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Fourth-grade student causes school lockdown with Airsoft gun

Renaissance Public School Academy was in lockdown Tuesday morning after a fourth-grade student revealed an Airsoft gun.

The Isabella County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to the school, located at 2797 S. Isabella Road, at about 11 a.m. According to Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski, the lockdown lasted for about 10 minutes before the deputy confirmed the student brought the weapon to school.

“He was actually showing some of his friends, and then they reported it to the teacher,” Mioduszewski said. “They hadn’t yet confirmed it was an Airsoft weapon. Once the first officer arrived, they noticed it was an Airsoft gun. Then the school went back to business as usual.”

The ICSD will submit an informal report to Isabella County Prosecutor Risa Scully. Mioduszewski said it’s up to the prosecutor to seek charges, but he doesn’t think the student committed a crime.

“There was no intent. He didn’t bring it there to harm anybody. There were no threats that were made,” Mioduszewski said. “It was a typical Airsoft gun that you see in the store. You have to have a .177 bullet. It’s not considered a weapon.”

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  1. why would a kid have an airsoft/bb gun? this all comes down to the parents they should not be buying that for their kids.

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