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Central Michigan University shuts down due to cold weather, snow

Classes were closed Tuesday because of dangerously cold weather. (Samantha Madar/Photo Editor)

Classes were closed Tuesday because of dangerously cold weather. (Samantha Madar/Photo Editor)

After constant snowfall – and weeks of record-low temperatures – Central Michigan University cancelled all classes, Tuesday, at its main and Global campuses.

The decision was announced Monday night in a news release from University Communications. 

The frigid weather was deemed too much for students and staff alike. Along with canceling classes, the university suspended operations in all buildings and offices across the campus, with the exception of residence halls.

Employees working in 24-hour operations – whose services may be needed during the closure – were asked to contact their supervisors for specific instructions on reporting to work. All other employees were not expected to return until the campus reopens.

The reopening date was unknown at the time of the announcement. The Jeff Daniels Concert scheduled for Tuesday night was still planned to occur at the time of the release.

 CMU’s last snow day took place on Feb. 8, 2013.

Classes were also cancelled twice in 2011, due to the weather.

University of Michigan will be closed as well, the university’s first snow day since 1978.

Students and staff were encouraged to monitor CMU’s information line at 989-774-7500 for updates.

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