absolutely love it. It’s definitely worth all the work I put into it.”

The Saginaw native is in her junior year, pursuing a triple major in women’s studies, political science and sociology.

Extracurricular activities, especially student groups which promote social justice, have been important to Reimers since she first arrived at Central Michigan University. Prior to her election as SGA President, Reimers served as president for the RSO Students Advocating Gender Equality.

After graduating, Reimers hopes to attend law school at New York University and become a victim advocate, which is a professional who helps crime victims.

Reimers ran for Academic Senate twice in her freshmen year and lost. Discouraged by the unsuccessful campaigns, she initially swore off the possibility of running again.

While attending a pizza party held by members of the SGA Diversity Committee, she met Justin Gawronski, committee chair and head of the gay-straight alliance group SPECTRUM. After learning that SPECTRUM was seeking an SGA representative, Reimers accepted the position.

After becoming Diversity Committee chair, Reimers ran for A-Senate again and won. At the end of her sophomore year, she successfully ran for the presidency.

“My work is where I put my heart, my time and my energy,” she said.

Since Reimers took office, the SGA passed a proposal to extend hours at the Bovee U.C. to 1 a.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. on weekends. As one of the campaign promises Reimers made, she is particularly proud of this accomplishment.

During the Fall semester, SGA also completed projects such as reforming campus dining to promote sustainable practices and adding allergy-free stations in residential restaurants.

“Marie is a true leader who legitimately cares,” said Kevin White, student budgets and allocations committee chairperson. “Whenever I bring up an issue to her, her first instinct is always to think about her fellow students.”

Reimers also works closely with SGA Vice President Patrick O’Connor. The Croswell senior describes Reimers as being dedicated her work and the causes she advocates.

“Her leadership style really complements mine, and we’re able to get a lot accomplished that way,” O’Connor said.

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