Library, Kaya Coffee House among locations with extended hours during exam week

Troy junior Gabrielle Sorge studies sociology at Kaya Coffee House Wednesday evening.
(Samantha Madar/Staff Photographer)

It’s exam week once again, and with that, students at Central Michigan University are busy studying at all hours of the day.

Because of that, some businesses and buildings on campus have extended their hours to better accommodate students’ hectic schedules during finals week.

Among those extending their hours is Charles V. Park Library on campus, and Kaya Coffee House, located at 1029 S. University St.

Kaya, the popular coffee shop north of campus, opens its door 24 hours a day during exam week, from Sunday through midnight on Thursday Dec. 12, said Chrissy Waggoner, an employee at Kaya.

“We like to stay open to give students a place to study and relax during finals week,” she said. “We usually see an increase in traffic around this time, but it really depends. We’re usually a lot busier earlier in the day, and then it dwindles down as it gets later.”

The Library extends its closing time by several hours during final exams, staying open until 2 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday of exam week.

Several students on campus make use of the extended hours both places, using the time to study feverishly for their final exams.

“I really like that the library stays open later during finals week,” said Rebekah Pauly, an Au Gres junior. “I often have several projects due using a program that’s only on university computers, so it’s really nice the library is open late enough for me to get my work done in one setting.”

Other students, like Armada sophomore Krystal Diel, prefer the cozy, bustling atmosphere of Kaya to the quiet and studious feel the library offers.

“Kaya is more comfortable than the library, but not quite as crazy as (Bovee) University Center,” she said. “It all depends on what people prefer, so it’s nice to have several options to choose from. Some people like to curl up and be comfy while they study, while others prefer the solitude of the library, where it will be quiet and calm.”

Many students can see the benefits of both atmospheres, and make use of them according to what they need to study and when they need to get it done.

“I like going to the library when I really need to get stuff done,” said Miranda Brunett, a Walled Lake sophomore. “But I also like going to Kaya just to change things up a bit. Sometimes, I just need to get out of my dorm and go somewhere in order to be productive, and Kaya is always my first choice for that.”

Kaya has also been praised by students for its hospitality and friendly environment, which makes the daunting task of studying for exams a little more manageable.

“I think Kaya is the best place to study during finals,” said Paige Litz, a Fowlerville sophomore. “The workers there are really nice. Last semester, I was there all night, and one of the girls across the coffee shop fell asleep, so the barista brought her a free coffee.”

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