Student groups create petition to lift smoking ban

Students upset about the impending campus wide smoking ban, set to take effect on July 1, now have an ally with the University Libertarians of Central Michigan University.

“Smoking is a basic personal choice and freedom students should have,” said Ty Hicks, president of the University Libertarians. “There’s already policies established that are common courtesy. A ban is an egregious violation of personal freedoms.”

The University Libertarians have partnered with the Student Advocates for Medicinal/Recreational Use of Cannabis to start a petition to have the ban lifted.

“We’re trying to gain support from other organizations and get the momentum,” Hicks said. “Our movement is in its infancy.”

The campus-wide policy will prohibit the use of any form of tobacco, including traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipes, cigars, hookahs, waterpipes, snus and snuff.

According to a press release issued in October, exceptions can be made for theatrical productions, religious rituals, ceremonies and cultural events. The use of tobacco is now only permitted on campus within privately-owned vehicles with closed windows.

Ian Elliott, president of Student Advocates for Medicinal/Recreational Use of Cannabis, said he believes the policy is an infringement on student rights.

“It’s more in regard to their personal choice and liberties,” Elliott said. “I think it’s fair to say it’s (a student’s) right to choose what they put in their bodies. It’s something we enjoy in America.”

Elliott said the university is trying to take on a health issue through a blanket prohibition on tobacco.

“It concerns me that CMU is tackling what they deem is an issue,” he said. “They should be tackling education issues. (Students) should be concerned their university is trying to tackle some health issue as opposed to spending time and resources on their education.”

The petition received 150 signatures in 48 hours. The groups plan to take the petition to the Student Government Association once they feel they have a solid case.

“We’re planning on getting it to them this semester,” Hicks said. “If we do not act now, then we can only expect further encroachments on student rights in the coming years.”

A Facebook event has been made to get signatures on the petition in the way the groups feel is most effective to get other students’ attention. Elliott and Hicks agreed clicking “attending” on the page was the best way to get more signatures.


  1. michmediaperson says:

    Story idea for CM LIFE.

    Since chewing tobacco will be banned, how is CMU going to police this for our baseball team and the opposition teams when they play here since baseball players like to chew tobacco.

    Does CMU have a plan? Are they going to have chewing tobacco police officers checking the dugouts throughout the game?

    How do they do this at other universities?

    • Stereotype much?

    • It will be a community-enforced policy. So if people see others smoking on campus, they are supposed to tell them not to use tobacco. As of now, there are no plans to have actual university enforcement of the policy.

    • The NCAA has a tobacco use ban during practice or competition, so your problem is your ignorance, as usual.

      • michmediaperson says:

        According to a June, 2013 story in the University of Arizona student paper, 40-50 percent of college baseball players chew tobacco. You’re not suppose to chew during a game but who is watching them in practice?

  2. Defecation “is a basic personal choice and freedom.” Therefore, everybody is free to pinch one off on the hood of Ty’s car, else it “is an egregious violation of personal freedoms.” He’d understand, right?

    • Nope, that’s called vandalism. I have to stomach you blasting your headphones to Justin Bieber, but people get offended when they walk up to someone smoking a cigarette. The future leaders/drama queens of American…

  3. So now you can’t enjoy a cigar while tailgating at a football game? This is just the ticket on how to drive more people from attending the games. Gee you can have a beer but not a cigar – makes no sense…

  4. The only aspect of the tobacco ban I don’t support is the ban on e-cigarettes as they have no tobacco and do not harm those around them.

  5. Andrea Lewis says:

    Oakland University just implemented this in the Fall 2013 semester ( and it has been wonderful! You can actually walk into a building now without walking through a cloud of smoke and having to smell the nasty cig smell.

    The most major and obvious difference between cigs & alcohol is that someone drinking an alcoholic beverage INSIDE an establishment has nothing to do with me. Someone smoking in front of a building I need to walk in/out of – that does affect me.

    Props to CMU for moving forward with this!

  6. So where’s the petition? I can’t find it anywhere

  7. michmediaperson says:

    Vince, you’re dealing with extreme left-wing liberals. Did you see Obama celebrating the other day when CVS drug stores announced no more selling cigarettes. He was celebrating.
    Same thing here.
    What’s interesting is that CMU sure does like that tobacco sales tax since it brings more money to Lansing and forwarded to universities.

    They did leave some wiggle room saying theatrical productions. So, every home game, dress up one of your tailgating friends with George Burns glasses and have him give a theatre production in the tailgating section on the “Cigars from Central American Culture.” You meet the theatre requirement. The Central American culture of Puerto Rico, Mexico, Honduras, etc. will meet the Multiculturalism the university is seeking.

    I remember when CMU professors use to smoke cigarettes in the classroom. In fact, the biggest mistake I made at CMU was not taking advice from a high school teacher who told me if any class at CMU is graded on a curve, light up a cigar at the start of the exam and the cigar smoke will make everyone else sick and you’ll score the highest.

    This group should question the university on the following:
    1. Why are they allowing trans fats in the dorm food?
    2. Why are they selling foods on campus with trans fats?
    Trans fats, the Left says, are bad for you.
    3 Why are trans fats being allowed at food tasting events during hyphenated-American month events.
    4. Why does CMU sell sugar sodas? Causes diabetes and makes people fat.

    Throw it back at the Libs in Warriner who enacted this.

    Maybe, they think the smoke of tobacco is breaking the ozone level and causing global warming. After all, we have so much global warming, it was awfully warm, 40-50 degrees all winter in Mt. Pleasant with no snow. That evil global warming has killed our winter weather.

    • If you can show that transfat emission from someone negatively effects those around them, then you can ban them from campus too.

      • michmediaperson says:

        To It’s Me:

        If I’m by myself sitting in the Kelly-Shorts Stadium parking lot on a chair….no one else in the parking lot, I can’t smoke a cigar.

        But, I can chug down sugary soda, transfat foods, drink whiskey and that’s not a problem to CMU.

        Why doesn’t CMU start a petition drive for the voters to vote on to BAN all tobacco sales and tobacco usage in the state of Michigan?????

        You know why CMU is too chicken to do this???

        Because, CMU, like other liberals, wants the tobacco tax money to support liberal causes such as food stamps, welfare, etc.

        • Why don’t you “start a petition drive for the voters to vote on [sic] to BAN all tobacco sales and tobacco usage in the state of Michigan?????[sic]“

        • “no one else in the parking lot” Great Point!!! I must be thinking to the past when the lots were full along with the stadium.. then we started having tailgate rules and it was downhill faster than the Sochi ski jump.

        • michmediaperson:
          so you don’t have a good rebuttal. so you try to change the example. cool.

    • “In fact, the biggest mistake I made at CMU was not taking advice from a high school teacher who told me if any class at CMU is graded on a curve, light up a cigar at the start of the exam and the cigar smoke will make everyone else sick and you’ll score the highest.”

      You should probably get yourself inspected for brain tumors, syphilis, dementia and other causes of mental disorder, because if you now think that NOT being a colossal scumbag was “the biggest mistake [you] made at CMU”, there is something profoundly wrong with you that may not always have been present.

  8. The Smoke-Free Campus work group, headed by Student Government Association President Gawronski, assessed CMU’s smoking policy by compiling data from a campus-wide
    survey. They found that 70% of student respondents wanted tobacco banned on campus.

    So before you jump on the “libs” in Warriner, take a moment to reflect on the fact that CMU adopted this new policy because the issue was raised by students, studied by students, and supported by students. This issue is much less the infringement of student rights by the institution and much more the institution responding to the requests of the majority of students on campus.

    • michmediaperson says:

      To Anonymous:

      I’ll buy into this providing this same group and CMU gets the state of Michigan to ban all tobacco sales.
      What they’re saying is this. You can go down to Meijer and buy all the tobacco you want and we want that (so we can get part of the tobacco sales tax money) but you can’t smoke it on campus.

      I’m for banning tobacco sales in Michigan but the Liberals aren’t because liberals want the tobacco sales so to collect the tobacco sales tax for education, welfare, food stamps, etc.

      They’re hypocrites. If you’re going to ban using tobacco, then ban the sale of it.

    • “wanted tobacco banned on campus” but medical and recreational pot smoking is Ok and acceptable?

  9. Fairandbalanced says:

    I have to say that the smoking ban on campus is a farce and the fact that college lib’s are doing something about it makes me cringe because I support their idea but the fact is they haven’t done anything except play along in student politics and at time even failed to show up to SGA so I hope thier more competant and actually stand up for limited government on a consistent basis.

    And to “anonymous” the smoking ban survey that was conducted last year was equally laughable, clearly biased questions that didnt actually give an opportunity to present an opinon that would reflect a dissenting opinion to a smoking ban. Furthermore the survey collected less then 2,000 “N” and I took it twice.

    The Policy and the response are a cheap way for SGA elite and College Libs, and University admin to declare thier standing up for the people’s interest but in reality everyone is dropping the ball and blaming the other guy

  10. Irving Plodmore says:

    Three major studies regarding the effects of second hand smoke have shown there IS NO adverse effect.
    Two of the studies were conducted by the American Cancer Society and the World Health Organization (both anti smoking groups).
    The WHO spiked their report as it didn’t produce the result they wanted . Thanks to the free speech still available on the internet the report was posted.
    What reports or data is being used to impose the non smoking policy at CMU?
    The data or reports should be produced before the policy takes effect!

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