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Notorious CMU college lawyer Todd Levitt filming pitch for reality show

Samantha Madar/Photo EditorSamantha Madar/Photo EditorSamantha Madar/Photo EditorSamantha Madar/Photo Editor

Todd Levitt, Mount Pleasant litigator and Central Michigan University instructor, was driving around Thursday night in a rented white van, picking up college students around campus and dropping them off at local destinations.

Levitt was joined by a small film crew as they taped a pitch reel for his proposed reality show, “In Todd We Trust.” The film crew in tow was made up of two producers on the hit National Geographic television show, “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” The producer and potential co-creator of “In Todd We Trust,” John Schroder, said the show will not only focus on Levitt’s party-man antics, but his legal practice and the service he offers to college students in legal trouble.

Schroder said the practice and his clients will be the heart of the program.


  1. Annoyed Alumni says:

    What a stupid idea. The LAST thing this ambulance chaser/DUI jockey needs is more attention.

  2. The Clown Prince of Isabella County.

  3. Embarassed Chippewa says:

    I just threw up in my mouth.

    Levitt is an embarrassment to Mt. Pleasant and CMU. Please do not put him on television to represent our community or university.

  4. Asia Mounger says:

    He’s literally a complete JOKE of a “professor”. Sat in class for an entire semester and I can’t even remember the name of the class. We had no book, no tests. Every week we came and sat there to talk about all his get rich quick schemes, and watch him hit on all the girls in the class. Thanks Central for the easiest A I’ve ever earned.

  5. Todd is a very nice person who gives a lot of free advice to students and to anyone. He has a young soul and is super fun to be around and goes far out of his way to help a lot of people. I look forward to watching his show.

  6. How would a lawyer maintain the duty of confidentiality. A lawyer can tell no one who his clients are or why he is representing them.

  7. EmbarrassedChip says:

    This clown is literally the joke of Mt. Pleasant. As a CMU alum, he is a total EMBARASSMENT! He tries so hard for attention. Although… He is just the kind of clown that reality tv looks for. As a young professional… I hope that people realize that he is the worst of CMU…. Not to mention the disaster daughter

  8. Guess he didn’t hear about the “no texting while driving” law…..hmmmmm just how “up on the laws” is Mr. Levitt?

  9. Concerned Educator says:

    I guess Mr. Levitt didn’t hear about the new “no texting while driving” law. The whole idea seems pretty lame.

  10. Doug Berry says:

    On the night that his class SOS was taken, I 3-4 of my students tell me they watched him connect with the student carrying the SOS envelope after class. He does not appear to have any integrity. And according to my students, he knows nothing about Advertising Management, the class he teaches.

  11. Frank Hopewell says:

    why are there no captions on these photos?

  12. Alex Kimball says:

    You people are ridiculous, Todd was one of the most stand up guys I know and is always here for the students when they need help and not just as a lawyer or professor. When it comes to sponsoring students, donating money, etc.. He is there. I’ll be watching his show.

  13. Congrats Todd. Youve go haters. Ive been dealing with these types of people for so long that i now laugh. Your show will be a success. Your haters will graduate and gain LBS. Instead of success. Keep doing what you do. You help people and that is great in the book of thomas. To all the haters stay tuned and try to do something nice this week for a complete stranger

    • “Your show will be a success”

      I don’t think Todd has done anything that could be considered a success. This show won’t be any different.

  14. Perhaps national attention on Mr. “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night” will help students realized how pathetic a married man their parents’ age hanging out & drinking with college kids all the time really is.
    He’d be known as a campus creeper in every other part of the country, but Chips who he buys beer and promises to make famous aren’t smart enough to see it.

  15. Don't hire this attorney says:

    He’s a crappy attorney. I paid him about $1,000 for a case a while ago and we lost. I literally got nothing out of it. Also, I would always have to call him, he never called me, acted like I was not a priority.

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