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LETTER: What Roe has really done

Recently, a letter was published in Central Michigan Life in response to Students for Life’s display, “What has Roe Done.”

The intent of this display was not to instill fear, but instead to inform by presenting a side of this issue that is often left unseen. Despite the common assertion that abortion is a “safe way to end pregnancy,” it has been repeatedly shown that abortion often comes with some very unpleasant side effects.

Claims that abortion is safe comes from the low mortality rate associated with this procedure. However, risk comes in many other forms, and it is our desire that women be informed about these possibilities before making such a major decision.

The display detailed many of these risks, including the increased risk of both suicide and breast cancer. All of the information is backed by credible and unbiased sources. Sources and information for this project can be found at whathasroedone.com.

We believe that all women have a right to this information and that they must have access to it in order to make an informed and healthy decision. We have no interest in scaring or shaming women, only in ensuring that they are given access to all the information and research.

Finally, our primary goal is not to make abortion illegal, but rather to promote a culture that values and supports life.

Because we have seen that abortion often harms women both physically and emotionally, we desire to see the number of abortions, and therefore the number of women at risk for potential side effects, diminished. Ideally, altogether eliminated.

That being said, the claim that criminalizing abortion would raise the mortality rate associated with abortion is simply untrue and instills unwarranted fear. If any student on campus has experienced negative effects of abortion, our RSO is committed to helping you find the help and resources you need to find healing.

Ana Lossing

Vice President, Students for Life


  1. A culture “that values and supports life” is exactly what this world is in dire need of!

  2. The American Cancer Society, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the National Cancer Institute, and the Susan G. Komen association all say that there is absolutely no link between abortion and breast cancer. I somehow don’t believe that organizations whose sole goal is to prevent and treat cancer would misrepresent the data. I do however believe that the pro-life movement will stop at nothing to mislead women if it means they will not have an abortion.
    As for depression an suicide, that is very sad and I hope they get help from organizations like Exhale.
    However, I would say that many of the women who feel bad about their abortions feel that way because the pro-life movement tells them that they are murderers and that their fetus was more important than them.

  3. I understand your mission here- I simply don’t believe there is any reason to use blatant lies and false information to do so. ‘What Has Roe Done’ is in no way a credible and unbiased source. If good research had been done, you would see that there has in fact not been any connection between people who have abortions and high emotional distress. Most actually feel relief after the procedure. Further, as a medical professional I find it personally offensive that you are so clearly separated from reality when it comes to abortion procedures. Yes, it actually is a very safe medical procedure. And no, there is absolutely zero link between abortions and breast cancer, as well as suicide. What DOES harm women physically and emotionally is when they are in need of medical help and are forced to get it from non-licensed people in unsafe, unclean environments, which is what groups like SFL seems to be trying to accomplish.

    Again, I really do see that you want to help people. I see that. I have dedicated much of my personal life to helping others. But if SFL really had compassion for these women, as they claim to have, they should be advocating for free and accessible birth control, affordable doctors’ visits, and funding for women who can’t afford to raise a child. Not preaching fear and spreading hate to women who feel that abortion is their best option. I would also suggest using research based in facts and research to ‘inform’ these women. Not lies.

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