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QB Alex Niznak leaving Central Michigan football team

Central Michigan football head coach Dan Enos announced Wednesday that redshirt sophomore quarterback Alex Niznak is leaving the program to graduate a semester early.

“It was a business decision,” Niznak told Central Michigan Life. “As much as I loved the team and the guys I was with, I knew I had to take an opportunity to graduate and keep my dream of playing football alive.

Enos gave little comment on Niznak’s departure.

“Alex is no longer with us and he plans to graduate this semester,” Enos said. “I don’t want to talk too much about players that aren’t here anymore but something you learn in the recruiting process is that things change daily.”

The announcement came during Enos’ annual recruitment Signing Day press conference where CMU made public the addition of 18 players starting fall 2014.

Redshirt sophomore Alex Niznak attempts to run around Michigan line back James Ross lll during the CMU vs. Michigan game Saturday August 31 at the Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor Michigan. CMU lost to University of Michigan   59 - 9. (Charlotte Bodak/Staff Photographer)

Redshirt sophomore Alex Niznak attempts to run around Michigan line back James Ross lll during the CMU vs. Michigan game Saturday August 31 at the Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor Michigan. CMU lost to University of Michigan 59 – 9. (Charlotte Bodak/Staff Photographer)

Two of those players are quarterbacks – one a true freshman from Osceola, Ind. and the other a transfer student from California – making for an interesting spring camp for CMU quarterbacks.

“You have to be flexible and you have to have a plan when it comes to those types of things when it comes to recruiting,” Enos said. “There were a lot of guys that we didn’t get but we got calls on. It’s all a part of the process.”

CMU’s offense was led last season by redshirt freshman Cooper Rush who will likely enter the 2014 season as the favorite for the starting role.

“I don’t want to speculate about anything but it comes down to what CMU’s coaches want to do,” Niznak said. “I think Cooper was a guy that came into the room and did nothing but try and fit in. Cooper and I have a great relationship and I hope that is the case moving forward.”

Read Friday’s Central Michigan Life for more on Niznak’s departure.




  1. Who cares, he was a horrible QB anyways.

  2. Graduate? Hiw can he graduate during his Sophomore year? What transfer plans does Alex have to continue his football career?

  3. selfish

  4. Good. The kid had didn’t work hard, had a big head, and never lived up to his hype.

  5. Bunch of jerks commenting about a talented young man leaving for other opportunities. He is a redshirt who took 20 credits a semester to graduate early. I wish him the best of luck out there!

    • I agree. He worked hard, but I think he knew he wasn’t good enough to get the starting position so he has decided to move on and pursue a career elsewhere. Nothing wrong with that all. No need to bash a young man for trying to better his future.

  6. Florence Schneider says:

    Unfortunately, things did not work-out for Alex. However, things have not worked-out well for ANY Central Michigan quarterback since Dan Enos’ unfortunate arrival.

    Hmmm, could it be the offensive SYSTEM?!

    It is time for CMU to stop running a 20th Century offense in the 21st Century.

    Maybe then, talented young men like Alex and others will be able to lead the Chippewa back to respectability. Right now, Enos’ outdated offense is holding them ALL back and leaving the stands in Kelly-Shorts Stadium EMPTY.

    Shame on you, Dan Enos!

    • Ryan Radcliff is 2nd in all passing categories at CMU and is only one of 2 QBS who won a bowl game at CMU. A freshmen just threw for 2500 yards. Alabama, MSU Stanford all run this outdated system so does the Seattle Seahawks!!!!

      • Florence Schneider says:

        Pete –

        Ryan never had a winning regular season at CMU. He OPENLY said he would have been more comfortable running out of the spread. The kid had talent and set State of Ohio passing records running out of the spread, but Enos forced the proset on him?!

        You mention Alabama, MSU and Stanford. However, you did not mention FSU and Auburn, the two teams in the National Championship Game that run the spread.

        You also did not mention that the majority of Top 10 teams and conference champions (including the MAC) run the spread.

        Dan Enos made a serious mistake moving away from this offensive system. No winning regular seasons and an evaporated fan base are the results.

        Alex Niznak is a Champion. Dan Enos is a chump.

        • Your comment was Enos cannot develop QBS.I
          responded with facts! Ryan Radcliff did have a winning season, last time I checked 7-6 is a winning season. Ryan Radcliif was slow, he could not run the same system they did with Lefevour who was a great runner! they also had one the best receivers in the history of the MAC. Every team runs a version of the spread in 2011 Cmu passed the ball more than any team besides Wmu! Bowling runs the same system as CMU. Their tight ends destroyed NIU in the MAC title game. NIU runs a power attack with full backs and tight ends. CMU passes way morh than them. You are am arm chair QB who never played the game!

          • To be fair, he said winning record during the regular season. That 7th win came from the bowl game. Anyway, the system that CMU runs is not the same as MSU, Bama, Seattle, or Stanford’s because those are all balanced offenses and as you have clearly shown, there is no balance with the system Enos runs. Another explanation is that he can’t recruit the right type of players for his system or he does, but is a terrible coach and they don’t run it properly.

  7. Enos and Tumpkin should be the ones leaving! I wish Alex the best.

  8. michmediaperson says:

    Sad to see some people bad-mouthing our student athletes.
    OK to slam the highly-paid coaches, but never our athletes!
    Best of luck to Alex!

  9. Congrats to Alex for earning his degree EARLY from CMU! Quite an accomplishment and something that will help you on your career path in life. Congrats are in order for seeing the writing on the wall as it relates to CMU football in it’s current state and what is best for you as an athlete. I hope you have great success wherever you go. You were not given much of a chance by this staff. Enos says “I don’t want to talk too much about players that aren’t here anymore….” I cannot wait until the next coach is hired in the near future and they can respond to any questions concerning Enos with the same candor. Enos will go down in CMU football history right next to the legend Mike DeBord.

    • Unfair to DeBord who had the personality of a small farm animal but look back at his recruits. Joe Staley and a bevy of others came to CMU because of DeBord. Several went to the NFL.

      He also will be remembered for blowing the Broncos out of the water in 2000, shocking their season and they never recovered.

      Given the choice (which thank God we’re not) who would you rather have recruiting?

  10. Let’s be positive. Alex was a great High School QB and certainly a division 1 prospect. Being a consistent division 1 starter and being a division 1 prospect are two very different things. In other words at the bottom of the funnel there are not many that make the grade. Like it or not CMU runs a pro style offense and requires a pro style QB.

    Alex does not possess a big arm, I think everyone can agree on that. He is not a really big guy either. To play in the pocket you don’t have to have a cannon but it certainly helps to have a strong arm and be over 6’4″ tall.

    If he wants to play then he’s doing the right thing. I’m not certain he can be assured a starting position where ever he next calls home. However, there are peanut shells all around that can be tripped over and he could very well have found himself getting the keys to the car at CMU again.

    Good luck to him, hope he does well and continues to further his education. As the commercial says “most of us go pro in something else.”

    Big year for the chips and hopefully the result will be there this year. Fire up Chips

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