EDITORIAL: Booted: Delta Chi leaves a black eye on Greek community

After months of investigation and waiting on internal reports to become available, we finally have a more complete understanding of the suspension of Delta Chi – and what we learned was despicable.

In August, the fraternity was charged with several violations of the Office of Student Conduct’s code of conduct, stemming from a party in April. Ultimately, the fraternity was found in violation of alcohol-related allegations. However, we now know details of more disturbing behavior.

The alleged violations include improper conduct, harassment and intimidation. Emails and university documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request also revealed a history of bad behavior.

FOIA allows citizens to gain access to public records so they can see how the government operates and forms its decisions. The intention behind the story published in Monday’s edition was to help explain the investigation that Delta Chi and the university went through before the four-year suspension was handed down.

Until then, neither the university or Delta Chi had shed any light on the accusations.

According to the Office of Student Conduct, Delta Chi received disciplinary action in ‘98, ‘99, ‘00, ‘02, ‘04, ‘05, ‘09, ‘11 and ’12. The accusations ranged from sexual assault, hazing and alcohol violations.

These documents expose a handful of Delta Chi members as both irresponsible and a danger to themselves and those around them.

Most fraternities and sororities represent active, beneficial members of the community. We recognize this particular fraternity does not represent other Greek organizations, though the string of Delta Chi incidents and failure to act proactively doesn’t help combat the stereotypes associated with Greek life.

For more than a decade, Delta Chi has been sanctioned and reprimanded for its behavior. Why has CMU tolerated this behavior for so long?

Worse yet, the lack of communication over what was investigated over the past months is alarming. No representatives from the CMU Delta Chi chapter or from the university have been forthcoming regarding the issue. 

Only citing violations of alcohol-related fraternity policies and lacking specificity, Delta Chi was negligent in their responsibility to step up and come clean regarding these issues of misconduct. This story could have been about the behavior of one of its brothers, explaining the incident and how it was corrected.

Instead, they chose not to take responsibility for something that happened within their own house. The chapter chose to file a series of appeals claiming their punishment was too severe. They also claimed their case was handled improperly.

By choosing not to address the allegations against their chapter and take corrective action, Delta Chi not only failed its brothers and its fellow Greeks, but the CMU community as a whole.

The chapter’s reach for public sympathy paired with the lack of information regarding the suspension is unacceptable. The community deserves to know how this fraternity treats students.

Regardless of the lack of transparency, Delta Chi’s punishment has been finalized and only time will tell if the four-year suspension will finally redirect the culture put in place by the fraternity over the course of the last 15 years.


  1. So Delta Chi was alleged to do all this? And it was never proven? That doesn’t make sense that the university didn’t bring it up then. You’d think whoever in charge would put everything they could on them. It doesn’t make sense.

  2. Okay so if like all this happened, why are they still on campus and why do their nationals still like them? Why didn’t the university release any information about it? So many questions! I think these boys have been put through something they didn’t do.

  3. Did anyone ever think that the university didn’t release this information because the guys were not found guilty? Some kind of assault happened, but if it wasn’t a member of delta chi then something is wrong. Persecute the person who did it if they weren’t a member, and persecute the frat for the alcohol violations. People need to formulate concise and smart opinions about what these articles mean. Not just assume everything is correct. After all, there was only one source right?

  4. From the open forum CM-Life held the other day, it sounded like never even reached out to Delta Chi before your Monday article was published. Why is there no mention of charges, police reports, court orders, etc. in either of your articles? As a current member of the CMU Greek community, I know how strict Greek risk management polices are, so simply mentioning hazing and alcohol violations is arbitrary in can be anything from a petty civil infraction to felony type offenses. If weekend keggers in Deerfield were under Greek FIPG they would be handed an alcohol violation every time…Some details or degree of severity would help to understand more of what’s going on here. Also, what’s going on legally, outside of the University, regarding this situation. These articles are way too biased IMO, so I hope some sort of statement in response to all of this. I in no way condone any of the actions that are being portrayed by CM-Life, and whatever level of it that may be true the proper punishment is handed down; however, I feel there is much more to these stories than meets the reader’s eye…

  5. As a public newspaper, shouldn’t you be acting as a neutral party? Why is it that every article is condoning first Delta Chi, and now the Greek community as a whole? The actions of those involved in the situation with the Phi Mu members is not acceptable, however talking down about entire community of 1000+ members is absolutely ridiculous. Think about the other 50 Delta Chi members, their Alumni, and their national organization, as well as every other member and alumni member of the Greek community. These people had nothing to do with the situation. This disrespect is very unfair. People outside of the Greek community do not realize just how much CMU Greeks do for the university, and how much impact has been made from them. Think about other RSOs on this campus. A huge percentage of them are led my Greek members,and most are filled with Greeks hoping to make a difference on this campus. Yes, the incident is horrible for all involved, but you’re kidding yourself if you think that this only happens at Delta Chi and other Greek events. My point here is that the disrespect to this organization and the community as a whole is absolutely unnecessary. You making assumptions for groups as a whole is what is keeping the Greek stereotype alive.

    • First off, the point of an “editorial” is to show the newspaper board’s opinion, so by definition, this should not be neutral.

      Secondly, where in this article does the editorial board speak poorly of the Greek community at CMU? (I am guessing that’s what you meant by “condoning?”) In fact, this article goes out of it’s way to say how the Greek community is a great member of the CMU community:

      “Most fraternities and sororities represent active, beneficial members of the community. We recognize this particular fraternity does not represent other Greek organizations, though the string of Delta Chi incidents and failure to act proactively doesn’t help combat the stereotypes associated with Greek life.”

      On top of this, the article notes that it was a “handful” of DX members that have been irresponsible, not the entire chapter, so your assertion that CM-Life is “taking down” the entire chapter is wrong.

      Finally, of the 50+ members of DX that you talked about, how many of them have come forward and taken responsibility for the actions that happened at THEIR HOUSE? It’s been a long time coming, and I am glad that CMU took the actions that they did.

  6. CMU student says:

    Did anyone consider maybe CMU didn’t release that portion of information to protect the women that were already going through enough? And just maybe the chapter didn’t let this out because the truth would make them look even worse? Even if it wasn’t the whole Delta Chi chapter do you really think they would rat out their own?

    • That is most certainly the case. The women who reported it never intended for the general public to know any details of what happened to them. They spoke up to protect other women from the same fate. Delta Chi chose not to share any of the details aside from the alcohol violations.

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