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Lil’ Chef Restaurant to close this weekend

Editor’s note: This story has been adjusted to correct a misspelling. 

Lil’ Chef Restaurant will be closing its Mount Pleasant location for good this weekend.

On Friday, General Manager Brian Stokes confirmed the closing of the 1720. S. Mission St. diner after 20 years of service.

The restaurant closed for a brief period of time in 2009 in order to undergo $100,000 worth of renovations and become a smoke-free location.

Once the Mount Pleasant location closes, the nearest Lil’ Chef Restaurant is located in Midland at 1616 S. Saginaw Road.

Stokes confirmed rumors that the location would be closing and said he will elaborate later today.

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  1. paula lemmer says:

    dissapointed its where i take my mom every other tueday to eat ad sometimes in betwen for coffee, always have good food and service, guess we will have to find a new spot. disappointed. good luck to all your employees.

  2. LaBelle ruining Mt Pleasant one business at a time.

  3. This is really sad to hear. They had great food, nice location as someone who does not drive, so I could easily walk there, and quick service. Gonna miss it for sure!

  4. i’m really disappointed to hear this. mt pleasant lil chef is one of the best home town restaurants left. and the midland lil chef doesn’t have the food quality nor the quality of staff. i don’t believe there will be a quality replacement anytime soon.

  5. La Bell messes up everything. I know im not going to go to Big Boy.

  6. the end of a Central era along with UCup, glad I was able to live the glory days of CMU…whats next the malt shop? Class of 2015 will never get to experience CMU/MTP traditions.

  7. Labelle IS Mtp and has been for years. They haven’t ruined anything, they have always been a very large part of our town’s economy.

    • Okay, I’m going to have to disagree with you on this because my mother worked for MMDC for 15 years (they’re a nonprofit that works to bring business into the area to boost the economy).

      Back in the early 2000′s they were working on a multi million dollar deal that would have brought several businesses into Mt. Pleasant, created jobs, and boosted the economy greatly. However, this would have also created competition for LaBelle, who has pretty much created a monopoly in the town. Mind, this wouldn’t have come close to driving him out of business, and revitalizing the economy would have not only had an impact on Mt. Pleasant, but surrounding towns, even into Gratiot County. LaBelle instead chose to convince friends of his to vote the proposal down.

      So yes, LaBelle ruins everything.

  8. No name provided says:

    How do you figure?

  9. I’m going to hold off on judgement until I learn WHY they’re closing. It seems weird to me that he was willing to comment that they were closing but would not elaborate beyond that.

  10. The main reason for the closure is that there are too resturants in Mt Pleasant. Also the economy has had an effect on the number of people eating out, cost of overhead increasing daily.

  11. Chuck Farley says:

    Money talks, especially on Mission Street. I just hope the money will be earned by providing a service/product that improve/rather than detracts from the atmosphere and aesthetics of the area.

  12. Grad Student says:

    Overheard from a waitress there last night: “We got sold out to new owners and they decided to shut it down.”

    Spent many an undergrad night there.

  13. The original owner is retiring, and LaBelle was the only ones buying. We didn’t know they’d be shutting us down until the Tuesday before. LaBelle might hire the displaced staff at their restaurants.

    People from all over the community were in over the weekend giving waitresses any information about places hiring. We had notes stuck to the fridge on the server line about potential jobs. One of the managers from Bob Evans dropped off a bunch of business cards for us.
    So if you were at Lil’ Chef for its last three days, thanks. It was a living hell being constantly busy, but you were all so helpful to us.

  14. Chaim Shekelstein says:

    Thanks Obama

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