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Details of Delta Chi suspension revealed after FOIA request; incidents date back 15 years

A four-year suspension was handed down to the Central Michigan University chapter of the Delta Chi fraternity. The suspension was finalized on Oct. 11 by Steven Johnson, vice president of enrollment and student services. (Jake May | File Photo)

A four-year suspension was handed down to the Central Michigan University chapter of the Delta Chi fraternity. The suspension was finalized on Oct. 11 by Steven Johnson, vice president of enrollment and student services. (Jake May | File Photo)

Editors note: A four-year suspension was handed out to the Delta Chi fraternity at Central Michigan University, finalized on Oct. 11 by Steven Johnson, vice president of enrollment and student services. Central Michigan Life submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the university for all documents used in the suspension case. A timeline of the violations that have taken place over the last 15 years has been added to the bottom of this story for further clarification.

Central Michigan University began an investigation of the Delta Chi fraternity stemming from an April 19 party that took place at the fraternity house on Main Street.

According to emails from Coordinator of Greek Life and Student Involvement, Erica Johnson, to the Director of Student Conduct, Tom Idema, a female student was drinking alcohol at a Phi Mu/Delta Chi party and blacked out shortly after midnight.

She woke up around 4:30 a.m. “with a man on top of her,” according to the email. The student said she could not recall anything that happened after midnight and she only had one drink at the party. The email states that similar events happened to four other women who were at the party.

The assaulted woman’s phone disappeared during the party, but it is unclear whether it vanished before or after she blacked out.

The phone was used to take nude photos of her and of male genitalia. The images were later emailed to the woman’s parents and posted to her Twitter account.

According to a Central Michigan University police report, when the student got her phone back, the photo sent to her parents was no longer on her phone.

The report noted that the Twitter post of the photo was deleted shortly after posting. Police contacted Twitter and was told photos deleted off someone’s account could not be recovered.

Initially, the fraternity received a punishment of no recruitment in the Fall, mandatory alcohol education classes, a Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates (SAPA) presentation to the Greek community and the house remain alcohol free indefinitely. They were also recommended to focus on educating the current Delta Chi members on university policies.

The fraternity filed for an appeal because they felt the sanction ordering Delta Chi to be a dry house indefinitely was “too loosely defined” and suspension of recruitment “is not a suitable punishment for any Greek organization.”

The appeals process

Members of the Delta Chi fraternity argued the punishment before the appeals board in September.

As a result, the board handed the fraternity a four-year suspension for violating the student code of conduct, specifically violating the alcohol policy, violations by Registered Student Organizations and violation of university regulations.

Delta Chi objected to the suspension, saying it was too extreme, there was no probation period placed on the fraternity prior to the suspension, the suspension was not consistent with punishments in other similar RSO violations and that, during the appeal, the Office of Student Conduct brought up incidents that occurred since 1998, which violates the appeals procedure.

Section 5.4.10 of the Student Code of Conduct states that the Appeals Board must make its determination based solely on the record of the student’s hearing, facts that are presented to the Appeals Board, and arguments before the Appeals Board and that no additional witnesses, witness statements, or other materials may be introduced during the Appeal.

Delta Chi’s past was argued before the Appeals board by the Office of Student Conduct, which is allowed by the third clause indicated in section 5.4.10.

In September, in a final appeal to the university, Delta Chi sent a letter to Steven Johnson, vice president of Enrollment and Student Services.

In the letter to Johnson, the fraternity does not deny the violations. Rather, it felt the case was handled improperly.

“This decision (the suspension) is not consistent with other decisions made by the Office of Student Conduct for similar alcohol violations of other student organizations,” Delta Chi wrote in its letter to Johnson. “This incident was not hazing, nor was there an injury due to alcohol. There was a small social gathering and the result was a four-year suspension. We feel the punishment far exceeds the crime.”

Delta Chi’s past

The Office of Student Conduct brought up violations that occurred since 1998, and Delta Chi’s long running history of misconduct. Its report included every violation that occurred over the 15 years, the latest being a roster violation in March 2012. The review argued previous corrective actions have had no lasting effect on the fraternity’s behavior.

“The fraternity has had a pattern of misconduct and has been on and off probation for years,” said Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, Tony Voisin.

Delta Chi recommended its punishment include no social functions for the remainder of the 2013-14 year on chapter property, members undergoing alcohol training, completing six hours of community service per member and the fraternity would become a role model for the community.

Failure to adheare to these policies would result in the removal of that person from the fraternity, according to the letter sent to Johnson for the final appeal.

The Office of Student Conduct appealed Delta Chi’s recommended sanctions, saying the fraternity faced similar violations since 1998 and the sanctions failed to have any effect.

“They have spent a majority of their time since 1999 on probation with the university, committing violations during (or) just after and significantly after their probationary status,” said the Office of Student Conduct in its appeal of the sanctions. “It is the belief of this office that the sanctions imposed by the hearing board will not be followed by Delta Chi.”

After reviewing the case, Johnson upheld the four-year suspension, cutting off the university’s recognition of the fraternity. Delta Chi will not be eligible to apply for recognition again until the Fall of 2017 and members of Delta Chi who were part of the fraternity previously are not allowed to be part of it, should the fraternity return to CMU.

Two weeks after the final decision was made by Johnson to uphold the suspension, the assaulted student and another woman reported to the Mount Pleasant Police Department that their car tires were slashed.

The students told police they have been having ongoing problems with Delta Chi and believed one or more students in the fraternity were responsible because of the initial April 19 complaint.

One of the women received a text message from the Delta Chi man under investigation that read, “thanks for ruining my life,” according to the police report.


Timeline of Delta Chi violations

March 1998: Alleged sexual assault during a party on Feb. 27.

October 1999: Place on probation until they achieved a “three star” award.

October 2000: A group of Alpha Sigma Tau women were led to the Malt Shop believing they were meeting alumnae, but were taken to the Delta Chi house and were pressured to drink alcohol from a common source. None of the women were of legal drinking age.

April 2001: A warn letter regarding hazing was issued to the fraternity by the Office of Student Conduct.

February 2002: Four fraternity pledges, all under 21, were abandoned in a field, each with a half gallon of alcohol and told their bottles should be empty by the time they got back to pick them up. Mount Pleasant police found the pledges and one was so intoxicated, he was taken to the county jail. He was later taken to Central Michigan Community Hospital and treated for alcohol poisoning.

November 2002: Several members of Delta Chi entered Carey Hall and assaulted residents of a room.

May 2004: Hazing violation. Circumstances unknown.

November 2005: During a recruitment event, the fraternity degraded other Greek houses on campus promoted drinking alcohol, violating RSO policy.

July 2009: Hazing violation.

April 2011: Hosted a pre-drink party at a location know as “The Alamo” promoted by social media with more than 400 people responding. Not charged with an actual violation due to lack of evidence.

October 2011: Delta Chi hosted a party with a common source of alcohol, no guest list and playing drinking games.

March 2012: Delta Chi failed to report an accurate roster of its members that is required by the university.

Editor’s note: A comment below, attributed to Tom Idema, has been removed after it was brought to our attention that the commenter’s identity was false.


  1. Those women may still be students on this campus trying to deal with the incident. Presenting it in the open violates them even more.

    • They are reporting news and they did not state names.

      • Names don’t matter. These women may not have even know that it was going to hit the press. They had the courage to stand up and stay something and now their words are out there for all to see. Something that took a whole lot of courage is getting slammed in their face; as if they don’t have enough to deal with.

  2. Sounds like the University made a wise choice. And the actions of the members have proven this by slashing the girl’s tires

    • People retaliate due to false allegations as well, so it doesn’t prove anything.

      • With regard to sexual assault, fewer than 8% of reported assaults are false allegations. Typically, if a woman is willing to go to the police and subject herself to a sexual assault examination, she’s not faking it. If you’ve never been through one, just trust that it’s a very unpleasant experience.

        • Within my 5 years of college experience and being a part of a fraternity, I saw three specific incidents of rape accusations. Guess what? All three women went to the cops, all three fraternities got in trouble, and while the females finally admitted it was a ruse, the fraternities still had to endure the punishment. Do not be so naïve if you have never experienced a situation like this.


  4. How come the students of this fraternity are allowed to stay enrolled in cmu even though according to police reports these actions of rape abuse drinking drugging ect clearly happened! However a boy accused of rape in September of these year at a similar party where both parties were drinkig and memory wa unclear was kicked out of the university even though legally charges were no applied!? Does not seem fair to me

  5. I’m absolutely disgusted. During one party, these young men raped and publicly humiliated 4 women! Their fraternity house being shut down is the least of their worries. These boys should be arrested and face heavy prison time. 6 hours of community service?! That’s what their fraternity president believes is fair for the rape of several women?! This story makes me sick. Being raped is what “ruins your life” – not having your frat house shut down. What a whiney, spoiled little prick would say that to a woman who was raped by one of his frat brothers? I was in a sorority in college and always thought the school administration was “out to get” the Greek system. They were always putting tons of restrictions and new rules into place about parties and recruitment / hazing. Now that I’ve grown up a little and look back at my experiences, I agree with them and think they actually were too easy on us. With issues like alcohol poisoning and sexual assault happening on a weekly basis, something needs to be done. Hopefully, this story can set an example for other fraternities. If this continues to happen, I hope the entirety of the Greek system gets shut down.

    • ^^ AMEN! I hope that all persons involved in the incidents are heavily questioned and brought to justice.

      • I agree 100%. To shut down the Greek community as a whole would be very irrational and not solve anything.

        • Just because one Greek chapter has done these terrible things doesn’t mean they all have. Shutting down the Greek system entirely us completely unfair.

        • I suppose I should’ve clarified that I don’t think the whole Greek community needs to be shut down – however, if more decades go by and Greek organizations continue to be quiet about sexual assault, rape, and underage drinking, I think something drastic needs to happen.
          Otherwise, I stick with what I said about agreeing whole-heartedly with what Melanie stated.

    • “If this continues to happen, I hope the entirety of the Greek system gets shut down.” So you blame an entire community for some bad choices one chapter made? My Greek institution which will remain unnamed, and many others would never condone this behavior and has never come close to it since founding at CMU. We are part of a different group by choice because we disagree with the behavior some groups exhibit.

      Here is what you are proposing: One student in a class exhibits poor behavior repeatedly, so fail the whole class.

      You were in a sorority, you should know its not the greek communities fault, there are the well behaved groups and the poorly behaved groups, don’t lump them all in one category.

    • News flash: Stuff like this happens outside of Greek Life as well. It would be very extreme and irrational to shut down Greek life as a whole, because it won’t put an end to the problem. The University should focus on educating EVERYONE about sexual assault. Quit making seem like the few guys in Greek life are the root of the problem.

  6. Not sure if I can believe anything in this article. The university needs to take it easy and leave these groups alone. I left the university in 2008 and now see that Idema now has a bigger nose then he did then. Stop trying to control everything (outside of campus). This guy rarely operates with hard evidence and will make these type of decisions off of rumors!

    The next thing will be that fraternities have to accept trannys as members or your kicked off campus.

    • What if it was your daughter that was assaulted? Would you feel the same?

      • No, he/she wouldn’t feel the same. The problem here is not many people have the ability to put themselves in other peoples shoes or positions. I mean, there is no way you can’t be disgusted by the acts of this “frat”. It sounds more like a rape gang than a frat. It’s pathetic to me that people can actually defend this.

      • Nothing in this article indicates these girls took any form of drug/alcohol test to prove that they had been drugged and that they weren’t actually under the influence of alcohol they put into their own bodies. Its all based on their word. And honestly, people aren’t usually malicious by nature. These guys most likely had a reason for doing what they did with the pictures. Not justifying them at all… just saying theres so many factors in play here that weren’t mentioned in the article. The problem here is not going to be solved by educating the students on sexual assault. EVERYONE knows what sexual assault is, and if you don’t then look it up online, its pretty cut and dry. The real solution (if there is one) is to kick the frat off campus and teach kids how to use alcohol and not abuse it. The only way you get kids to stop drinking is by literally not producing alcohol anymore and thats not going to happen. Clearly this is the result of kids not knowing how to control their drinking. I have friends who are in fraternities. These types of “drugging and raping women” rumors are constantly being spread. If i wanted to I could go and accuse a fraternity right now of doing something like that. This isn’t the inquisition. Punish the guys, don’t send them to prison (they would ACTUALLY get raped there). And to these girls, i’m sorry for what happened, I pray your telling the truth, and i pray you learn from this and know that guys who are typically associated with womanizing are hanging out with you for the sole purpose of making sexual advances. If your a girl and you disagree with what i just said about those guys then i’m sorry, your very ignorant. THATS IT.

        • Umm whether the girls drank alcohol is completely irrelevant. If you’re drunk, you cannot give consent. Period. Stop victim blaming, it makes YOU ignorant. Rapists cause rape, not victims. And please educate yourself, less than 8% of reported rapes are false.

        • *You’re* the ignorant one for blaming the victims in the situation. The boys responsible NEED to be in jail for committing a SEVERE CRIME.

          Please go educate yourself on the real issues at hand. Thank you in advance.

  7. The alleged actions of the select few involved are absolutely terrible. And there is no disputing that. But this article was malisciously written about a fraternity- Not these select people involved (Who are all gone from Central now). Things just do not add up. And its because of the person who wrote and the way this was written.

    For one thing, Even Tom Idema says this is not the whole truth… He was the most involved person with this whole issue, and would never lift a finger in any way to do anything for Delta chi. I know personally how much he hates that group. And he even said that.

    Secondly, Delta Chi was suspended for 4 years by the University. However all of the discipline was for violating the student code of conduct, specifically violating the alcohol policy, violations by Registered Student Organizations and violation of university regulations. These were the only things that were brought because there was absolutely no evidence of anything happening. All of the pictures mysteriously disappeared before they were turned over to the police or seen. If these pictures were indeed sent,and especially the ones sent to her parents, Why were those not saved for future evidence. But they werent.

    Thirdly, There was no mention of the fact that this girl who alleged these things happened to her ( Which if they did, That is terrible and I absolutely think someone should be punished for their actions), But her own sister in her fraternity stated to multiple people that the girl accusing this heinous assault has done in the past multiple times! Yet nobody has looked into or mentioned that.

    As a fraternity member, Regardless of what Fraternity, I know that if anything is said about your fraternity, or any kind of drama or trouble is going on with another group, You stay away from that other group at all costs to make sure things get worse. I just cant see these guys going over there and causing on going incidents and causing trouble.

    Yes, as Fraternities in college, We preach and learn and believe in brotherhood, and unity. But what fraternities try to develop are quality men of character, to help you grow up and move on to bigger and better things in your life. One huge part of being that belief of becoming a quality college gentleman, in any fraternity, Integrity is huge. And with that being said, regardless of whether your a Delta Chi, or an SAE, or a Beta, it doesnt matter. If you knew that something like this was going on under your chapters roof, You would be putting a stop to it to. Fratenities have expectations and agreements that you vow to follow. Fraternity Men take that Oath seriously, Regardless of what anybody thinks.

    To sum this whole thing up, Whatever happens, All of this is over and done with. This happened in april, Everything was decided in september. I just dont understand why this is being brought up again now, at the start of another semester. Look into any fraternities past, especially going back 15 years, you will find scandal everywhere. Usually the scandal that is looked back upon is one that has actual evidence and proof that there was wrong doing. Not so much in this case.

    • I think what you wrote is very well said. Punishing everybody in the fraternity for the accusation of sexual abuse is down right cruel. There are over 50 men in that sorority. 4 girls were “allegedly” raped, so in no way possible are all the men at fault. The alcohol violations are totally wrong, yes I understand that but the men owned up to it and tried to work things out. Honesty and Integrity were shown by a lot of these men through their appeal process. Stop attacking all of them. Regardless if the accusations of assault are true or not. If the girls were drunk, I’m sure the guys were too, legally yes consent cannot be given but if they’re both drunk how’s there to tell what really happened. Think about that before you attack each member of Delta Chi.

  8. I Can Call Myself Tom Idema Too says:

    These girls endured traumatic experiences that they will never be able to forget. Even if these girls were passed out completely naked in the Delta Chi kitchen (which they were not), they were NOT consenting to sex with these beasts OR photos of genitalia being sent to this girl’s mother. Consent seemed to be an issue that Delta Chi had trouble comprehending and I’m glad that they’re no longer recognized by our campus.

  9. This is disgusting and I hope that Delta Chi gets shut down for good. Get them off campus and actually pursue them legally. Who cares if their frat gets shut down if that’s all their punishment is going to be. The boys responsible should face serious jail time. Central Michigan should investigate the rest of the Greek system. I hope that if they’re more girls out there who have been assaulted come forward.

    • The rest of the Greek system isn’t responsible. The answer isn’t in investigating everyone, but truly investing in the creation of a community that is safe and accountable. There are many others who did not come forward and refuse to because of the backlash and very forward opinions of other students. We need to be more concerned with taking that fear out of the picture. They’re dealing with more than anyone can imagine. They need people to believe them, not harass them.

  10. Adam Militello (Delta Chi Alumnus) says:

    It’s unfortunate that this article needed to be written in the first place; however, it’s even more unfortunate that it was written under a completely bias and subjective manner. I’m not one to comment on forums such as these, especially when individual’s livelihoods are at stake, but if Nathan Clark would describe himself as a journalist then he should take it upon himself to seek out both sides of this story. This article is not only one sided, but poorly written at that.

    As my chapter’s Alumni Board of Trustees President you’ll have to excuse me if I’m defensive of my undergraduate brothers. I know that the overwhelming majority of this chapter are upstanding citizens, mature young men, and leaders of the campus. As with any organization you cannot base the actions off of a few on the many. Perhaps the follow up story to this article could be to seek out the voices or interviews of the Delta Chi brothers. We all know already that Greek organizations have a bad stereotype as it is, but I think I speak on behalf of not just Delta Chi, but all of the other Greek men and women who I have befriended during my time at CMU when I say how much Greek life played an important role in teaching me values that lead to the important decisions that have since shaped and molded my career and life with my family today. Has anyone ever written a story on that?

    Obviously what has been done with this case has long been discussed behind closed doors with the proper authorities, and I trust that any and all information was brought to light. I, personally, know that all parties involved (both plaintiff and defendant) did all that they could to ensure justice for everyone involved. At this point we need to accept the fate as it is. However, there is no need to write such a scrutinizing article depicting this image of our group; and when I say “our” group I speak on behalf of all college Greeks at CMU.

    Our Delta Chi brotherhood is strong, and it’s unfortunate what allegedly happened to some of these individuals who were at the chapter house. However, justice has been served. I hope that if any one individual were harmed during all of this that they are okay. As for our chapter – we hope to see you all in 2017.

    “Delta Chi was my first love, and it shall be my last.”


    Adam J. Militello

    - Delta Chi Alumni Board of Trustees President
    - Former Delta Chi (CMU Chapter) President – 2008
    - Former Delta Chi (CMU Chapter) Vice President – 2007
    - Former Delta Chi (CMU Chapter) Treasurer – 06-07
    - Former CMU I.F.C. VP of Finance & Records – 2006
    - Former All Greek Judicial Board Justice
    - Order of Omega Greek Honor Society Inductee

    • No one is doubting the role Greek life has played in your college and post college career man, everyone is just appalled by the amount of people who think this punishment was too harsh

    • please dont speak on behalf of greek life since you were in fact dchi scum which is actually lower than being a complete geed. Take your insensitive longwinded rebuttal and longboard off to your low income job where both snapbacks and tattoos are acceptable.

    • please dont speak on behalf of greek life since you were in fact dchi scum which is actually lower than being a complete geed. Take your insensitive longwinded rebuttal and longboard off to your low income job where both snapbacks and tattoos are acceptable.

    • Yeah and you’re not biased at all?! LOL. What kind of “upstanding citizens” allow another male to take pictures of a naked woman while she is passed out? What kind of “man” sends these nude pictures to the girl’s parents and posts it on twitter? What kind of “man” slashes a woman’s tires for reporting said behavior? REALLY? This is disgusting. I don’t know why anyone would want to be any part of any fraternity. I have no understanding of why anyone would want to be in an organization like this.

      Let’s hope that people start raising their sons a little better, so that someone will speak out against this abhorrent behavior.

  11. I agree with you Melanie. I cannot imagine the cutting, sour feeling these women must have to endure at the thought of these “men” entering them, toying with them (taking pictures of her genitals, and male genitals, sending a picture to her parents, and posting it on her twitter. (?!) And this woman isn’t the first AND LAST victim?! The(se) boy(s) should be tried criminally, in my opinion.

    I understand that young people usually make some BIG mistakes/ bad choices, but I do not understand the thought process of anyone who would make the decision to be a part of these activities. A person with the thought process, or lack there-of, which drives them to come to said conclusion is in need of a life change AT LEAST.

    New friends. New school. Or new bed, in a cell, with other men who are eager and willing to do the same thing to them as they did to these women. You know they say there are two sides to every story… well, these boys can tell their side, just like these women had to… right after bubba has his time with them.

    My heart goes out to all involved in this. May you be well in life.

  12. Tom Idema needs to go. He is the down fall of Greek life on campus. facts need to come out from a lot of incidences in which he removed groups in the past, when evidence did not prove the group guilty. For example sigma Pi about 4 years ago. He just decides he wants a group gone and does it.

    • The real issue is that so many incidents go unreported and the organizations that continually tarnish the reputations of all organizations are allowed to perpetuate. It is a true shame that these things do occur and it takes 15 years to get a real punishment.

  13. Get your facts straight Melanie. Four women were not raped. One girl couldn’t handle her alcohol and ended up making a poor decision on hooking up with this guy. Most likely wouldn’t have reported it if those pictures were never sent to her parents. Kind of ironic she reported it weeks after the incident, probably to get her parents off her back for getting drunk and having sex with a stranger in the first place. What that individual did was wrong, yes, and he was kicked out of the fraternity and Central Michigan University. Do I believe he should have been handed a more severe punishment? Yes. Don’t be quick to pass judgement on entire group of guys who didn’t even know this incident occurred until months after the party.

    • “The email states that similar events happened to four other women who were at the party.”
      …. Did you even read the article in its entirety, or just assume things about it because “some girl couldn’t handle her liquor”?

    • If you seem so sure of all these facts, I’d love to know where you got them. There were only four girls willing to come forward. Others were too afraid of the repercussions. It also was reported a week after the incident, after being in the hospital, and when she finally worked up the amazing amount of courage it took to make such a large accusation. Her parents didn’t know until mid summer and fall because she was too ashamed to tell them. The victim did not accuse the whole fraternity either. As part of the university checking facts before kicking him out, those present at the party were interviewed and the violations were discovered. Don’t be so quick to pass judgement on something that you weren’t personally there for; someone may have altered the facts you received.

      • I’ll bet she was “asking for it” huh? Are you insinuating that because a woman was ashamed to admit a sexual assault, it means it didn’t happen? Since this woman waited to accuse someone of assaulting her, it must mean her claims are invalid? How can you possibly be so short sighted and misogynistic to blame victims of sexual assault for breaking up a ring of spoiled predators and those who defend them?

  14. Traci Goldsworthy says:

    God bless those girls for speaking up.

  15. Joe Martinez says:

    I would like to know if the author attempted to contact anybody from Delta Chi and if he didn’t, then why not.

  16. As an Alumni, I never thought incidents like these happened on our campus. Wow! This article was definitely an eye opener. I am thankful the fraternity was punished for its crimes.

  17. Wasn’t there a certain “bad ass” lawyer acting as advisor for this group?

  18. If you are going to comment on here get your facts straight. The fraternity was found innocent on the rape charge and was only suspended due to an alcohol violation….if you are going to assume Delta Chi rapes then you better assume all Phi Mu are killers since one individual tried to stab a police officer….case closed

    • you tell them BRO

    • Just want to point out that the only reason that Phi Mu had a knife, which was to protect herself, was because she felt unsafe DIRECTLY DUE to these events and the retaliations that occurred afterwards… and that the cop was in unmarked car and did not identify herself.

      • The police officer very well identified themself. Get your facts straight, the Phi Mu that tried to stab the officer said “I have a problem with you” all the phi mu’s were very well aware of the unmarked police car watching their parking lot due to vandalism.

        • They most certainly were not aware that it was a police car that was parked there, just so you know. Why would she have a problem with her if she had known it was a police woman watching the house? She wouldn’t. get your critical thinking skills up to par.

  19. “The punishment seems unreal and too extreme. It’s like being given a death sentence for speeding.” That is what Delta Chi president Andrew Clark told CM-Life back in October regarding the fraternity’s suspension. This week, CM-Life revealed that it was much more than underage drinking that led to the suspension—at least one female student was sexually assaulted, with the possibility that at least four others were as well. Yet the president of Delta Chi compared the incident to speeding? Delta Chi has had a history of significant violations with no corrective action from the university having any lasting effect. The only responsible action the university could take was to suspend the fraternity. If Delta Chi leadership was complicit in the events that occurred, the suspension would surely be warranted, but even if no fraternity members took place in the assault(s), Delta Chi has a responsibility to the community to ensure that events held on its property are conducted in a safe manner. Clearly the fraternity has been unable to meet this responsibility, and the only way to ensure the safety of the CMU community was to suspend the fraternity; the university was absolutely correct in its course of action.

  20. You people really need to chill out. I know a lot of the Delta Chi boys personally and I’ve never seen any of then act that way. I was at the party on April 9th until it ended, I didn’t see any girls passed out in anyone’s rooms upstairs or downstairs. From observation I’ve seen plenty of girls at Delta Chi parties that get mad when the guys don’t give them enough attention and they get mad. Mix anger with alcohol and you’ve got one slightly psycho girl doing anything she can to get their attention. They love to cry especially or tell at them constantly. My friends and I have been friends with these boys for years and it makes me look at the Greek system even more poorly because other chapters have probably done worse things than forget to submit a roster or throw a party and have a girl there not know how to handle her alcohol. Last I checked what one girl does doesn’t affect the others around her because she chose to continue drinking when she should’ve stopped. The 4 year suspension is a stupid rule they use to get rid of problems they don’t wanna deal with. And I don’t understand why they’re comparing Delta Chi to Sigma Pi, two completely different chapters. After knowing a guy who transferred to CMU and was a SP at another college he was turned down to join CMUs newest chapter because they “didn’t want guys from transfers” but wanted to start from the ground up.

    Moral of the story is these guys aren’t bad people, even if one brother did do the alleged things in the article the whole chapter shouldn’t be punished for it. I don’t care how drunk the girl says she was you know what’s going on if it’s going that far!

    • No, at the point that a person is severely intoxicated (whether through alcohol or drugs), she may not “know what’s going on if it’s going that far”. Sex is not consensual if the other person knew or should have known that the person was incapacitated due to being intoxicated.

      Your lack of knowledge of simple biochemistry (and ethics for that matter) is quite appalling.

  21. This comment section must be full of Ralph Lauren wearing “bros”, because all of this is disgusting, from their prior records until now.

  22. I enjoyed the letter of appeals from the fraternity stating “no injury due to alcohol”. Pretty sure there was…

  23. If true what happened to this female was horrible, but here’s the thing: The students involved are innocent until proven guilty. CMU’s kangaroo court is not a court of law nor does it even follow its own laws. I would encourage the fraternity to sue the university. Moreover though — and this is the biggest issue, in my mind — is why can CMU hold students responsible for what they do when they freely associate off-campus? CMU has no lawful jurisdiction off-campus. Nor can the university tell students they can’t form clubs or fraternities and call them whatever they want. I don’t think the price of formally affiliating one’s club with CMU is worth the price you pay when it comes to the university gross abuse of the rules. Lastly, it’s hardly just to hold students in 2014 responsible for what someone did in 1999.

    • Innocent until proven guilty only applies to criminal charges; CMU did not criminally punish anyone here.

      As for CMU holding people responsible for off-campus conduct: the fraternity was registered through the university. CMU has not banned the Delta Chi members from associating with each other; the university simply will not recognize the organization as an official fraternity for school purposes.

  24. You’re all annoying.

  25. Justin Jamrog says:

    Glad I didn’t have to pay for my friends during my days at CMU.

  26. I would be extremely embarrassed to wear my letters around campus if I was them. I don’t know how they can still feel good about themselves when they put them on. Yes, it wasn’t every member of the group, but “you’re only as strong as your weakest link” and your weakest link makes you all look just like him.

  27. Facts:

    4 girls claimed that they “blacked out”. That is a common occurrence because of the over consumption of alcohol.
    1 girl claimed she was sexually assaulted, but there was no police report
    Delta Chi was NOT found guilty of sexual assault

    • 4 other girls said they had similar experiences; blacking out is caused by alcohol but it is also caused by rookies. Remember “The Hangover”? However, in real life you’re far more likely trying to wake up after having been raped than you are to wake up with a tiger in the bathroom. And whether they were drugged or blacked out, they could not legally consent. And for everyone saying CMU should educate everyone about sexual assault, they do, or at least they used to. A group called Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates does an educational presentation at orientation. Its not these people’s faults they didn’t pay attention.

  28. I like turtles

  29. I am quite happy to see Delta Chi suspended, the fraternity was just a vicious cycle creating more and more corrupt men. I myself was drugged and raped by a delta chi member three years ago. The incident eventually led to me to my decision to leave CMU. Though I do not blame the fraternity as a whole for what happened to me or to these recent victims the punishment is warranted. I only hope the individuals responsible will also be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  30. The police report and court reports are available for the public to view. If you go read them you will see that the girl who originally stated she was raped and drugged actually retracted her statement. And for those saying people who are not actually raped won’t go to the police, she never originally went to the authorities. She posted on a Greek life website what “happened” to her, and someone else saw it and reported it. And as I saw somewhere else in the comments thread, her sorority sister came forward and told many people that the alleged victim has lied about this before. A drug test was never taken, which seems strange if someone wanted to prove they were drugged. Yes the pictures were taken, but that was by a different member, and that member has been kicked out of the fraternity because of his actions. I personally believe that going back into the fraternity’s past during the investigation was a little silly, considering some of the members were in the 4th grade during some of these violations. But that’s just my opinion. The main thing is that her statement about being drugged and raped was never validated and was later recanted by her, and told me be a false statement.

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