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Students use Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show viewing party to break from studying Tuesday in the U.C.

South Lyon junior Stephanie Kula helps students fill out raffle tickets to win special Victoria Secret 'Pink' prizes in the Bovee Tuesday. (Daytona Niles | Staff Photographer)

South Lyon junior Stephanie Kula helps students fill out raffle tickets to win special Victoria Secret ‘Pink’ prizes in the Bovee Tuesday. (Daytona Niles | Staff Photographer)

The show must go on, even if it’s finals week.

In the midst of studying for exams, the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was held Tuesday evening in New York City. At CMU, I new tradition began with the premiere fashion show viewing party.

The event, housed in the Bovee University Center Rotunda, was put together by CMU PINK representatives Julia Tepel, a Macomb senior, and Kaitlyn Horton, a Plainwell senior, with help from the five street team members.

“This was CMU PINK’s first year on campus, and this event will be a yearly occurrence from here on out,” Tepel said. “I am so happy with the outcome, it was such a fun time and a great way to end the semester at CMU. It’s such a wonderful feeling to see all of your hard work come together perfectly.”

Tepel said their goal was to have a full house of enthusiastic girls, which she felt was achieved beyond their expectations, despite taking place during exam week.

“Finals week impacted us in a positive way,” she said. “We incorporated finals week into our event in a way, because we advertised our event as ‘come study with PINK’, which I definitely think helped the outcome and attendance. I think students were just looking for a study break and some time to actually have some fun during this stressful week.”

As an incentive, students had a chance to win PINK freebies from the new line, and the first 25 people in line were presented a free bottle of Victoria’s Secret perfume, regularly $45.

Coldwater sophomore Ashley Burkhardt said she came early to make sure to receive a sample of the perfume.

“I was in the U.C. for four hours before the show started,” she said. “I studied for two hours, then made my way to the Rotunda doors and studied for another two hours in line. I was planning to watch the show anyways, and this was a perfect one-hour study break. It was a fun environment and the free stuff was a plus.”

Freebies included backpacks, apparel, makeup bags, perfume and more. Prizes were given away during the commercial breaks in a variety of raffles, Instagram and Twitter contests, a trivia questionnaire and an “Angel Walk” contest to see who could do the best Victoria’s Secret Angel catwalk.

Detroit senior Maya Green was one of the five girls selected to strut herself in front of the Rotunda room. Green won the Angel catwalk contest and a free “blinged-out” $90 PINK backpack.

“I just went for it,” Green said. “I walked, unzipped my jacket and took it off. It was the most fun I’ve had all week.”

Horton said CMU PINK plans to hold more events in the spring semester, which will be posted on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

“I am very happy with the turn out and how everything went down,” she said. “With these type of events, you never know how they will go and if anyone will come but I’m extremely thankful we have so many PINK lovers on campus.”

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