The Bird robbed of up to $400 in tips

Hundreds of dollars in tips were stolen from The Bird Bar and Grill in downtown Mount Pleasant, Monday.

Manager Ben Breidenstein said between 11:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m., $300-400 was taken from behind the bar, while a staff member counting the money stepped away for “about a minute.”

“It was pretty disheartening,” Breidenstein said of the theft. “It was St. Paddy’s day, it was busy here and we were working hard for it. That was the main thing for us.”

Breidenstein said the money stolen amounted to half of about $800 in tips collected at the bar during a 5-11:30 p.m shift.

He said the bar was at its 200-person capacity during the entire shift, and it would be difficult to identify the customer responsible.

The police were not called, Breidenstein said, because he doubted the money could’ve been recovered.

“Even if we did have any iota of who did it, it would be a difficult thing to prove,” Breidenstein said. “The way we look at it, that was our personal money we were deprived of. If it was a theft from the bar, we would have definitely involved the police.”


  1. Rob Diedrich says:

    Proud of how the bird handled this… In all matters, style first.

  2. With all of the regulars that practically LIVE there….nobody saw a thing? No customer said anything when they noticed someone go behind the bar?

    That sucks. Can’t even blame the bouncers for not keeping an eye out because on that day you’re stuck with a long ass line of whiners you gotta keep outside name dropping who they know who works there so they can jump ahead in line.

  3. So because it was “personal” money it’s not worth reporting? Nice boss.

  4. Marianna knilles says:

    how about a fund raiser for the employees? OR. is there an employee that may have shorted the other workers? too much is SO fishy here, like…why leave the cash out like that? I bartended for years, and we counted cash in the back. OR was there a customer with other problems who took it to feed an addiction? YES, report it. If it was one of those donation jars for sick kids, it would get reported. We used to work our butts off on St Patties, and these employees deserve thier pay, as tips are the majority of thier income. it IS THEFT. REPORT IT, you WILL report the yip tax, wouldn’t you?

  5. Rory Light says:

    I am very sad to see this. I know these guys personally. They are good people; working hard for their money. This is disappointing. :/

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