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Mount Pleasant searching for new city manager

(Courtesy | City of Mount Pleasant)

(Courtesy | City of Mount Pleasant)

Mount Pleasant is looking for a new city manager with help from an out-of-state recruiting firm.

Colin Baenziger of the Florida-based executive recruiting firm Colin Baenziger and Associates spoke to the City Commission, Monday, about the process he and his staff will undertake to fill the position.

Baezinger was in town to meet with commissioners and other city leaders and officials in order to get a sense of what the city was doing right and what it could do better.

“I need to paint an accurate picture of the city (for the candidates),” he said. “Our goal is to create a buzz.”

Nancy Ridley, Mount Pleasant director of finance, has been acting as interim city manager for Mount Pleasant since the retirement of Kathie Grinzinger at the end of last year.

Baezinger said he plans to go “full force on networking” to attract potential candidates by sending out recruitment brochures, advertising and emails to city managers nationwide.

Ultimately, after a series of interviews and background checks, he said the goal is to narrow down an initial group of 8 to 16 candidates down to a group of five or so for the city commission to pick from.

The process is expected to take several months, though Baezinger said the city has a two-year guarantee with the firm, should anything unexpected arise.

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