CMU student arraigned for firing shots outside J.C. Penney on Wednesday

Troy junior Zachary David Barberi was arraigned in Isabella County Trial Court on Friday for firing a gun through the back window of a car last week on S. Mission Street.

Barberi, 21, was charged with four misdemeanors, which included careless discharge of a firearm with property damage greater than $50, a one year offense; reckless use of a firearm, 90 days; third-degree retail fraud, 93 days; and hunting/shooting from a safety zone, 90 days.

Barberi allegedly shot a long-barreled rifle with an attached scope through the back window of a J.C. Penney employee’s car Wednesday morning in the parking lot behind the store, 2231 S. Mission St. It is estimated by police his shot came from a distance of about 175 feet.

“(The employee) pulled in to go to work, and her window broke out,” said Jeff Thompson, Mount Pleasant Police public information officer, on Thursday. “At first she thought someone threw a rock.”

The student allegedly stole ammunition from Dunham’s Sporting Goods, 2129 S. Mission St. Barberi admitted buying a rifle from Dunham’s and stealing ammunition valued at about $50. He then went to a parking lot near Union Square Apartments, connected to the J.C. Penney parking lot, and fired “toward the woods,” he said.

He said he also shot at a block of ice before someone yelled at him, and at that point he left for his apartment.

There is no indication Barberi intended to shoot at the woman in the car.

It is estimated the shot cost the woman about $3,000 in property damage. She was not injured.

Barberi was ordered to remain in jail on $6,000 bond, court records show.

Police found and arrested Barberi after canvassing the area and receiving information about an unrelated harassment case relating to him. Police identified the suspect and were led to Dunham’s before arresting him.


  1. What a colossal moron. He could have killed someone.

  2. Is this kid related to the lawyer Joe Barberi? For shooting an occupied car in the middle of the city with a high powered rifle, he got off pretty easy. I used to know some relatives of Joe Barberi (sons or nephews) that used to always run their mouth about how much trouble they had gotten out of.

    • Does it matter? He did something stupid…yes…but we have all done stupid things! He is paying the price…

    • Why does that matter? He certainly did something stupid! But every one of us has done stupid things in our lives! And he is paying the price now… doesn’t matter who the heck his lawyer is!

    • Doesn’t matter who the lawyer is. .. the judge…or magistrate in this case. …was the one who charged him…

  3. Don’t be too quick to defend this guy, or think this was an accident. He has PPOs against him and has harassed and stalked a female at CMU for over a year, making her life hell. He has gone off the deep end before but kind hearts where there to not judge him.

    There is always a TON you do not know. There is a series of mental problems and I am so grateful he has finally be arrested (although his intent was not truly displayed). However, his parents are taking this very seriously and are getting him mental help.

    Who he is related to, I am not sure. However, I’ve met him, I know many details about the situation that does not give me pride to say. He is scary and needs a whole lot of help. Thankful she is ok and that others stood up to him and there were records of his “issues” to affiliate him with – instead of pledging this was not indeed what it was.

    Lesson, if it feels wrong, it is. Protect yourself instead of seeing the great in others. You are better off safe, than living with the “what if’s” if something would have happened to that young lady.

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