Father and son arrested for stealing laptops from residence halls

Two subjects have been arrested by the Oakland County Sheriff Department in connection to a series of November laptop thefts from Central Michigan University.

The OCSD took Justin Sidney Dudley, a 19-year-old Mid Michigan Community College student, into custody on Nov. 25. His father, Theodore Dudley, was also at the scene where there was a warrant for five of the six stolen laptops. Theodore Dudley was also arrested at the scene.

According to CMU Police Department Lt. Larry Klaus, the use of LoJack technology led them to the Dudleys’ location in Rochester.

“We have recovered five of six stolen laptops. Those were recovered in Rochester,” Klaus said. “Both suspects were charged with five counts of receiving and concealing stolen property.”

The thefts of three of the laptops were reported missing on Nov. 17, while the other three laptops were reported missing on Nov. 21. The estimated value for all six laptops was $7,400.

CMUPD believed owners of the laptops were in their bedrooms while their laptops were stolen in Cobb and Carey Hall, Klaus said.

“We believe the occupants were sleeping while the laptops were stolen from the residential rooms,” Klaus said.

CMU Police Chief Bill Yeagley said crimes that take police beyond the nearby community are becoming more common in Mount Pleasant.

“Patterns are developing in sophistication,” he said. “Years ago, you didn’t have people coming from out of town to victimize our community. People are willing to travel long distances now to look for (an) opportunity.”

According to Klaus, a preliminary exam is scheduled on Jan. 30 in Oakland County for the Dudleys. Isabella County Prosecutor Risa Scully is also reviewing the case, which could lead to additional charges.

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  1. These days you can really tell how stupid some of these people who commit what are known as ‘blue collar’ crimes are because they haven’t picked up on the fact that electronics come with some type of trackers. Dying breed

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