LETTER: A letter from the CMU Chapter of Delta Chi to the CMU community

The brothers of the Delta Chi Fraternity would like to extend their deepest sympathies to victims of sexual assault and their families. We understand sexual assault is a violation of a person’s freedom, privacy, emotions, and livelihood. Members of Delta Chi exercise compassion and understanding in dealing with all people — it’s one of our basic expectations. Sexual assault is not tolerated by this fraternity.

Delta Chi’s suspension was issued for a violation of the alcohol policy, which included a violation of registered student organization and university regulations — no sexual assault charges were used in the suspension of the fraternity.

The social function mentioned in the article by Central Michigan Life occurred April 9th, 2013. The Office of Student Conduct notified the fraternity of an alleged sexual assault and alcohol violations on July 22nd. These allegations were dismissed by the Hearing Board on August 8th — 17 days later. It is important to note that based on the findings by the Hearing Board, Delta Chi was found not guilty of sexual assault.

CM Life has said we were negligent in taking responsibility and being forthcoming regarding the issue — this is simply untrue. Delta Chi has not spoken up against the allegation of sexual assault due to the reason that the allegation was dismissed. Because the fraternity was found not guilty, the Appeals Board never brought up the charge of sexual assault against the fraternity.

To the best of our knowledge, the Hearing Board had decided that the allegation of sexual assault did not hold weight in the case. As a result of the alcohol violations, we received a four-year suspension, a punishment that does not fit the crime.

At no point in the initial hearing in July, did the University bring up the fraternity’s past conduct other than the incident regarding the social function in April 2013. During the appeals process, the fraternity’s suspension was decided using conduct from the past 15 years as justification. By bringing up conduct dating back to 1998, it appears the University was in violation of Section 5.4.10 in the Student Code of Conduct, which states, “The Appeals Board makes its determination based solely on the record of the student’s hearing, facts that are presented to the Appeals Board, and arguments before the Appeals Board. No additional witnesses, witness statements or other materials may be used in the appeal process.”

Based on the University policy, Delta Chi believes that an important right in procedural due process was violated and ignored. We appealed this to the University, however they felt that no such right had been violated.

The brothers of Delta Chi have not responded to these accusations in a malicious manner, and have had no involvement in any retaliation against the parties involved. In fact, Delta Chi is disappointed in the damaging attention that has been brought not only to Delta Chi, but to the Greek community as a whole.

Last year, the Greek community raised more than $22,200 during the 2013 Greek Week for the Jenna Kast Believe in Miracles Foundation. Annually, the CMU Greek community typically raises more than $90,000 for philanthropic causes including Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research — the national philanthropy Delta Chi supports every year.

In the last five years, Delta Chi has raised more than $10,000 for philanthropy. The fraternity has put in more than 2,000 volunteer hours for social causes in the community, including Relay for Life, Special Olympics and the Humane Animal Treatment Society. For a fraternity whose culture is being called into question, we believe our philanthropic efforts speak to our commitment to being a positive influence in our community.

Our fraternity has never claimed to be perfect and free of all guilt. We just believe it is unfortunate that a false perception has been created with false information. With continued support from our National Headquarters, we remain operationally functional within the city of Mount Pleasant. We will continue to support this city, the university and the people in this community who have made us proud to call ourselves CMU Chippewas.

-The Brothers of Delta Chi Central Michigan Chapter


  1. This is a well-written article and seems more credible than anything else than has been written.

  2. Well written, concise, and to the point.

  3. I am a Proud mother of a Delta Chi! This fraternity has brought great joy into my son’s life. I have witnessed Delta Chi do many productive activities over the last 4 years. I am the one who encouraged my son to join. He has grown into a fine young man about to graduate from CMU! My only wish is that Delta Chi lives on at CMU, continues to provide a full college experience these young men strive for. A fraternity of brotherhood exists to provide deserving young men moral guidance & acceptance, discipline and education to become servers and leaders in this world. By graduation time these men gain character, reverence, and fortitude to meet all challenges in life and their alma mater. If Delta Chi did not exist it would be necessary to establish them!

    • Lauri, I don’t know your son. He might be a wonderful kid, but to claim that Delta Chi provides all of these men with “moral guidance” neglects that clearly not all of these guys are getting the gist. Unfortunately, the fraternity suffers as a whole as a result of the few. I wish future members better judgment than those that have brought such shame down upon the Central chapter and the organization as a whole.

      • I think your small town and believe anything you hear. Why don’t you attend a MSU or a
        U of M football game this fall. For kicks go to the golf course in AA Your in for an eye opener Dan. You will think differently and be more worldly on what goes on college campuses.

        • so in other words we will forgive bad behavior. Maybe in your fancy world that behavior is ok but here in the real world we work to stop bad behavior

    • Oh boy- I wish you would have attended some of their parties if you think that Delta Chi is a good place for your son, especially with how much membership dues are. You would’ve gotten an eye-opener for sure.

      • I don’t know you or even if you went to college. I work here in Ann Arbor have been to CMU. On several occasions. CMU is tame compared to what goes on here in Ann Arbor. It is crazy here. We don’t target and talk shame about any groups here. Shame On you ignorant small town people.

        • What you mean I think is excusing bad behavior. Time to grow up and take responsibility for your choices. If Ann Arbor doesn’t want to Hold you guys responsible well thats their choice and your loss

  4. I understand the desire to wash your hands of the sexual assault but the overuse of the word “allegations” doesn’t fool anyone. Having the charges dropped doesn’t mean it didn’t happen as this letter attempts to imply. Delta Chi would’ve done more to save face had they owned up to the complete lack of respect and empathy for another human being and apologized to the woman who was victimized in their house and then shamed and taunted in the aftermath. Despicable. No one’s fooled by this whiney open letter that exists to repair the fraternities image and rid them of blame. Their reputation is ruined and rightfully so.

    And to the woman who went through this, I am so sorry you have to deal with this. It is not fair. You did nothing wrong. It is not your fault. You are a person of value, worthy of love and respect. No one has the right to hurt another person the way you were hurt.

  5. You know honestly the fact that a sexual assault occurred in your house and that this girl has found her tires slashed and received messages like you ruined my life indicates the attackers were a part of your frat as such if you want any leniency maybe rather then begging we give you a pass maybe you should locate those in your group who committed the act and then turn them over. As to your past records that is life people will judge you for the past and the fact it creates a pattern of continued violations states that the best answer is to clean the slate and hope if your frat reforms the new members will act better.

    • I’d like to see the actual police report of tires being slashed and where any possible evidence was to support anything. I thought this was America. You are innocent until proven guilty and it is un-American to just assume and condemn. Thats how the hundreds of people were killed in witch trials around the world. I believe you could say that their lives might have been “ruined.” If any person is up to date with their literature, then they have read The Crucible. The story involves a girl named a Abigail Williams who lies about sexual assault to manipulate the town into ruining peoples lives. Similar situation? Maybe it’s not impossible so it should not be overlooked. I am against sexual assault in all ways. But i am educated enough to know that they were not given a fair trial. America doesn’t take one person’s word or another. If a girl thought she was drugged she should have gone to the hospital to be tested. All im saying is that there are liars out there and people who just want to see the world burn.

      • Seeing as this paper wrote that Id point to them for your police reports. Also the frat havs already been found guilty of an act that resulted in suspension of the fraternity. I find it very unAmerican to cry and whine because the judicial system gave you a punishment you did not like.

    • ^ I found two (2) periods.

  6. So are you saying that the “allegations” were false? That this young lady made up this story, along with the photo’s that were sent to her parents purely to tarnish the great name of Delta Chi?

  7. Are the events that occurred since 1998 not facts? I can see the interpretation the fraternity is citing, but that isn’t the only way to perceive that section of the Code of Conduct. So, really, arguing that the Board was out of line is being blissfully dismissive of the fact that, has the Code not been clarified, the Board can interpret that section as they believe it to have been intended. Federal Judges even have differences in how THEY interpret phrasing of the Constitution during trials.

    Furthermore, it doesn’t matter that the current crop of students weren’t there in 1998. The idea is that no one down the line ever corrected the behavior that had been flagged previously. It’s a case of repeat offenders from what I can tell. Every new class of members doesn’t reset an organizations history of violating or not violating university policies.

    • Im sorry i dont know how old you were in 1998, but i was five years of age. That is completely outrageous that somebody could use evidence from students a decade and a half apart or more. Now i dont know i wasnt there and neither were you so dont pass judgement on something you have no real evidence on. Unless you have 1st hand knowledge of what happened, don’t act like you do.

      • you were not punished as an individual but as a fraternity so while you may have done nothing wrong it doesnt appear you did anything to change it

  8. It’s great that delta chi raised all the money for those organizations but they don’t have good character to back it up. I’ve been disgusted with this fraternity specifically since I was a freshman. The guys who did this to these girls deserve to be expelled from the university just as anyone else would be.

  9. Coming from someone who actually knows the process, the allegations of sexual assault were not dismissed. It was easier to charge the chapter as a whole with the alcohol violations and have them removed from our campus. The guys who committed the sexual assaults will be handled outside of the university with the police and separate charges against the individuals can be filed to the Office of Student Conduct. Please, just go away.

    • It seems like with this situation, as with many in the actual justice system, that they were charged with a lesser crime. It happens all the time to speed things up.

  10. Some people will never be pleased and are determined to defend their “side.”

    As members of the American society, it is your duty to seek all facts before proclaiming judgment. This is what our criminal justice system is based upon; without doing so you are merely slinging mud and making a mockery of our values and beliefs. While we as a society are not bound by the rules of the criminal justice system, we DO owe the moral duty to seek the truth before casting judgment and not be satisfied by the presentation of one news article with information presented from one source. Here, the fraternity has laid out more facts- at the very least showing that there was something missing to the FOIA request article. There obviously is more missing. No one was charged? Why is that? Why has this “open and shut case” not been prosecuted? It is apparent to me, as an informed citizen of this city, that there is even more to this story than we have been told and more than we will ever get the opportunity to know.

    Shame on you all who are merely out to criticize instead of thinking critically about the pertinent facts that have been addressed here. And shame on those who are misconstruing facts to meet their agenda; I have seen at least one post on here that has done so and that is grossly irresponsible and a huge problem in today’s “believe whatever you hear from one source” society.

    • You are right and unfortunately, those individuals that have negatively preconceived notions of Delta Chi, Fraternities, or Greek Life in general will latch on to whatever falls in line with their current beliefs no matter how fallacious a report may be.

    • Actually as Americans we ask is their reasonable doubt

  11. D Chi Sweetheart says:

    When I came to CMU I was lost. I didn’t know many people who went there and I wasn’t sure if I would make it. My sister was a greek and that is what made me think about looking in to greek life (even though I wasn’t sure about it). When I joined greek life in 2004 it changed my life. The job I have now is partially due to being a part of greek life at CMU! A lady in my interview was in the same sorority I was! Absolutely amazing experience with no regrets. I learned throughout my 4 years that you have ones who are part of greek life and wouldn’t change it for the world. Yet, you have the ones who are extremely pessimistic when it comes to greek life. I will admit that I was the one who made fun of my sister and said I would never join a sorority. 5 years later I did and it was the best thing to ever happen to me! So many memories were made. One specifically was becoming the Delta Chi sweetheart. Those boys were truly my brothers. I didn’t have any brothers growing up, but from 2004 on I could respectfully say that I had and have close to 100 brothers! They were there when I needed them. They were there to listen when things weren’t going great and they were there to celebrate when things were looking up! They were family and I wouldn’t have changed anything I did for them! Delta Chi will never truly understand the positive impact they had on my life. I have my sorority sisters who I still talk to each and every day, but Delta Chi were and are my brothers…my family. Thank you guys for all that you have done for me. The greek life will never have everyone on their sides. It is up to us…AS greek life to not let those people get us down. Stay positive and don’t forget who you are!
    Much love for Delta Chi!!!

    Shout out to my brothers from 2004-2008….Karebear is here for you!

    • Yes, because your singular experience which just happened to be good eliminates the violence done to the people who have come forward(she said sarcastically). Thank you for your endearing story about absolutely nothing (she added, again sarcastically).

      Don’t forget who you are Delta Chi: Mindless Rich Kid Sheep [Rapists].

  12. So what they’re saying is all of their philanthropic work makes them sexually assaulting women okay.

    • Do you have difficulty with reading comprehension or did you only remember the two paragraphs that mentioned philanthropy?

  13. Sexual assault should never be dealt with on the university level, they have neither the resources or the moral authority to deal with such reprehensible acts. Leave it to Law Enforcement. Any University pseudojudicial consequence should come after the DA’s office has charged the individual(s) responsible. Unfortunately, Universities have taken it upon themselves at the requests of feminists to dispense their form of perverted justice in kangaroo courts where allegations of wrongdoing are treated as fact and exist not to find the truth but to publicly shame those who have not been convicted of any crime.

    • “Unfortunately, Universities have taken it upon themselves at the requests of feminists to dispense their form of perverted justice in kangaroo courts where allegations of wrongdoing are treated as fact . . . ” And there you have it. I’m pretty sure the frat would prefer you not come to their defense any more. Comments like this aren’t doing them any favors. This statement is reprehensible. In addition you clearly do not understand that the frats and all students under the jurisdiction of the University and therefore subject to discipline for violations.

  14. If they knew anything about sexual assault, they wouldn’t call them victims. They’re “Survivors”. Get it right D Chi

  15. See ya frat nerds!

  16. Biebers needs to come and egg this frat house. What a joke letter and terribly disrespectful. Clearly not sincere, making it about poor them AND not about the victims. Being proud your son is part of this type of organization is pathetic.

  17. How much community service does one rape cost?

  18. Are they supposed to apologize for something they were found not guilty of?? I’ve never heard this expectation in my life. Sexual molestation is very “he said, she said”, so I don’t think any of you are in a position to say that they still did it. Either way, that case shouldn’t have been used in the punishment and it seems like it was. Rules are rules and Delta Chi seems to be the only party involved that is attempting to follow them

  19. This is completely ridiculous. So the entire suspension was for alcohol violations and they dont even address the social media aspect or go into any detail about these alcohol violations? What the heck type of alcohol violation is four years? This is a bold faced lie.

  20. Timeline of Delta Chi violations

    March 1998: Alleged sexual assault during a party on Feb. 27.

    October 1999: Place on probation until they achieved a “three star” award.

    October 2000: A group of Alpha Sigma Tau women were led to the Malt Shop believing they were meeting alumnae, but were taken to the Delta Chi house and were pressured to drink alcohol from a common source. None of the women were of legal drinking age.

    April 2001: A warn letter regarding hazing was issued to the fraternity by the Office of Student Conduct.

    February 2002: Four fraternity pledges, all under 21, were abandoned in a field, each with a half gallon of alcohol and told their bottles should be empty by the time they got back to pick them up. Mount Pleasant police found the pledges and one was so intoxicated, he was taken to the county jail. He was later taken to Central Michigan Community Hospital and treated for alcohol poisoning.

    November 2002: Several members of Delta Chi entered Carey Hall and assaulted residents of a room.

    May 2004: Hazing violation. Circumstances unknown.

    November 2005: During a recruitment event, the fraternity degraded other Greek houses on campus promoted drinking alcohol, violating RSO policy.

    July 2009: Hazing violation.

    April 2011: Hosted a pre-drink party at a location know as “The Alamo” promoted by social media with more than 400 people responding. Not charged with an actual violation due to lack of evidence.

    October 2011: Delta Chi hosted a party with a common source of alcohol, no guest list and playing drinking games.

    March 2012: Delta Chi failed to report an accurate roster of its members that is required by the university.

    • Anonymous #2 (since anonymous #1 cannot come forward with a name) says:

      Can you please list the timeline of every other fraternity on CMU campus please. I am not saying that all fraternities at CMU have this so called “timeline” that you have, but I am sure many, if not majority, of them have a list (if not longer).

      Many of these violations were hearsay and thus ending in no charges (creating this so called “timeline).

      The allegations/violations that were charged had a right to be charged. There were repercussions for their actions.

      • concerned about all these accusations says:

        I would really like to hear from the young lady in all this and have her explain why she created all this and a week later changed her mind. Maybe it’s because she had a week fling with the same person of interest. True in the matter.

  21. When will we stop, as a society, claiming rape is false because we cannot prove it, because charges weren’t pressed, or because the victim was a “pathological liar” and was “craving attention”. That is complete crap and for the fraternity of Delta Chi to take such a matter and treat it so lightly by saying these were allegations, and by posting rude comments on the CM-Life articles/facebook page, and by calling the victim names… makes me lose complete respect for the chapter. Rape is a very serious matter and discrediting a claim made by someone in confidence because you want your fraternity to have a sparkling reputation is so disrespectful. I feel so sorry for all the victims of this event and hope that time will heal their wounds. And as for everyone blindly saying it was a false accusation, just put yourself in her shoes.

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