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MUNCHIES IN MINUTES: French toast, it’s quick and delicious

Why should breakfast foods be limited to morning? Because it’s breakfast? Whoever decided that is sadly mistaken, because breakfast foods are just far too good to be limited to the morning hours.

Besides, this is college. Some of us like to roll out of bed at 2 p.m. and enjoy a delicious meal, and out of all the tasty things you can have for breakfast, French toast is king.

You will need:

  • Four eggs
  • A splash of milk
  • Bread (Texas toast style)
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Two spoons of sugar
  • Butter
  • Frying pan
  • Bowl
  • Maple syrup

How to prepare:

Heat the pan on the stove while you prepare the batter.

For the batter, crack open the eggs into the bowl, add a splash of milk, sprinkle in some ground cinnamon, add the sugar and start mixing. You’ll be able to tell when the batter is fully mixed because it will be one solid color.

Once the pan is hot, put some butter on it so your bread doesn’t stick. The butter won’t be necessary if you have a good non-stick pan, but it does add a little more flavor, which doesn’t hurt.

Submerge the bread, one slice at a time, into the batter to get them fully covered and then place them in the pan. There should be enough batter to cook about four slices.

For a thicker and stronger egg flavor, let the bread soak in the batter for about 30 seconds before placing them in the pan.

After a minute or two, flip them over to cook the other side.

The toast is done once it is brown on both sides. Poke the center of each piece to be sure they are cooked fully.

Place the French toast on a plate, pour on some maple syrup and enjoy.

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