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Kelly/Shorts Stadium student section, football benches move

The 2013 Kelly/Shorts Stadium seating chart. In 2014, the student section will be moved to the east side of the stadium, as will the home football team's bench. (Courtesy Photo | Athletic Communications)

The 2013 Kelly/Shorts Stadium seating chart. In 2014, the student section will be moved to the east side of the stadium, as will the home football team’s bench. (Courtesy Photo | Athletic Communications)

Kelly/Shorts Stadium will have a new look in 2014 as Central Michigan rotates the student section and team benches.

Students will now cheer from the east side of the stadium, behind the Chippewas bench. Previously located from section L to U, the student section will now run from section U to AA with the band remaining in section V.

“We were ready to do it,” said Director of Athletics Dave Heeke. “We regularly talk about adjustments to our stadium and it falls in line with our natural ticket renewal process and needed to decide what our stadium configuration would be so we could market different kinds of ticket packages.”

The east side was home to the students and team for more than 30 years before making the transition in 2004.

It also means the students will now be on the opposite end of the press box, so when CMU is featured on TV or online, the cameras wont see the visiting section and general admission. Instead, it’ll see the students and band who are most involved in the games.

Sections L to T will now be dedicated to general admission seats and visiting fans, while season ticket holders will not be affected.

“The location of students on the east side has been a long tradition here,” Heeke said. “It will help the energy and atmosphere in the stadium, but also provide a television audience with a look at the tremendous support our students give our program.”

The move will also give the students a better look at the action, unlike in recent years when action was in front of the students for only half the game.

“We’ve given premium seating to our most loyal fans,” Heeke said. “Our students are No. 1 and then our season ticket holders. We’ll offer some special packages for those end zone seats.”

The Chippewas will be hosting six home games in 2014 against Syracuse, UT-Chattanooga, Ball State, Miami (Ohio), Ohio and instate-rival Western Michigan.




  1. michmediaperson says:

    What spin from America’s #1 athletic director, per George Ross. If you read the whole press release, it was a joke.

    Translation: Those 4,000 and 5,000 crowds prompted the change. Bad football coaching by Enos prompted the change.
    You students who stayed away from the last 2 games and leaving at halftime forced America’s #1 athletic director to do this. Apparently, from last week’s Board meeting, George Ross wasn’t very happy with you.

    Question to America’s #1 AD: If it was such a tradition, then why didn’t you go back to the tradition years ago?

    Translation: Those 4,000 and 5,000 crowds did it!

    Plus, you’ll be closer to Enos to boo him when his brilliant strategy isn’t working.

  2. Might want to fix that picture …

  3. Agree….

    “Wool over eyes”, “Smoke and mirrors”, whatever metaphor you’d like to use, this is a joke. C’umon man!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bring the spear & feather back on the helmet, then you’ll have something!

  5. Actually I feel this is one of the smartest decisions they have made in a long time. Makes perfect sense. Fire Up Chips!

  6. If Heeke and Enos were replaced by a real athletic director and a real head football coach, the Chips might return to winning and attendance wouldn’t be a problem.

    I can hardly wait to see the Chips running from a single wing with the 80 year young offensive coordinator.

    There are only two sports that really count in Division 1 – Football and men’s basketball and with Heeke at the helm, they both suck.

  7. This is like rearranging the rubble following an earthquake. There are only so many optics left to the greatest AD. Of course our Art Department if innovative, could paint cardboard fans affixed to the seats. How’s that for a #1 idea? Just stay with Dan, Dave. You’ve done your job for MSU.

    • “Art Department if innovative, could paint cardboard fans affixed to the seats:

      Too funny, but creative.

  8. “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.” This is all about tv and giving the “illusion” that the stadium is somewhat full. Heeke still has to come up with a plan for after halftime when the students would rather go party instead of return for a lousy game. Maybe he can sign a tv contract to have the networks only televise the first half of CMU home games. Heeke needs to worry more about the product on the field and not the seating.

  9. Disgruntled Alum says:

    I wish they’d move the coaching staff to East Lansing. Enos could go back to shagging balls for the Spartans.

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