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Greek rock vandalized outside Brooks Hall

The painted rock outside Brooks Hall was found vandalized Tuesday morning.

The rock, normally used as a sounding board for the multicultural fraternities and sororities that do not have houses, was defaced with a bright orange spray-painted image of male genitalia.

“We feel it was very disrespectful and a lot of other Greeks feel it is disrespectful as well,” said Victoria Jones, Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority president.

The Detroit senior heard of the vandalism to the rock around 8 a.m. on Tuesday through a text message from a sorority sister. Other members of the Greek community, noting their disgust and offering support, informed her throughout the day of the vandalism.

The fraternities and sororities decorate the rock with messages, or just their Greek letters to advertise and announce what they are up to as a way to talk to students.

“I hope people would have more respect for the Greek community and the university,” Jones said. “They should think twice before doing it again.”

There has been no indication the vandalism was committed by anyone within the Greek community.

Sigma Lambda Gamma is in the process of filing a formal compliant with the Office of Student Life as of the publishing of this report, and might file a complaint with the Central Michigan University Police Department as well within the week.


  1. Florence Schneider says:

    This was a tasteless, stupid thing do and was clearly done by a tool. That said, just paint over it. No need to make a production that draws more attention to the action.

  2. Pretty hard to have respect for the greek community in light of recent events.

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