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PODCAST: Kris Lodes and Aaron McMann Discuss CMU Football’s Bowl Chances, Enos’ Job Security


  1. It’s absolutely outrageous that this football staff is allowed to remain intact! This is exactly what happens when non-CMU people(Ross/Heeke)are running the show!

  2. Ross, Heeke, and Enos should be sued for malpractice! I will be happy to contribute to a legal fund to have them removed! How will Heeke explain 5K crowds in 2014?!

  3. Remember with 35 “bowl” games it just is not a big deal to make one…it is huge deal to NOT get in.

  4. They will really stink it up nxt year. Sux for the alumni and the program……

  5. Enos lost the UNlV game because they threw 2 interceptions in the red zone and missed a few important tackles on third down. The Toledo game CMU turned the ball, over 4 times. Cmu played even with Toledo take away the turnovers. Last time I checked that has nothing to do with making adjustments. Just 2 typical sports.. whatever you are making comments about something you know nothing about. typical armchair QBS……….

  6. Cmu threw 2 interceptions in the red zone in the second half against UNLV and also missed a few tackles on defense in the second half. The Toledo game Cmu had 4 turnovers with 2 in the second half in the red zone. NIU did what they did all year in the second half and Cmu was only down 7 late in the 4th quarter, unlike most teams in the MAC. This has nothing to do with adjustments! It is mistakes that the coach has no control over, most of it. I if I could ask Kris what adjustments did Enos not make, I am sure I would not get a legitimate answer. Just some answer a fan would give who really does not know what they are talking about.

  7. 2009 was a great year for the team the 2007 team that won he MAC was destroyed by Kansas and Purdue, and also was destroyed by a FCS school at home, and lost to a bad Eastern team. The only team with a winning record in besides cmu was ball state at 7-6. Cmu entering the MAC championship game was 7-6 and beat a 6-6 Miami of Ohio team. The 2008 team was basically the same, they did not win a bad MAC. The MAC is a lot more competitive now than before! Just saying……….

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