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Students give insight on study locations and offer strategies for finals week

Rochester senior Michelle Kalson has become familiar with the landscape during her four years at Central Michigan University.

Through experience, she has created a foolproof study technique that works best for her each semester.

“I first like to review with myself, then meet up with other people to see if I missed anything,” she said, “and, I always make flash cards.”

Although Kalson’s method has been determined, studying locations have become a conflict.

Because of the popularity of the library during this time of year, Kalson said it is the last place you will find her.

“It is always so packed, people talk and I can never find a seat,” she said. “I usually just study at home if my roommates aren’t there. Otherwise, I go to a café or somewhere quiet.”

While Kalson avoids the library because of the noise level, Chelsea junior Kathleen Frankhart doesn’t appreciate the silence.

“The library is way too quiet for me,” Frankhart said. “I try to study at home, but it never works well, so I usually just come to the (Bovee University Center).”

Since arriving at CMU three years ago, Frankhart said she too has perfected her study methods.

“I usually write out all of my notes, I stay up late and pull all-nighters,” she said. “During exam week I am a night owl. When it comes down to taking the exam, I always remind myself to not freak out. I figure that if I am studying hard enough, I usually know more than I think I do.”

Having a shared experience, Mount Pleasant senior Katelyn Zeh, has already taken the initiative this year to begin her studying by making her way to her go-to place, the Bovee University Center.

“The library is awkwardly quiet and the smaller noises bother you more. At the U.C., the noises become more of a background sound,” Zeh said. “You don’t really hear all the chomping and shuffling of papers, and you don’t have to worry about being quiet. Plus, Starbucks is here.”

Whether it is loud, quiet, crowded or empty, students vary in their preferred study settings that will soon be in high use as this semester comes to an end.

While the University Center and Library are typical study locations, Saudi Arabia graduate student Abdul Alamri has already discovered a hideout within his first semester at CMU.

“I have been going to Tim Hortons for the past few weeks to study,” Alamri said. “It is 24 hours, after midnight it is a very quiet area, and you can get coffee. It is a great place to go, especially for late-night studying.”

As Detroit senior Tavon Watkins inches closer to his May graduation, he has found multiple secret study areas on campus throughout his time at CMU.

However, with exams near, Watkins would only share a few.

“I enter complete isolation mode two weeks prior to exam week – I cannot be found,” he said. “The library is always really busy, but I go to the first floor – there is no one in there.”

While Watkins lives off campus, he makes his way back to the residence halls during this time for one reason only.

“I’m not going to give too much away, because I need to be isolated this week,” he said. “But, there are a few places in the dorms that I go to study (in the) North Campus area. Powers Hall is also usually kind of quiet, too.”

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