MSU student dead, another injured following shooting Friday

Political science senior Chris McClain holds a candle during a moment of science of a candlelight vigil held for hospitality business sophomore Dominique Nolff on Feb. 2, 2014, on Waters Edge drive. Nolff died following a shooting Friday, Jan. 31. (Courtesy | Danyelle Morrow/The State News)

Political science senior Chris McClain holds a candle during a moment of silence of a candlelight vigil held for hospitality business sophomore Dominique Nolff on Feb. 2, 2014, on Waters Edge Drive. Nolff died following a shooting Friday, Jan. 31. (Courtesy Photo | Danyelle Morrow/The State News)

Michigan State University students gathered for a candlelight vigil Sunday night in honor of a fellow student who was shot and killed Friday.

Dominique Nolff, a 20-year-old from Middleville, was pronounced dead Saturday morning after suffering multiple gunshot wounds Friday night in his Cedar Village apartment, just off campus.

“This does not appear to be a random act,” East Lansing Police said in a statement.

Nolff’s roommate, a 20-year-old from Grand Haven whose name has not been released, was also shot. He was treated and later released from a hospital.

Police found the students after responding to a call at about 8:45 p.m. Friday night, MSU Police said in a statement.

As of Sunday afternoon, no arrests have been made in connection to the case. Police have described the suspect as a man in his early-to-mid 20s.

Nolff, a graduate of Thornapple Kellogg High School in Middleville, was a second-year student majoring in hospitality business.

East Lansing police are leading in the investigation. Calls placed to East Lansing Police Capt. Jeff Murphy were not returned by press time.


  1. michmediaperson says:

    Interesting story. The East Lansing police in its police reports say he is a black male. The Michigan State News, the student newspaper at MSU (like CM LIFE) are quoting police reports that the murderer that police are seeking is a black male. So, are the Detroit newspapers, TV stations, Lansing State Journal.

    But, if you read the CM LIFE story, the description from the police reports and the MSU student newspaper are different.

    CM LIFE deleted the word—black.

    Stop for a moment and think about this. Had this happened here and Mt. Pleasant and CMU police release a description of the killer, wouldn’t you want to know the sex, color of the person, a description of what they were wearing, etc., just so you would know if you see this person, you can contact the police? In fact, this murderer could be in Mt. Pleasant right now. But, because you don’t have the accurate description of the guy, how would you know?

    If this had happened at CMU, CM LIFE, I don’t think, would print the ethnicity if it was a black, hispanic, asian or native american. I’m not sure they’d print it, if it were a female.

    Hats off to the Michigan State student newspaper for putting the safety of the East Lansing and campus first and ahead of political correctness and multiculturalism.

    CM LIFE should learn from the MSU student paper.

    • Justin Hicks says:


      While some newspapers choose to include the racial description and clothing worn by the suspect of a crime, we choose to leave out this vague information by itself. The description of a black male in his 20s depicts a large population at either university. Such vague information does less to assist authorities as it does increase suspicion, profiling and stereotyping. However, when unique or more complete descriptions are released, we will include them and the given race of the suspect(s) to help in the ongoing investigation.

  2. michmediaperson says:

    See readers, I am correct.

    Justin, the Michigan State journalism students along with all other Michigan media outlets did it correctly—they took the police report and gave the public everything that was on the police report. What you’re saying is, that every law enforcement department in America is racist. Had that been a white murderer, I would expect the media to print the same information.

    What you’re saying is a disservice to the local community and putting the public in danger.

    Sunday, a white mass murderer broke out of the Ionia Correctional Center. The media did its job taking every piece of information from law enforcement about the guy. The guy was white. Justin, do you realize how many white guys around 40 years of age are in Michigan???????? Is that profiling and stereotyping???? That all white guys around 40 years of age with a mustache in Michigan are killers??? Of course, not!!! Stop and think for a moment. But, the media was correct in doing it.

    The MSU journalism students understand what role the media can play in the community when there is a crisis or an emergency. CMU journalism students haven’t.

    MSU journalism students want the murderer caught so he doesn’t hurt anyone else. CMU students apparently don’t care because it violates profiling rules.

    Apparently, CMU journalism students don’t know how to handle a police report and gathering information from police officers. Apparently, the journalism education at MSU is better than at CMU. MSU journalism students joined the two Detroit papers, Lansing State Journal and the TV stations by giving the FULL FULL description of the suspect. Apparently, CM LIFE doesn’t think much of the those publications. The big-time media and the MSU students got it right. CMU students got it wrong.

    Let’s hope what happened at MSU last weekend never happens here because CM LIFE will be of zero help in alerting the public of the possible killer, if it’s not a white guy.

    • cmualumni2006 says:

      michiamediaperson, just stop race bating and use some common sense and human decency.

      There are 1.4 million African Americans in Michigan, a ton of them are young black guys. I agree with CM-Life that adding the race of the suspect does harm and no good unless you have more details.

      The comments here should focus on a sympathetic response victims and their families- not a race debate.

  3. Justin Hicks says:


    Regardless of the skin color of the suspect, if that is the only characteristic given, or there is a vague age gap that represents hundreds if not thousands of young adults in the area, it doesn’t do much to help narrow the search. We would follow this same practice, regardless of skin color.

  4. michmediaperson says:

    Justin, if you and your staff wants to work at the big-time papers like the Detroit News and the Detroit Free-Press, the Lansing State Journal, any of the big major-league papers, you’re going to have to practice professional journalism and not multicultural journalism or the MSU, UM, Northwestern, Missouri graduates will be getting the jobs and the promotions.

    I believe you were the only Michigan media outlet to do this.

  5. michmediaperson says:

    To CMUALUM2006:
    You have one dead MSU student and another wounded. You don’t want to see the killer caught??? He may kill someone else!!!!

    Today, they release surveillance photos of the alleged killer. The MSU student paper, all the statewide and Detroit media are running the pictures and saying it’s a black male—-except for one–CM LIFE. Because, CM LIFE says it’s profiling and stereotyping. It’s amazing how bad the CMU Journalism Department has gotten and how far CM LIFE has fallen. Both now practice political correctness journalism. Gone are the days of solid journalism principles. Now, it’s political correctness.

    They’re even running the pictures and story on mlive.com. The MLIVE reporter, a black MSU journalism alum, even writes in the story that it’s an AFRICAN-AMERICAN MALE that police say is the suspect. An AFRICAN-AMERICAN MSU JOURNALISM ALUM writing it’s an African-American Male. Pretty hard CMUAlumni2006 to say it’s a race debate after seeing a black reporter and me agreeing.

    Anyone in high school wanting a journalism career should note that CMU and CM LIFE is no longer one of the top schools in the country. Political correctness is killing the CMU Journalism Dept and this once fine paper.

    Students should look at MSU and the State News where traditional journalism principles are still caught.

    CMUAlumni2006, you have a killer on the loose and you don’t seem to care.

    Had this CM LIFE staff been running the Boston Globe a year ago when the two Russian Muslims killed and injured so many at the Boston Marathon, I doubt they would have run their pictures for the public to help locate them. CM LIFE would have said it was religious profiling.

    When a Police department or FBI, etc., release information of suspects, the media should alert the public. Whether it’s white, black, hispanic, asian, native american, male, female.

    Obviously, CM LIFE and CMUAlumni 2006 are the only folks in Michigan who disagree.

    Sad to say the MSU journalists are better than our students at CMU.

    • Why don’t you go post at Stormfront instead, with all the other worthless white supremacist windbags?

    • You seriously need to get over yourself. I find it pathetic that all you do is comment on this website and have nothing nice to say. Seriously. Get a life. You hide behind a computer under the alias, “michmediaperson.” How about you grow a pair and use your real name when saying your comments?

  6. michmediaperson: You’re angry, that’s quite apparent in your unnecessary caps in order to express an opinion that appears to be supported by only you on this thread. But let’s be serious here, in no way, shape or form would you be able to identify the suspect with just the simple fact that he’s black, male and early 20s. No way. Please stop acting like not including his race is going to put the lives of every person in Mid-Michigan in jeopardy, for this is quite obviously not true, and a little silly, if we’re being honest. Attacking CMU journalism students personally is also silly. What does that accomplish, my friend? The answer is nothing but the acknowledgement of the petty minds with skewed opinions like yours that exist out there to degrade hard-working students.

    • Based on his post history, it’s seems likely that he considers most everyone “black, male and early 20s” to be a threat.

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