Old Sigma Pi house on Main Street to be demolished, replaced

A 22-occupant registered student organization house on Main Street is set to be demolished and replaced by a 12-occupant RSO house.

The Mount Pleasant Planning Commission heard arguments for the demolition and reconstruction from the manager of the building and the contractor at their Dec. 5 meeting.

The house, located at 1016 S. Main St., is currently managed by the Sigma Pi alumni association. The demolition of the house and construction of the new building will be contracted to Olivieri Homes, owned by Joe Olivieri of Mount Pleasant.

“They want to get out of the ‘Animal House’ business,” Olivieri said. “If we put up a new house, we may get a more responsible occupant. It’s about a different relationship with the landlord and occupants.”

Curt Carson, the treasurer of the housing corporation for the Sigma Pi alumni association, said the fraternity has not occupied the house for six years. He said most of the code violations on the property have been from people other than occupants.

“We have a lot more control when we put our kids in there,” Carson said. “The lease is probably as tough as you can get it. We’re not going to put up with activities that have happened in the past.”

Olivieri said he looks forward to the fraternity getting back in the house. He said the other recently built houses in the area have experienced better occupants, and he expects the same from the occupants of the new house.

“They’re good gentleman,” Olivieri said. “One of the differences is the sense of pride. It goes a long way in making a good case for them. They’re excited and they’re proud.”

The house directly next door will also be demolished and replaced with student housing. The current structure allows for seven occupants, though the land can allow for ten occupants.

However, the proposed house, located at 1014 S. Main St., will hold 11 occupants. It will be managed by LaBelle Management.

There was no demolition date set at the meeting.

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