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Michigan RB Thomas Rawls plans to transfer to CMU this fall

Thomas Rawls

Thomas Rawls

Central Michigan football will reportedly gain a major offensive asset next fall.

Flint-native and University of Michigan running back Thomas Rawls told The Flint Journal that he plans to transfer to CMU after graduating from U-M in May.

Rawls’ grad-transfer would give him one year of eligibility at CMU. Central Michigan football officials could not comment on Rawls’s situation.

“We can’t comment on (Rawls) because he is not a student here,” said Rob Wyman, director of Athletic Communications.

Rawls told the newspaper he has decided to transfer to CMU to better his chances of playing in the NFL. The tailback also said he was “promised things that didn’t fall through.”

Rawls was highly recruited by CMU head coach Dan Enos prior to his freshman season at U-M.

The Chippewas lost leading-rusher Zurlon Tipton to graduation last season after Tipton missed most of the 2013 campaign with an ankle injury. CMU running backs averaged a little more than 200 yards per game in Tipton’s absence.

Rawls averaged 12.3 yards per game and 4.6 yards per attempt, scoring five touchdowns during his three years in Ann Arbor.

The backup running back’s last touchdown came against the Chippewas in the Wolverines home-opener on Aug. 31. He had three carries for 12 yards and a score in Michigan’s 59-9 win against CMU.

If Rawls makes good on his proposed transfer to CMU, he would be part of a new-look offense in 2014. CMU announced the promotion of quarterbacks coach Morris Watts to offensive coordinator earlier this month.

They finished ninth out of 13 teams in the Mid-American Conference in total rushing offense in 2013. The Chippewas finished 6-6 on the season and failed to qualify for a bowl game.


  1. Gary Aalbregtse says:

    What a one year wonder? How will this help build future teams? One’s that hopefully will not include Enos.

  2. Yes, but can he sing like Lou?

  3. Charles W. Murphy says:

    More gutless cowards Enos bashing. Seen your men’s basketball program lately?

    Of course you haven’t. Spartan envy indeed.

    Don’t be a coward. Silence this Chippewa agitator.

    Dan Enos…a REAL CHIPPEWA!

    Deal with it.

    • Wow, denial, anger and now deflection? Last time I checked this was a story about football, not basketball. If you didn’t appear to be hopelessly defending Enos before, you definitely do now!

    • Charles the Faker says:

      If you were a real Chippewa fan you wouldn’t say “Seen YOUR men’s basketball program lately?” You would say OUR! Just shows that you are nothing more than a Sparty fanboy which you showed all of last year! Go back to East Lansing poser and take Dan Enos with you cause he is a poser and faker of a head football coach!!

    • Steven Ball says:

      Just for fun lets play a little game of blind resumes:

      Coach 1 (19-16, 1 bowl game)
      Coach 2 (27-13, 3 bowl games)
      Coach 3 (12-34, 0 bowl games)
      Coach 4 (19-30, 1 bowl game)

      If you were the AD hiring a coach and had to chose from one of these 4 coaches who would you hire?

      • Larry Dickman says:

        Someone out there shout shut Chuck Murphy up permanently. He is a nuisance, a coard and a fraud.

        Please be a moral pillar of the local community and do justice to his BIG MOUTH!

  4. The Chips qualified for a bowl game last season, they just weren’t selected for one.

  5. Let’s hop he’s not another Austin White. BTW, Gainer was a real plus — NOT!

    • Florence Schneider says:

      Welcome to Central Michigan University, Thomas!

      In response to previous posters, Mr. Rawls will likely be a contributor similar to how Hoskins was during CMU’s championship era. As many of you may remember, Hoskins was a 5-star recruit from Grand Rapids who signed with Notre Dame and started several games as a freshman. However, it did not work out for him at ND, under Weiss’ outdated offense, and he transferred to CMU to play for Butch Jones.

      While Hoskins did not start at CMU, he was strong contributor, including a break-out game at Ball State in 2007 that led to CMU’s MAC Championship that year.

      The problem Rawls will have at CMU is Dan Enos’ outdated, predictable, offense. As much as I like having Rawls as a Chippewa, he probably would have been better off playing for a program that runs a 21st Century offensive system.

  6. “To better his chances of playing in the NFL.” Not to better the TEAM. Not to be part of the CMU football family. An individual goal to better his personal chances of playing in the NFL. If he were truly that good he would have seen more playing time at U of M as their running back production was awful last season. Very disheartening to those student athletes (running backs) that have been here for 2, 3, and 4 years to think that Enos will bring in someone to fill a gap for 1 year. Another desperate act by the football program. They didn’t learn a thing from the Austin White fiasco.

  7. I don’t think Rawls can be fairly mentioned in the same sentence as White who was simply a punk. Rawls was a stellar SVL player for Flint Northern and seemingly destined for success in A-squared. Apparently he was a heterodoxy to Brady Joke’s grand scheme.

    It’s another ready-fire-aim Enos play but not Rawls’ fault.

  8. Maybe this is a smoke screen, overshadowing the fact the 2014 recruiting class is terrible. CMU & EMU are the only MAC schools in ESPN recruiting rankings having only one 3 star player. It’s going down hill fast and nearing the edge of the cliff!! Looking forward to watching the team strive for a chance to be bowl eligible. Wooo Hooo!!!

  9. When “belief” turns to “hope” it’s already too late. That happened after Enos year-two.

    The recruiting roster is quote-without-comment. CMU is far behind the upper echelon and as we said in the Navy, “A stern chase is a long chase.”

    • Two years? More like two games. This has been a complete debacle. Chippewa football has done a complete 180 since Sparty Dan arrived, and nobody is willing to pull the plug.

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