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CMU professors share their exam week tips

Central Michigan University faculty, familiar with the panic that often overtakes students during exam week, shared tips with Central Michigan Life on how to end the semester on a high note.

Assistant Professor Jody Price, communication and dramatic arts

“I would remind students that an essay question isn’t merely asking for an opinion – it is asking for an informed opinion. An essay is my chance to see how well you can articulate what you have learned. Length is not as important as content.”

Professor Sven MorganEarth and atmospheric sciences

“My one tip would be to make a study schedule of exactly when you can study, for how many hours and for what course. Having it all laid out will help to decrease the stress of studying and also to see how you can make changes to your schedule if certain classes require more time over others.”

Professor Gary Dunbar, neuroscience

“I usually suggest to students to look over their previous tests and focus on the questions you missed. Look up the answers in the text or in your notes and make sure you understand the underlying concepts required to answer the questions you previously missed.”

Professor Omar Al-Shubailat, engineering and technology

“Study smart, not hard, and in moderation. Remember, after this week you will have a long relaxing time.”

Associate Professor Estelle Lebeau, chemistry

“My advice is to practice solving problems and answering questions using only the resources that are allowed on your exam.”

Assistant Professor Tracy Watson, music

“Program enough sleep into your day and make sure that you eat properly, particularly protein.”

Instructor Brenda Skeel, interior design

“Check the times of your exams carefully since the exam schedule is different, and I’ve had students in the past show up late and a little frantic.”

Professor Tracy Brown, sociology, anthropology and social work

“Ask for help. I rarely have anybody come to my office hours.”

Instructor Ulana Klymyshyn, humanities

“If they’re really behind on their reading, figure out what’s most important. Maybe borrow notes from someone else in class.”

Professor John Hartman, journalism

“You shouldn’t need advice for exam week. If you’ve been going to classes, if you’ve been getting your work done on time, if you’ve been doing your readings, if you’re on top of your projects and you’re totally up to date on everything, exam week should be a breeze.”

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