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No bowl game for Central Michigan

Although unsurprising, it’s official: Central Michigan will not be playing in a postseason bowl game.

The 6-6 Chippewas were one of two bowl-eligible Mid-American Conference schools not to receive a bowl invite Sunday afternoon, a team spokesman confirmed. Toledo, which finished the season 7-5 and handily beat CMU, 38-17, on Sept. 21 in Mount Pleasant, was also shut out.

CMU, which started the season 3-6 for a fourth consecutive year, became bowl eligible in the final week of the regular season after beating Western Michigan, Massachusetts and Eastern Michigan.

The Chippewas, who benefited last season from a BCS bowl bid for Northern Illinois and other outside factors, weren’t so lucky this time around. Bowling Green upset No. 14 Northern Illinois in the MAC championship game Friday night in Detroit, ending the Huskies’ hopes for another at-large BCS berth and any chance of CMU getting into a bowl game. A record 79 teams were eligible for 70 bowl spots this year.

Many projections last week had CMU and 7-5 Ohio out of the bowl picture, but there was some hope among head coach Dan Enos and CMU athletics director Dave Heeke that the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl would consider the Chippewas given their history of attracting crowds to Ford Field.

On Thursday, Heeke said the Pizza Bowl was “still on the board and a possibility” for CMU.

Enos followed it up minutes later, saying he was all for a return trip to Ford Field. “Let’s go,” he said on radio.

Instead, for the third time in four years under Enos, the Chips will sit at home and watch.

2013 MAC Bowl Schedule:

Buffalo vs. San Diego State, Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, Dec. 21

Ohio vs. East Carolina, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl St. Petersburg, Dec. 23

Bowling Green vs. At-Large Selection To Be Determined, Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, Dec. 26

Northern Illinois University vs. Utah State, San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, Dec. 26

Ball State vs. Arkansas State, GoDaddy Bowl, Jan. 5

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  1. CMU was far better than Buffalo, Bowling Green and Ball State, all of which are going to bowl games, when Dan Enos came to Mount Pleasant. Boston College, Buffalo, Ball State and Auburn are all examples of how a program can improve when the right coach takes over.

    Terry Bowden is doing a far better job at Akron than Enos is at Central. In fact, Toledo’s loss to Akron is the reason the Rockets didn’t get a bowl bid.

    When he came to Central, all Enos had to do was continue what Kelly and Jones had started. Instead, he chose to tear it apart and hasn’t been able to put it back together. All the 2013 wins except Ohio were against the bottom 10 FBS teams and New Hampshire.

    Under Dan Enos, 6-6 is as good as it’s going to get with a weak schedule (and 2003 definitely was a weak schedule). Enos has had four years. This year it was his players, coaching staff and system. It’s time for changes. Time for a new AD and football coaching staff.


    Can’t wait for another mediocre season in 2014! Maybe next year we can get attendance even lower!

  3. Disgruntled Alum says:

    Pathetic. Central will never reach the heights of a Northern Illinois or Bowling Green until they broom Enos and Heeke. These guys are in way over their heads.

  4. CMU sits at home while Ohio, with a worse conference record and a team that Central beat on their field, gets rewarded with a trip to Florida. Just goes to show that it pays to schedule a weaker non-conference schedule. Bobcat fans should be embarrassed!

    • Ohio had a better overall record than CMU and defeated two bowl-bound teams (North Texas State and Marshall). If another MAC team would have been chosen, it would have been Toledo.

      Last year Central was lucky because so many teams were ineligible.

      The Chips threw away their season against UNLV. Had they won after building up a 21 point lead, they probably would be going to a bowl. Instead, UNLV is going to a bowl because they outplayed and out-coached the Chips.

      The only way a mid-major can be assured a bowl bid is by going 8-4 or better. Who in their right mind thinks that will happen with Dan Enos and his staff of incompetents?

    • Dale -

      Other than Michigan , who did Central play that was strong? Certainly not NC State, which went 0-8 in the ACC and had three non-conference wins against Louisiana Tech, Richmond and Central. 7-5 UNLV? Central’s Eastern Conference opponents included UMass, winless Miami and Ohio U.

      With the exception of Michigan, the Chip’s 2013 schedule was as easy as could be.

  5. Losing has become a habit. Heeke isn’t in over his head, he’s simply inextricably tied to Dan Enos; too proud or too hubris-blind to act in the interest of the future.

    But President Ross doesn’t get a pass here, as if football was somehow on an untouchable tether. A bold CEO knows when to “fail-forward” in Tom Peters’ doctrine. Ross seems to be content with overwhelming dissatisfaction among students, alumni including donors, and former players.

    A “brand” is a promise, based on an experience, wrapped in a relationship. If CMU athletics ever knew this, since 2010 CMU football has thrown away the model.

    While some of our sports, ironically led by quality coaches, continue to hold their place in the upper echelon, Football, and sadly Baseball are no longer relevant. Who gets the bill?

  6. Bill Caldwell says:

    No kidding!! I’m really disappointed.

  7. Just keep up the boycott until Heeke and Ross are gone! These are not, and never will be, CMU guys!

  8. i would at least like enos and heeke to publically come out and let us know that 1) out football program performance is unacceptable and 2) how are things going to get better

    letters to alumni, season ticket holders, students.
    we deserve to be treated better than being expected to shell out money to attend games, donate to caf, and witness poor performance on the field while only beating the worst teams of fbs football. We are through with yr 4 folks.

    Step up Heeke, Step up Enos. Act like you care about CMU and its fans. We deserve better

  9. Bill Caldwell says:

    Lane Kiffin

    Who is he? Kiffin is a football coach; most recently head coach of the University of Southern California Trojans.

    What happened? After short stints with the Oakland Raiders and The University of Tennessee, Kiffin returned to USC, where he had previously worked, to become the team’s head coach in 2010. Under Kiffin’s stewardship, the Trojans fell from being ranked No. 1 (pre-season) to finishing with a 7-6 record in 2012. He was fired in September 2013 just hours after the Trojans lost to Arizona State University, dropping the team’s record to 0-2 in the Pac-12 Conference.

  10. I am far from an Enos supporter, but he actually outperformed my expectations this season as I had pegged the team going 5-7. Really, they had no business winning the Ohio game while they also had no business blowing that lead against UNLV so that evens out. 6-6 is nothing to sneeze at, and is a vast improvement over those 3-9 seasons. I would give him 1 more year and hope his play calling improves and see if he can turn this squad into an 8-4 team.

    As far as the drop was after the LeFevour years, we did not have to deal with the lows that WMU and EMU have recently dealt with. However, we were also gifted with some incredibly easy schedules these past few years (including those WMU and EMU teams). This team has a realistic chance of going 3-1 in OOC play, which dependin on their MAC draw could bring them to 8-4.

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