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Charles Mahone, Mariah Urueta win SGA election

Candidate Charles Mahone has been elected president of the Student Government Association.

SGA elections officially ended Friday at midnight with Mahone and running mate Mariah Urueta receiving 75 percent of the vote.

A total of 1,704 students voted in the presidential election.

The following students were also elected to positions for next year’s SGA.


Taylor Gehrcke: 88 percent.

College of Business senators (3):

Andrew Brown: 45 percent.

Stephen Dunn: 23 percent.

Eric Ostrowski: 31 percent.

College of Education and Human Services senators (3):

Joe Frey: 42 percent.

Michael Greco: 22 percent.

Chelsea Green: 34 percent.

College of Communication and Fine Arts senators (3):

Michael Fenner: 91 percent.

College of Graduate Studies and College of Medicine senators (2):

William Joseph: 87 percent.

College of Health Professions senators (3):

Lissette Rosado: 98 percent

College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences senators (4):

Rebecca Detroyer: 25 percent.

Brynn McDonnell: 19 percent.

Samuel McNerney: 13 percent.

Miguel Olivera: 12 percent.

College of Science and Technology senators (4):

Shanice Chandler: 31 percent.

Audra Flores: 38 percent.

Vincent Roncelli: 30 percent.

Undecided and Global Campus senators (2):

Joel Maki: 72 percent.

Kaye Reimers: 27 percent.

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