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Traffic deterred after three-car crash at Mission and Blue Grass intersection Wednesday

A three-car crash at the intersection of Mission Street and Blue Grass Road Wednesday night resulted in “possible injuries” to one of the passengers involved.

More than a dozen police officers and firefighters were dispatched to the scene at about 8:15 p.m. to discover a Buick Regal, GMC Yukon and Ford Explorer were involved in the incident.

According to Jeff Thompson, Mount Pleasant Police public information officer, the Ford was stopped at a traffic light, while the driver of the Buick attempted to head west through Blue Grass Road. It collided with the Yukon heading southbound on Mission Street, turning left.

While the police report does not state fault at this time, Thompson said a passenger in the Yukon reported “possible injuries.”

“Both drivers said they had the right of way,” he said, “The passenger complained of pain, but there was nothing visible.”

Sgt. Gerard Vogel of the Mount Pleasant Fire Department was at the scene after the Buick caught fire.

“It was a three-car accident with one of the vehicles on fire,” Vogel said. “Initially, our call was that there were no injuries, but then they took someone away by ambulance for precaution.”

The MPFD was called in after a fire started in the engine compartment, Vogel said. The individual was later discharged from a nearby hospital after further examination.

Mount Pleasant Police Sgt. Shawn Paull found the Buick engulfed in flames when the remaining patrols found the vehicles between the 7-Eleven and Red Lobster entryways.

“From what we’ve learned, the Buick and the Yukon struck each other and collided with the Explorer that was waiting to turn right on to Mission,” Paull said. “The entire patrol was out here. There were five of us and a CMU officer who was in the area.”

While two officers directed traffic amid the busy intersection, firefighters hosed down the street and attempted to sweep away debris and glass. A towing service cleared the three vehicles from the streets by 8:47 p.m.

Andrew Anderson, the 24-year-old driver of the 2001 Green Buick Regal, said he was returning home from work when his car collided with the Yukon.

“I was in my car still when it happened,” Anderson said. “It was a few minutes before it caught on fire. I had to kick the door out to get out.”

Mount Pleasant senior Sean Kolhoff was driving the white 2003 Yukon XL.

Kolhoff was driving the vehicle and was accompanied by his girlfriend, who received medical attention at the scene. MPPD did not release her name, and no injuries were reported.

“She should be fine, but she was definitely shaken up,” Kolhoff said. “I was just concerned about getting her out.”

Meanwhile, Shahelin Naser, a graduate student from India, was waiting to turn in his black 2002 Ford Explorer.

“I was just sitting here waiting to turn right and the car that was turning came out, was hit and pushed into me,” Naser said.

Metro Editor Adrian Hedden contributed to this story.

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